34 replies to “Did I Mention I’m Getting Married?

      1. Sweet, you’ll need it once wed, oh she of short memory about being married…

        Good luck! I hope all goes well and the weather doesn’t suck and that husband shows up and doesn’t runnoft and that your dogs behave and the food is ok and everything.

      1. I loved that movie so hard… I keep trying to find the Molly Ringwald trilogy of Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink all in one fabulous package.

  1. Jake Ryan… To die for.
    That scene from Bridesmaids was hilarious. I love that movie, speaking of shit or get off the pot. Lol!
    I seriously wish I could be there. Lily and I might just have to drop in, you don’t mind, right? 😉 we’ll be your wedding crashers.

  2. We had the minister say “Mawwaige” at our wedding.
    She really didn’t want to, but we insisted.
    It was fine in the end because all our friends knew the reference.

    hope you don’t get too stressed, and above all, I hope you and your hubby enjoy yourselves! it’s your wedding.

  3. Wooooooooooooooo! Mr. Weebles and I just celebrated our anniversary on Monday, so I can officially say that this is a good week to get married! I love that scene from Sixteen Candles. And you can’t go wrong with a good Princess Bride clip. “Have you the wing?”

  4. Well, it’s only 50 or 60 hours until the ceremony Maggie. Plenty of time to shift gears and focus on blogging instead of any more wedding planning. Oh, I so hope the weather cuts you a break! No matter what’s going on atmospherically, you’ll be getting good karma vibes from me here in the Big Apple. You’ll know my vibes from the rest of your followers for they’re the ones that are soot covered.

  5. I better see pictures on here soon! Oh and when I’m out drinking this weekend I’ll make a wedding toast to you guys. My friends won’t understand, but it’s not for them, so who cares. Congrats and have an awesome time!

  6. Like Rachel from Friends, I’d say I’m like 90% happy for you and 10% jealous… or maybe 80-20. JUST KIDDING I’M 100% EXCITED AND ECSTATIC – YOU GO GIRL!!!! #hotbridealert #werkit #heputaringonit

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