Sometimes All it Takes is One Good Autocorrect

Shit the duck up.

My sister wasn’t telling me to “shit the duck up” but those are the words that came through in the email and made me laugh and I wanted to share them. She also used the phrase “hold good toilet”. As I told her, all toilets should be hold good toilets. Apparently she meant “childhood toilet” still waiting for the story on that one.

I have a ton of misc. to share but nothing to make a good solid blog so I was just going to shit the duck up but now I’ve decided to write.

Yesterday Mitch, my ex-husband, and I signed the papers purchasing my childhood home (where he currently resides with the girls) from my mother’s estate, read: my siblings. They wanted out. I want to wait and see if the housing market continues to improve et voila! Now Mitch and I own both our houses. It’s a new take on divorce. I’m really excited for Mitch. Since he stopped drinking, he has so many new interests. He’s planning for work on the house. He took surfing lessons last weekend. I hope he starts cooking again, he did that really well even when he was drinking. So that’s good misc.

When I clicked on my name on WordPress this morning, the drop down menu showed me that I have two blogs. Two (2) count ’em! I have Misc. Maggie for what she’s worth and now I have Tipsy Lit! Tipsy Lit is the brain child of Ericka Clay at Creative Liar, writer and cat glitterer extraordinaire. I joined the Tipsy Lit book club on Goodreads and now I’m an author on another blog. Bam! Just like that. I’m not a real writer like the other women on Tipsy Lit but I am able to write. I think I’m the oldest member of the crew so I can hold their hair if they throw up.

The new blog’s first post will be out on August 1. So go follow us and see our displays of intellectual prowess and how we can read, drink and walk a fine line all at the same time. Tipsy Lit is also on Facebook and Pinterest, so Face and Pin us.

I will be a submissions editor for essays and short fiction on the sight, as well as writing about reading and drinking. Which are both things I do quite well.

The Tipsy Lit announcement leads me to another announcement:

I’m getting a Twitter. I never ever thought I would type those words. I never thought it would happen to me but I’m getting a Twitter. Can I get a Twitter if I don’t have a smart phone? I should look into that. I need the Twitter because Tipsy Lit book club meetings are held on Twitter so I can Twit.

And here are some Misc. Pictures from this summer:

Last weekend I made this tomato torte, crust and all, with tomatoes and basil from our garden. It’s a first for me.
Bouquet for the 4th from my very own dahlias and that red flower that I can remember the name of.
Bouquet for the 4th from my very own dahlias and that red flower that I can’t remember the name of.
The back of my house at night. Isn't it pretty?
The back of my house at night. Isn’t it pretty?
Lula is a big cat now and the only one we have left because Sugar disappeared over 4th of July.
Lula is a big cat now and the only one we have left because Sugar disappeared over 4th of July.

That’s all I got.

Derwood and I are going camping this weekend. I haven’t been camping since August, 1977 (36 years). The day I returned from that camping trip Elvis had died. All pop culture icons need to be careful this weekend, I don’t want anyone to get hurt just because I’m camping.

47 replies to “Sometimes All it Takes is One Good Autocorrect

  1. “Iā€™m not a real writer like the other women” I’ll be the judge of that, Missy! And it’s safe to say you are very much a real writer, Maggie. Although, if you still want to hold my hair, I won’t say no. Just saying.

      1. I will be happy to follow you, to boat your number up a little. Though I think you gain a following quicker than lightening. You probably aren’t as old as you think šŸ˜‰

          1. You did NOT have to follow my blog. Good gracious! I do appreciate the look see. Thank you! Let us know your tweeter handle, or name or whatchamacallit. Hey, that makes me hungry. A candy bar sounds good.

  2. Your house is indeed pretty at night. I don’t get twitter but a book club serves a good purpose. You write pretty damn well there Maggie.
    Good luck camping.
    That’ll be all. I gots nothing.

  3. I just got a smart phone and now I feel dumber than ever (but I did figure out how to shut off autocorrect) … You sound like you’re being very productive and that torte looks delicious! I so wish I could still eat tomatoes.

  4. When I first got on Twitter, I didn’t have a smart phone either…much to the chagrin of everyone in the Social Media Club that I was part of. I was the oldest person there usually…thankfully, I didn’t need to hold anyone’s hair.

    I use Tweetdeck to help me twit from my computer. Makes it easier to keep up with different features and whatnot.

      1. You ARE ready for this! A former client of mine is 88 and she tweets. Download Tweetdeck to your desktop. It was fairly intuitive for me to use. I promise, it’ll make it SO much easier to use Twitter rather than on the actual site. The majority of people who are on Twitter, don’t actually use the Twitter website. They use some other 3rd party like Tweetdeck to help.

  5. I just tweeted you. Oh boy, this is fun!

    My religion dictates I must be a devout non-camper but have fun. And speaking of holding good toilets – how prophetic for your weekend! Bring cone shaped paper cups to pee in. They work well. Less dribblage down the leg. šŸ™‚

    1. EOS, I have been a member of that church for a very long time but I love Derwood and he thinks this is going to be superduper so acamping I will go. I think you have a pretty good idea of my idea of roughing it. I will give a full report.

  6. Ok, you beat me by only a few years to the hair holding, but can I just say, I don’t really think of myself as a real writer either (though I do believe I am a real woman) but “Ericka Clay has not only filled my world with glitter but made me feel like a legit writer” (I already have Twitter so I had to find some other words that I thought I would never, ever say). Looking forward to learning how to shit some ducks up and bribing you with virtual alcohol so that you’ll approve my submissions – with love from a fellow TipsyLit xx

  7. Lots here to sift through. Lily is visiting, someone stole my ATM # and a bunch of other stuff — I’ll write you an email as soon as things settle down. Camping, childhood house selling, disappearing Sugar šŸ˜¦ Good reads (Lily just showed me this last night!) and twitter, are making up your summer of 2013. Thanks for the share. I love jumping into your life — it’s a nice fun healthy distraction from my own. LOL!
    Thinking of you more than you could know – not in a crazy way, just good wishes and beachy thoughts. šŸ™‚

  8. Looking forward to the other blog and you on twitter. We could add each other… but I mostly tweet in German, I’m afraid so I don’t know if it would make sense for you to follow me but I’d definitely love to follow you! My name on there is FrecherDachs …

  9. I enjoy your posts and like them but sometimes don’t take the time to say it! I like the photos and your summer summary post! Fun and lighthearted, too. Sorry on other posts, about your disturbing blogger. I wrote a post about Mysteries Solved, once I found out “who” was writing disturbing comments, calling me a “liar” on my own post!

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