Brother John

It’s John’s birthday again so I’m regifting his birthday blog.

Misc. Maggie

Today is my brother John’s birthday.

John is 16 months younger than I. I have been an attention whore my whole life, since I was a child and definitely since I was 16 months old. My parents thought I would like having a baby brother. They obviously were not paying attention when I kept throwing the puppy they got me out of his box and getting in the box myself so that people would fawn over me.

When Baby John was left on the floor in his little mid-60s plastic infant seat, I would pick up toys and drop them on his head. I didn’t need a baby stealing my thunder. My parents wised up and put John and his little seat on the counter but not far back enough on the counter. On the counter within reach of a toddler who could just grab the edge of the seat…

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3 thoughts on “Brother John

  1. Addie says:

    I’m renewing my offer of a straight across trade–my brother for yours. Okay, fine, I’ll throw in a never used Disneyland pass from 1993, but, that is my final offer.

    Happy Birthday, John. If you want to trade sisters, remember I do have up to date electronic devices. Jus’ sayin’.

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