Such Weiners

As everyone with the interwebs knows, Anthony Weiner, former U.S. congressman from NYC, current NYC mayoral candidate, and all around selfie-happy narcissist… has been back at the sexting game.

Let’s review for those who don’t live in the U.S., have lives full of friends and family, don’t read news that includes the word “Weiner” (in the U.S. these people are known as Weinerists), or are generally disgusted with public displays of skinny, bulging politicians. Weiner resigned from the U.S. House of Representatives in June, 2011 after weeks (or at least it seemed like weeks) of denying that he had been sending pictures of his partially declothed self to women he had never met, one of which went out to his entire Twitter following, as I recall. He was finally so busted, he resigned with his wife, his PREGNANT wife, Huma Abedin by his side.


Well, now they have a little boy and Huma was back up by her husband’s side on the podium Tuesday because he had let the Weiner out again with a 20-something girl from Indiana. This time he ratcheted it up (heh heh) to include phone sex and he apparently has a shoe fetish.

I have no idea why this guy would get a second chance because if he would screw over his wife like this, what wouldn’t he do to a constituency full of strangers? No, need to answer that.  I bet the whole country, the Twitterverse, and most of Luxembourg wish this guy would take his Iphone-generated, reality TV-inspired, generally gross behavior and GO. AWAY. You know what Weiner? Have some dignity (just joking). Have some respect for your wife (more on her in a minute). Be a better father than this. And mostly….get the fuck over yourself. You have some serious issues that include needing to have anonymous, wireless sex with strangers and an inability to stay out of the public eye. The public is tired of you.

Now on to Huma. Huma, what are you thinking? The first scandal happened after you and the Weinster had been married a year. Two years later and you are back at his side. Why? Huma led Hillary Clinton’s transition team after Clinton was named Secretary of State. Did Huma learn the “stand by your man” from Hillary? Perhaps Huma has future political aspirations of her own. I would think, if that is the case, she would be  better served by kicking that Weiner to the curb and going with an “I am woman, hear me roar” approach.

The whole thing turns my stomach.

I tell you that, to tell you this.

Portland has its own little political/sexual drama going on. It’s always something here in Portlandia.

Due to an anonymous email going around Multnomah County offices, Jeff Cogen, Chair of the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, has had to admit to an 18-month extra-marital affair with county employee, Sonia Manhas. Sonia was made to resign yesterday. Cogen is in a commissioner’s meeting right now, where an official request for his resignation has been presented by the other commissioners (all female), which he says he’s not going to do.

In 2012, Manhas was given a promotion and a 20% raise, whilst the affair was going on. She was asking to spend more time working under his desk in Cogen’s office. There are plenty of emails to read that contradict his story that she was not his subordinate and her promotion had nothing to do with him even though he was one of her two references for the job. If you want to read all about it go to the Oregonian website or the Willamette Week, both have plenty of coverage.

I’m not the first person to write about these sorts of scandals and the people involved in them. One would think that these people, all of whom APPEAR to be intelligent, would have more sense in this digital age than to assume they are going to get away with anything. The men plow on saying they will not resign or leave the race. The women stand by their men (best political wife EVER, Jenny Sanford left her guy twisting in the wind), they resign, they just take it and I have no idea why.

I honestly don’t care what goes on in the personal lives of politicians. In the case of Senor Weiner aka Carlos Danger, he is repugnant and needs to go get some professional help out of the public eye.  As for Portland’s Cogen, there is plenty of evidence to contradict his assertions that the affair in no way influenced Manhas’ career and that tax payer money and his public time was not abused. Hey Jeff, that’s MY money paying for your trips to Atlanta with your girlfriend.

Gentlemen, it is time to leave the building.

25 thoughts on “Such Weiners

  1. Just out of curiosity, is there any play on words in the headlines with Ms. Sonia’s last name, like Sonia’s Man-has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar…or Sonia’s Man-has been at it again. I ask in the spirit of A Weiner’s name being so fitting for what a tool he is.

  2. I couldn’t do what Huma is doing. She must REALLY like the “fame” associated with being a politician’s wife because there would be nothing that could get me to stand next to that assface after what he did.

  3. It is DEFINITELY time for you to leave the building, gentlemen. When women stick by men who are mistreating them, it’s not a surprise when another thing happens later. The men have learned that their partners will not leave, no matter what. So there’s no need to worry that your relationship is in danger when you start an affair. The wife may be upset, but she will never leave. THAT’S a good message to send out to people.

  4. Ugh! Don’t EVEN get me started on these jerks who can’t seem to keep their zippers up. Disgusting bastards. I’m no prude, but, really – when WILL men stop thinking with their little heads instead of their big heads? They just can’t seem to control where those little knobs lead them. Go. Away! Get help! Get their priorities straight! That is all.

  5. Nic

    I had no idea about that whole Portland affair situation! WTF is up with these people? I will say, though, that the whole Weiner thing is just RIFE with entendre.

  6. Addie

    My family is originally from New Orleans, a city that likes its rice dirty and its politicians dirtier–I shudder to think how Earl Long would have conducted himself if he were alive now.

      1. Addie

        Huey was the base for All the King’s Men. He was dishonest, but, Southern Louisiana still wants him to be a saint. Earl and his affair with Blaze Starr was big news, and, her autobiography became the film, Blaze.

        Can you imagine what their sexting photos would be like? Gracious!

  7. And now the asshat wants to be Mayor of my city.
    Good lord.

    I’m hoping he loses miserably and ends as an overnight basic cable talk show host, where he’s easier to ignore.

    1. He has got to pull out (I can’t help myself). I just cannot figure out why his wife is sticking around for this crap. He’s a sideshow. One of those really crass awful back country circus sort of sideshows.

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