She’s Baaaack!

I’m sane again today or saner than yesterday. I took to my bed, curled up in a ball and slept for a couple of hours. Then Derwood came home bringing me two kinds of chicken soup because he’s just caring like that. And then we played “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and I would tell him situations and he would do them and make me laugh. “Be driving when the car in front of you stops short” and then he acts it out and says funny things and I laugh and feel better.

Don, I’m sorry I called you stoopid. You’re a total hot stud of funny blogging and not stoopid at all.


I started reading “A Gate at the Stairs” by Lorrie Moore. It is an engaging read but bits about it niggle at me. That’s right, niggle. The first thing I noticed is that this is one of those books by somebody who has really studied writing. It is rife with similes and metaphors, the moon “crackles” and a something is positioned at an angle like a “geometry problem”.  It is studiously literary. Does that make sense? Her writing is almost self-consciously aware of her writing.


I’m plowing right through it so it’s an engaging book but the excessive creative writing I find a bit distracting. It is also noticeable that the author is shading the book with a bit of a political agenda. I don’t see how it ties into the plot, at least not yet, it’s just a bit odd.

Before that I read “The Gardner Heist” by Ulrich Boser.  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston was robbed March of 1990. I visited it right before the heist — I love the word “heist”.  Paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas and Manet were among the artworks stolen. It’s been 23 years and the frames that housed the stolen paintings still hang empty in the museum. A couple of months ago the FBI announced that they know who did it but need to find them.

Gardner Museum Post Heist.

This is  a real mystery and Ulrich’s research and investigation is extensive and the writing is smooth. He transitions very well between cities and informants and years. I highly recommend it. I find art theft so interesting. Does anyone know of books that follow a painting being stolen and where it goes into the underworld? That’s what they call it “the art underworld”.

And before that I read “In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larson who wrote “The Devil in the White City.” This is the story of American Ambassador William Dodd who takes his family with him to his post in Berlin in the 30s during Hitler’s rise. The story is chilling, all the missed opportunities to stop Hitler before he took over the Sudetenland and Poland, etc.  The undercurrent of American antisemitism is also covered.


My goddam doctor’s office just called and I have to go in and I still haven’t lost any weight. Shit. And I can’t stand Hector my doctor’s “assistant” because you can’t say “nurse” anymore apparently. What the hell is wrong with “nurse”? Hector has the bed side manner of a brick. And he’s kind of judgy and has no sense of humor. He just called to tell me I need to come in if I want my Prozac renewed, which I do. I said okay and he told me to call back and schedule an appointment. I asked if he could just transfer me to the reception desk. “Ohhh, noooooooo….they’re at lunch but they’ll be back in like 5 minutes.”

Ohhhhh, thaaaaaankkkkkssss Hector, you have been no help at all, as always.


25 replies to “She’s Baaaack!

  1. Pleased as heck you’re feeling better. The books sound good–i loved ‘Devil’. Nurses, I won’t upgrade the title, can be pooheads. I had one durning my last pregnancy who was German and would glare at me when I weighed in, circling my gain in red ink. I wanted my water to break on her shoes.

  2. I’m glad your more hormonally balanced today. As for the name calling, I was at happy hour and don’t recall anything of you being a meanie Jeanie. You’re still my favorite Maggie ever. Well, favorite real life Maggie.

    1. I told Deren how freaky I was about going through my followers to see if you had unfollowed me. And he looked at me and said, “But Don loves you. What is wrong with you?” 🙂

      Was this the happy hour next to Jim’s gym?

  3. I had a classmate at Winsor School, her name is Frannie Hiam. Her grandmother was Mrs. Gardner. I too loved the museum, not to mention her home on Commonwealth Ave. Unbelievably beautiful. And she was such a lovely lady. Just a bit of nostalgia.

  4. Hope you are on top of your game and enjoy the beginning of July soon! I am writing people I follow that I will be up at my Mom’s for 9-10 days and hope to visit more of your posts when I get my R & R. Take care, Robin

  5. My idea of good creative writing? “Some ECards”. I always thought you should have been the Founder of that company. Each and every card has the right amount of snark, right amount of in your faceness.

