My Report on NY Society

I guess I should blog. I don’t know why I haven’t except that I’m boring and then I would bore you and you wouldn’t stop by anymore and then I wouldn’t have anyone to read what I wasn’t writing.

I have a friend who occasionally sends me links to the New York Social Diary website. It’s the society pages for the fabulously wealthy of NY, their parties and fundraisers, their faces and surgeries. What is wrong with these people? Do they not own mirrors? I must share some of my favorite fotos of the fabulous. I have also run the Google on some of these folks to give you some back story on why they are so fabulous.

Let’s make this easy by starting with a famous person. Bernadette Peters starred with Steve Martin in the classic and hilarious The Jerk (1979). If you haven’t seen it. Stop reading, go watch it and come back. We can wait. Done? Okay.

Ms. Peters is most widely known as a singer/actress on Broadway. She is 65 years old.

This 65 year old Bernadette Peters with her date, I guess or her son.
This 65 year old Bernadette Peters with her date, I guess or her son.
Here is Bernadette Peters, who was born in 1948, with Tommy Hilfiger.
Here is Bernadette Peters, who was born in 1948, with Tommy Hilfiger.

Not for nothin’ but I don’t think she is what 65 is supposed to look like.

Now we will move on to the non-famous rich and learn a thing or two about fitting in in fabulous NY society.

Cute kids named Linus and Hazel. Linus. Hazel.
Cute kids named Linus and Hazel. Linus. Hazel.
Suzanne McDonough dancing with Tom McGrath.
Suzanne McDonough dancing with Tom McGrath.

Suzanne’s husband William is a big wig in the financial world, former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY and a NY Philarmonic Board Member. I don’t know if he makes enough money to buy a mirror so that his wife can see she has given herself a clown face. The McDonoughs and McGraths are good friends or at least the wives get their faces stretched at the same place. Here are the two couples at another event a few years ago:

McDonoughs and the McGraths
McDonoughs and the McGraths, look how surprised the ladies are. Pleasantly surprised but surprised just the same.
A VERY happy Mrs. Kim.
A VERY happy Mrs. Kim.

Look how happy Mrs. Kim is. You know why she’s so happy? Nope, not because her face has been frozen in a leering grin. It’s because she is married to Mr. Kim:

And just look what Mr. Kim is carrying around in his trousers!
And just look what Mr. Kim is carrying around in his trousers!
Uh....she went out of her way to look like this for a party at the NY Botanical Gardens. Just last month, not for Halloween.
Uh….she went out of her way to look like this for a party at the NY Botanical Gardens. Just last month, not for Halloween.

Interesting thing about Whitney and Robert Douglass (pictured above), she is 34 and he is 49. Wha? They both have impressive pedigrees. You can view their NY Times wedding announcement here.

Time for more kids!

This is Muffie and her family.
This is Muffie and her family.

Pictured above are Muffie Aston in the off- white dress stolen from 1977, her husband Sherrell, daughter in law (I’m guessing), Allison and son Sherrell and their very cute girls Bracie and Ashleigh. Bracie. Granddaughter of Muffie.

The Wooden Lady and date.
The Wooden Lady and date.

The Wooden Lady is actually Ms. Somers White, pictured with her ex-husband Jonathan Farkas. She was his 3rd wife and as “a condition of marriage” she had to agree to have no children.  Probably not a bad idea. Do you know how rich this guy must be to keep getting “pretty” younger women who have tanned themselves to the bone to marry him. That rich. They still “fulfill” their social obligations together even though they are divorced. Much like me and Mitch.

Jan Pratt is so rich it hurts.
Jan Pratt is so rich it angers her.
They even have pretty slings.
They even have pretty slings.

This lovely trio is Joan Goodwin in green, wife of a financial guy. Joan is surprised. Her friend Grace “The Face” Meigher of New York and Palm Beach is married to Chris Meigher interesting story on his rise and fall here. And last but not least Patti Fast. Patti Fast lives in Greenwich, CT and seems to be a very accomplished, involved woman and she doesn’t seem that surprised, at all.

These two are my favorites. And I want to age like her.

Old money aging well.
Old money aging well.

Cora and Clarence Michalis. I like them. They look like old people who have nice clothes on.  I can’t find much information on them. Their daughters were married in the 80s according to the NY Times. He is on the board of the Nassau County Art Museum. I just like the look of them.

My 30th high school reunion is Friday and then Derwood Mudd and I are going to Sunriver in Central Oregon for a couple of days for my company’s 25th anniversary. Maybe that will give me something to write about.


54 replies to “My Report on NY Society

  1. Not gonna lie, I’m in love with the pink striped sling. Hopefully I can hold off on injuring myself until Target makes a fashionable option that doesn’t cost more than my (out of state) college tuition.

