Ain’t That Sweet?!

It has been a very long time since I have done an awards post. I have a bunch started in my Drafts folder but never quite get them finished. Which is a reflection on my blogging torpor, not the awards.

I’m doing this one! I’m not kidding! The Lord David Prosser hath bestowed upon me the SuperSweet Blog Award and I’m taking up the Sweet Love and passing it on. (That kind of sounds like a Donna Summer song.) As with any award, there are rules and if there are rules, they must be followed or broken creatively.

1. I must thank the person who nominated me.

Thank you Laird David (I’m watching Monarch of the Glen and they say Laird. Is that bad? Is that offensive to Welsh people?) This is the prettiest award I’ve ever received and I thank you for your support and wise comments always.

2.I must answer 5 Super Sweet questions.

3.I must include the Super Sweet Blogger Award in my blog post.

4. Nominate a baker’s dozen of deserving bloggers.

5.Notify my nominees on their blogs.

So, Number 1 is dealt with. Lets try the questions

1. Cookies or Cake? OR Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownies? I don’t eat sweets that often. A couple of weeks ago, I made dinner for my friend, Trisha’s, birthday. Dinner was excellent, I was quite pleased with myself although the lamb was a tad overdone. I bought dessert because I’m not much of a baker. Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownies. Buy these. Find them and eat them. They are melty buttery goodness topped with a sprinkling of sea salt. You could have them injected directly into your side fat but eating them is way more fun and deliciously delightful. You. Are. Welcome.

That's what I bought. On the left! No, on the LEFT. I don't drink coffee, that was just part of the display.
That’s what I bought. On the left! No, on the LEFT. I don’t drink coffee, that was just part of the display.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?  Did I mention Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownies are chocolate and they have chocolate in them?

3. Favourite Sweet Treat?  Favourite means Favorite in American. You know, I’m gonna have to go with Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownies for the win.

4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most? When I see Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownies and no one has eaten them yet so I am free to eat them all.

5. Sweet Nick Name? Haha…have you met me? I don’t think so.


Here is my Brownie Baker’s Dozen of Blog nominees:

Dimwit Diary – Chris embodies sweet. This blog can be very hard to read and other times just slides into your heart like a Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownie. He is one of the Good Guys. And kinda hot.

Lame Adventures – Lame is the last person you would call sweet, she’s a bit curmudgeonly but she can tell sweet stories. If you want to read her stories you should do what I did. Whilst eating a Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownie, click here and order the Lame Adventures book off Amazon!!! I have it on my nightstand and I can read a little story and savor it like a Sea Salt Brownie and go back whenever I want.

Johnbalaya – is a heartfelt blog on every level. And he loves Donna Summer, like no one has ever loved Donna Summer. Perhaps like I love Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownie.

Katalina  I have just discovered Katalina but  I know already it is a sweet and thoughtful place.

The Kitchen’s Garden– Cecilia’s blog is one of my favorite places to visit every day. I have no idea how she posts everyday and does all that she does for her family and farm but I’m glad she does. Visiting Cecilia’s blog is sweet and peaceful and a fun escape to a world very different than my own.

Jamie Bosworth  is not a WordPress blogger but a blogger just the same, as well as being my friend and a helluva photographer.

Addie – who just posted a very important blog that I will be sharing with a very close friend of mine.

Simon — who is most always sweet. Perhaps not as sweet as a Just Jane Sea Salt Brownie, but sweet.

Lazy Laura Maisey — Another one of my fave blogs. I’m going to England to the Ham House where she volunteers her considerable baking skills and I’m going to be the manor’s eccentric American detective.

OK. That’s not a baker’s dozen of blogs. So sue me.

Just. Janes. Sea. Salt. Brownies.  Tell them Maggie sent you.

30 replies to “Ain’t That Sweet?!

  1. Who is this Jane? And can I get her brownies in England? And I’m preparing a room for you at Ham House. Which would you prefer? The queen ‘s bedchamber? Or the Duchess’ private closet? Thanks, by the way. Will get on this when I’m back in the UK. (Where are you? you might be wondering. Well, I’m Stateside! Sweltering in heat of Texas.)

          1. Yep. It’s grim. I met him when I was doing my dissertation for uni, about how the quality of your lawyer affects the likelihood of getting a death sentence. So I interviewed a guy on death row in Texas and one in Arizona. I’ve kept in touch with both and now the guy in Texas has a date. July
            18th 😦

  2. Wonderful Maggie.Thanks so much for joining in. Laird is a very Scottish word but it doesn’t offend anyone. Someone jokingly bought me a square foot of Scottish forest some years ago so I could be called The Laird of Camster.
    I think inflation has eaten quite badly into your baker’s dozen, but thanks for the invitation to sue, my solicitor will be in touch.
    Oh, just before I go, have you heard of Just Jane’s Sea Salt Brownies ? I’ve heard somewhere they’re quite good.
    Sending Big Weekend Hugs xxx David

  3. Are you getting a commission for this post from Just Jane? If not, you should be!
    I doubt we could get them in Oz, but you had my mouth watering, chocolate is my favoUrite (and we are the bestest spellers!)
    Your conversation with Lazy Laura had me intrigued, how interesting.
    Congrats on the award beautiful. xxx

  4. Oh gosh, an award post – I still have a draft waiting to be posted….but this one is about SWEETNESS!!! Can I bake a pie and just talk about that??
    Thank you Maggie, so much, for thinking of me. Very very sweet, on your part.
    xxx to new friends, Katalina

  5. Congratulations, Mags!!! Well deserved.
    I love salty sweet treats. I bought some chocolate chip cookies with sea salt the other day. I think this is becoming a trend. (It’s probably past that point, i’m always late to the trend parties.) Thanks for starting me on a chocolate obsession again. Just when I thought I was out of the woods.
    I think you’re sweet, for what it’s worth. 😉
    Addie is a great choice for an award. Lots going on over there… 🙂

        1. You could try Whole Foods. I got them at a little market in Portland. Their website only lists stores in California. Are you in California, cuz I think that would help 🙂 Good luck!!!

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