Mother’s Day at Mt. Calvary

I’m reposting because I feel so out of it because I’m frantically prepping for the 18th. I have to be frantic to get things done, that’s how I operate. Mother’s Day is this weekend and I will be up at the cemetery visiting my mom so here is a reblog of last year’s visit.

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Mother’s Day wasn’t sad for me this year. I had some twinges last week reading blogs about Mother’s Day and mothers. Because I am from a twisted Irish family, we are known to say things like “My mother’s dead” when anyone asks about Mother’s Day and we will do the same for Father’s Day in June. It makes us laugh and makes whoever else is around pretty uncomfortable. The Irish have a gift for cloaking sentiment in black humor.

This is the fourth Mother’s Day I have taken flowers to my mom at Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery. Mother’s Day is the busiest cemetery day of the year, according to me and no other supporting research.

When I went up the hill to the cemetery for my first Mother’s Day at Mt. Calvary in 2009, I remember being struck by how many people were there. I also looked down the hill…

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7 replies to “Mother’s Day at Mt. Calvary

  1. My wife’s mother died of cancer when my wife was a freshman in high school. Based on how incredible my wife is, I can only imagine what a wonderful mother Leticia must have been — and how tough that loss was for my wife. We have many photographs of her mom around the house, always of her smiling the same beautiful smile my wife has. It wasn’t until last year that we were able to visit her grave together during a trip to her home town of Tracy, Calif. I had no idea the impact of being at her mother’s gravesite would have in me. Sharing that moment with my wife was profound. As we were cleaning out the flower holder, In dug my hands down in it and pulled out some dirt that had piled in. As I brought it out, about 20 black widow spiders came skittering out of the opening and leaped from my hand. Not a single bite. My wife turned to me and said, “I knew my mother would’ve loved you.” I’ll never forget that moment 😉 Cheers to you and your mother this weekend.

    1. I couldn’t be more sorry that your wife lost her mom at such a young age. Love that story. I am a believer that there are always messages and visits from our loved ones on the “other side”.

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