Hello Sailor made me a mermaid! She is a dear and look how hot I am!

Hello Sailor

I know I’ve been away for way too long.  The only time of night I feel like writing at the moment is right before I go to bed, but I know what I’m like when I get on here, it takes me hours to say what I want to say, then I end up going to bed late which makes me a wee bit psychotic and I don’t know what I’m talking about any way.  Last night I was thinking about little grey kittens with top hats and pink noses.  I have no idea why, it’s just where my brain went.  Then, this morning because I was still tired from thinking about kittens too much I had flash backs of past relationships.  I decided to stalk my ex-boyfriend (he has a WordPress! Who knew WP was useful for stalking ex’s! In only found him by Googling his name.  Stupidly his…

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      1. lol thanks!
        Definitely change your facebook photo to it! I don’t have an ass either, don’t worry! I’m jealous of your mermaid butt!

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