Follow Up to Disturbing Blog Follower

Hi all,

Thank you for all of your support yesterday. I contacted WordPress by email and on the user’s forum. I was emailed back very quickly and the blog had already been deleted from WP and WP removed them as a follower of my blog. I heard back from the forum this morning, which while helpful and supportive, is definitely not for the urgent blogging situation. And whoever thought there would actually be an urgent blogging situation?

I also emailed a description of the site and its title to the Portland office of the FBI. I called the office to follow up. Good to know, when you call the FBI, a human answers immediately! I told my story to the agent, who asked if I had contacted WP and said that I then register the complaint with an email, which I had already done.

I don’t know what the hell that site was. I’m glad it is gone. Just as in our physical communities we must be vigilant about what is going on in our cyber communities. I really didn’t want to click on that link but I felt like if I didn’t, I was just turning my head and pretending not to see it.

So that’s that.

In much much happier news….my daughter Annie got her learner’s permit today on her 3rd try (just like her mom)! In 6 months she can get a license and I won’t have to drive her to school anymore! We went for a spin around our circle. It went pretty well till a car pulled up behind her on the turn up to our house and she got nervous and drove (however slowly) into a ditch. She got out and I climbed into the driver’s seat and guided the mighty Volvo back onto the road.

Tell you what, life is good.

24 thoughts on “Follow Up to Disturbing Blog Follower

  1. Just read your other post, and saw you posted this one. Thank goodness you got that blog taken down. Makes me sick to think about that kind of stuff being on the internet, or even taking place in real life.

  2. Maggie, I tried to comment on your blog yesterday and WP kept giving me a “Sorry your comment cannot be posted.” It happened on other blogs too. Grr.

    Anyway, it sounded scary and disgusting. I so applaud you for going above and beyond and glad the site was taken down. I don’t blame you for being upset — I would be too.

    And glad to know that Annie has her learner’s permit. Lemme tell you, growing up in the country, I learned to drive at a very young age, but still drove in a ditch or two myself.

    Hope things are great in your world!!

  3. Just caught up with what happened to you Maggie. You’ve done the right thing and I’m glad WP swung into action. With all the tweaking they do it would be nice if they gave us the option of blocking unsavoury followers.-hugs-

    1. I think that would be a really great addition to WP. It should be an easy fix to allow us to go through our list of followers and blocking or deleting them. There’s our next mission! xo

  4. I read your post last night and it definitely leaves you with a feeling of being tainted, I’d have felt revolted by someone like that getting ‘virtually’ close to me on my blog as well. Good on you for being brave enough to face it down, blog about it and report it. I noticed last night, incidentally, that Instagram now has a report function as well as Twitter. I follow a couple of high profile people like Michelle Obama and Ellen on Instagram and the comments they get are just horrendous sometimes. The more internet trolls and perverts that are smoked out into the open to be shamed and punished by the legal system the better.

  5. Great, Maggie – horrid experience. Does what you did mean that their blog is not just shut down, but that they are pursued by the law.???.. it’s the one thing I feel merciless about…

    1. I don’t know Valerie. WP has removed it. And the FBI knows about it. I don’t know how it all works but there is now a record of it with the federal law enforcement.

      I was thinking about it this morning and NO. Just NO. You cannot post photos of naked children for any reason any where.


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