Goodbye White Jeans

I’ll set the scene. It’s summer 2008. I am working my first event planning consulting gig and I have to attend a reception at Marios 3.10, a clothing store that sells things like $300 flip flops and $4000 purses. I did not own anything anywhere near cool enough to wear to enter that store. I went to Nordstrom, explained my problem and the girl went to work and found me cool clothes so I could go inside Marios 3.10.

Today I’m wearing one of the shirts she picked out for me and the pair of white jeans she selected. The white jeans cost $180 and they are the best jeans I have ever owned. I love my white jeans.

Today I’m also wearing my cute new neon pink lace underpants from Victoria’s Secret. It’s no secret that I’m wearing them and if you could see me, you would know that I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. How would you know that I have my cute new pink underwears on? Well you would be able to see them through the hole in the front of my jeans that I just now discovered when I looked in the full length mirror in the women’s restroom.

So now I have to just sit at my desk and not walk around until I sprint out the door at lunch and go home and change my jeans.

The white jeans are dead. Long live the white jeans.

AND I just went to find a someecard to put in here for comic illustration of my predicament and my company has blocked the site!

You know what? I want to work. I thought I would be getting more work but the marketing work continues to be funneled to our main office in Salem. So, if they aren’t going to give me some work — at least let me do my goddam blogging!

First the jeans and now no someecards.


This is what’s known as a work around. Take that employer!


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38 thoughts on “Goodbye White Jeans

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re suffering a wardrobe crisis. Couldn’t you just run out fast and pick up some white or nude color underwear? My head would be handed to me on a plate if I even thought about blogging at my Grind. Writing a comment while on my lunch break rates the stink eye from The Boss around here. Life is cruel.

  2. twindaddy says:

    The bastards!

  3. First the white jeans, then the someecard…I think you need to go home early. 😉

  4. I hate it when a favourite piece of clothing bites the dust

  5. Whew, I’m a little flush from the visuals.

    Stupid work software, it’s always trying to harsh my buzz too!

  6. You ARE awesome!! I just read in a magazine that you can wear white jeans all year round and every woman should own a pair. I have never owned a pair of white jeans. I am afraid. I hope you recover.

  7. Ugh. You’re so much better than that Job. What kind of place blocks the use of someecards? Seriously? 😉

  8. PS- I could never wear white jeans. Cellulite city, every fat deposit could be made out as clearly as your undies.

  9. this really made me smile….been a sickly week, so some humor was nice

  10. unfetteredbs says:

    Your day keeps my day fantastic company. Make sense? Thanks for the chuckle.

  11. You know the last time I wore white jeans? Um, never. I think they are adorable on some people, definitely not me, but surely you.

    I see you’ve changed the name of the blog and have a new tag line. Like it. Like it a lot. Because there’s NOTHING Fat about you.

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Thanks EOS. I’m going right out and getting more white jeans. White jeans and a tshirt and navy sweater and sandals. That’s like my favorite thing to wear. Navy and white is always good.

  12. Le Clown says:

    Misc Maggie,
    “White jeans” and “best” should never be used in the same sentence, unless it’s “white jeans are the best of the worst clothes”.

    The whole in your jeans is just a sign. You’re welcome.
    Le Clown

  13. How bad is the hole? Maybe you could go for that intentionally tattered look. Add a few more holes, some rips at the knees, and claim you did this in the name of rock n’ roll.

  14. i hate when companies block sites. there’s something very un-american about it. but, there’s something very american about ‘ye ole workaround’ loool. glad you tried something else and delightful post, my friend. delightful. sm

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Thanks Becky! And um, they didn’t block it. It just must have been down when I went to it and then I had a temper tantrum. A girl can only take so much.

      Nevermind (Emily Littela voice)

  15. mabukach says:

    You could make some holey jorts out of them…

  16. El Guapo says:

    Don’t run too fast, or the straegically placed purse will bounce away fromt eh hole.
    Or own it, and stride out of that office like the rockstar you are.
    Let ’em see neon pink!

  17. I hate when my favorite clothing item dies – I like to wear it until it is falling off

  18. I hate saying goodbye to an old friend of the clothing kind. Good one on the lacy pink number though. I reckon you could still walk around. People wouldn’t mind.

  19. […] last but not least, I got new white jeans from J. Crew and they were half […]

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