Winery confidence…how not to be that guy, sort of.

I’m starting to hyperventilate about the wedding so I can’t post. Here’s from my pal Don, who is me in a man costume.

don of all trades

I knew I was drunk because I had my bare ass freshly pressed against the back window of the rental van aimed at a convertible corvette that may or may not have been in sight of the van at this point. Showing my ass literally is not a part of my usual MO. Figuratively, yes, but I do normally keep my bertcheeks where they belong. Alongside me, also with his ass pressed to the window, was an otherwise normally sane neighbor of mine.

What caused us usually fine, upstanding members of society (well, my neighbor anyway, he’s a pharmacist) to bare our asses to Joe Corvette and his lady passenger?

Winery trip…

Whoever thought of opening wineries to the public is brilliant.

I assume that most people in this country now have wineries within driving distance of their homes. Our local wineries are close enough to make a day of…

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