  2. I don’t know who to hate more, pompous rich douchebags or a person who would stalk the pompous, rich douchebags. I guess it’s ok since you’re mostly making fun of them. Funny thing, I’ve been teaching my boys that they are to mock boys named Linus and any boy with the same name as his dad or a number in it like Iii or IV until they cry.

      1. Love it! I know this article is old but I went down a rabbit hole and ended up here because of the wooden lady. This is hilarious from beginning to end! Also, not sure why but I’ve been called Buffy all my life. Sigh.

    1. As the nutjob who sends these to Maggie, I take OFFENSE~! NYSD has the most gorgeous floral design, event design, etc, which is why I read it. But the faces were getting so comical, I started sending them to Maggie bc I know she is as terrible as I am, and would enjoy them. Stalking is a big word, Mister.

  3. I found them all to be um, errrrr….interesting? The two most interesting things were Mr. Kim’s, um, trousers and the engagement page for Whitney and Robert Douglass, which had a great recipe for Panchetta Pork Chops.

  4. You are never boring. These pictures scare me. Thanks for the evening chuckle. I’ll stick to my natural aging process that seems to be on speed dial these days. Sigh

  5. I like the last couple, too. Want to age well but I’m off to a bad start. Hey, I think I’m gonna get a tummy tuck. I still think about your post on the topic. Not until September, though.
    These women are fooling themselves if they think they look natural. ‘M starting to understand the panic and desperation that sets in. Why do men have to age so much better than women? I always thought Barbara Bush looked 20 years older than George, although he finally caught up in the last few years.
    New York high society… It’s like another planet.
    You are never boring!! Evah!!!

    1. I had a tummy tuck when I had my hysterectomy. So painful, weeks of support garments, drains, a hip to hip scar…but in the end–f l a t tummy!!

  6. Milton and I saw Bernadette Peters on Broadway in the fall 2011 revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Follies. She still has tremendous stage presence, and she was even performing with a cold.

      1. Ah, Bette! She was just on the boards out here, too, in a one woman show about legendary Hollywood agent Sue Mengers. Milton saw it solo and raved his guts out. I simply could not swing the $137 ticket price. No discounts. Gotta sell a lot more books to see those types of shows. (sigh)

  7. Whitney’s dress is beautiful, and her hair even reminds me of 80’s hair, so of course I love it too. Haha.

    I think Bernadette is gorgeous, for any age. Had no idea she was in her 60’s.

    Ever wonder why all the little old ladies have short gray hair? It’s like it’s taboo to have hair past your shoulders when you hit 55. Not me, I’m gonna rock my long locks as long as I can. But I don’t think if do the face-stretch thing… I do love natural, expressionate beauty.

    Fun post! Christy

  8. Oh God.. too an awful awful kind of way.. All i know for sure darling is that you can never be too thin.. or too rich.. but no-one said anything about ‘too happy!’.. c

  9. I love how Bernadette Peters is 65 and looks like 45, while the 34-year-old Whitney Douglass honestly looks like she could be 54 to me. Oh, irony. . . I used to work in Beverly Hills. While the society is slightly different, none of this is surprising to me.

  10. 1) I like the name Linus. 2) Are high school reunions fun? My 10 year is coming up, and I can’t imagine going. I see who I want. And a lot of my friends are already balding. With Facebook, do we even need them? Sorry I know that was more of an inner dialogue with myself. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently. Your opinion please.

  11. Hi Maggie. Laurie here. I thought you and Derwee and Dandee and I could go sailing this weekend on my million dollar yacht to see Muffie, Bracie, Flopsie, Mopsie, Fluffie, Puffie, Pantie, Poopie and Wibsie? What do you think? Tell the plastic surgeon when you go in for your next face-ruining operation and when I’m next there, he can give me the message. Bye Maggie-poo x

  12. That Somers Farkas…..Jesus….she looks like a female Slim Jim. Like you could eat her. Whey would you diet yourself bone thin and then either fry yourself in a tanning bed or spray tan yourself to death? All the money she must have even as an ex-wife and she doesn’t eat and looks like death. Go figure.

  13. couldn’t sleep so i fell down the rabbit hole & lo & behold your page showed up!
    Hysterically funny keep up the great work!

  14. Oh, I love you. I’m not sure how I found this wonderfully entertaining blog but you have brightened my day considerably. I’m stuck in bed and was bored to tears with a horrid bout of influenza that I wish on no man.
    Ah, the brown wooden stick aka the ex wife of Jonathan Farkus.. now, what a ‘strange ‘ person he is. I think his very lovely ex ex wife Kimberly was extremely lucky to escape with her sanity and great looks.
    As for the rest of the faces of the so-called society ladies.. who the hell did their faces? For it surely wasn’t Dr. Craig Foster, that’s for sure!
    I wish you well and hope that you’re still writing.

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