    Been out of the blogging and reading blog loop for a few weeks of self-imposed Real Life as opposed to Blogging Life. So I’m reading madly catching up on you. Wow, I missed some drama here for sure.

    I had to hire a personal trainer to make myself lose tonnage. He’s MY Hector. Wow, makes the Soup Nazi look like a really sweet guy!

    Have a good weekend. We’re still under rain and rain and more rain. It’s like living in Seattle! Ugh.

    1. Glad you are back. You were missed during the drama days. We can discuss later. It is gorgeous here. AB SO LOOT LEY gorgeous. Going to Gearhart for the weekend as it will be hotter than Hades in Portland.

  6. I read one of your books, the “In The Garden of The Beasts” and it creeped me out for months. Well, almost anything written about or with Nazis in it creeps me out. AND Hector creeps me out. I had a very uncomfortable test administered by a Muslim Pakistani MAN and never went back there. In Houston there are 1000s of doctors and “nurses” to choose from so I say, choose another doctor or let your doctor know about your issues with Hector (I bet others have the same complaint). A little sympathy would be nice and not difficult to give Hector! As for loosing some weight, I feel you (not literally, of course that would be totally incorrect) sistah! I went to see my doctor for cholesterol retesting last week and had lost 1/2 of a pound in 4 months! This is so wrong…. Hang in there.

  7. I hate Hector, too. What a dink. I hate going to the doctor for annual chit chat just to get more meds – it’s like, “Look, nothing has changed, okay? Fork ’em over.”
    Forget the weight stuff – you are healthy and gorgeous. Who cares what we weigh? My biggest concern right now is that I have no muscle tone and my bod is turning into a bowl of jello. It’s beyond gross – it’s becoming a medical marvel. I can grab fistfuls of flesh on my inner thigh. Exsqueeze me? What is happening to me? I need, as I told Audra, scaffolding. Even my spanx is like, “No way.” I’m serious. So the next time you start to complain, think of those images. 😀

  8. Oh, and I hate authors who are so studied and overly creative. It’s like, “Just settle down, would ya? You’re ruining your own story with your own self involvement.” LOL! I’ll stop reading if I detect that very thing. Glad you brought this up. I’m gonna steer clear of that book… Not that I’ve read a book in the past year– just saying. ha!

  9. Wow. Gettin graphic. I love it how people like Hector have jobs WITH THE PUBLIC. fuck him. I think you should tell him off. That would feel so good – do it with a smile and sarcasm…it would truly be a beautiful thing. And you are a READER!!! yay!!! I love readers. They know stuff.

  10. Maggie–always loved the name & Dylan’s–Ain’t going to work on Maggies farm no more; i’m an over the top dylan freak—-your pic reminds of the Lake Michigan shoreline where i live–Grand Haven, Mi area::::this is my first reply on this blog–i’ve only done email but got directed to this one and found i could post some of my pics–i’m a retired professor and relationship therapist as well as an avid angler on the great lakes::::::what caught my eye was your comment regarding the Pope, reps, wm, and Tp’rs and got a good laugh–as a reformed catholic–athiest now, agnostic previous to that, and good C for many years–i’m a month short of 70–where do i go next from athiest (no smart assed comments folks like hell–been there did that durning the vietnam era as a marine sergeant and not in vietnam but processed a lot of death through my mos as a catholic chaplains’ clerk for a salty older Irish priest from Boston::::father sullivan and i had too much fun fk’n with people–by the time i left i was an agnostic and he could have cared less but my in laws to be tries to stop the marriage of kathleen and i——-paul::::stop—-i’m having to much fun crawling up the ass of these very conservative right wing R’s in w. mi–they make the tp’rs appear liberal–more later–peace–paul

  11. Are you better now? In terms of books, I’m reading one called The Art of The Restauranteur and it is fabulous. It’s about what it sounds like it will be about. And it’s very interesting for a wannabe Michelin star chef like myself.

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