After the 2nd Fresh Pressing and Other Items of Note

It is very cool to be Freshly Pressed. It is even cooler to have a post that is meaningful to me be Freshly Pressed. I am so flattered and happy and grateful that the WordPress FP Wizards selected my post on my friend Kitty’s dad for Fresh Pressing. As I have said more than once, WordPress is a giving, supportive, hilarious, smart, generous community and I am so happy that I landed here.

I have spent a lot of time reading and responding  to all of the comments I received on that post. My readers’ kindness is at the heart of why I am so happy that this post had FP exposure. Prayers are needed and were requested and they came in by the hundreds. I also read some inspiring stories from other bloggers and found new blogs to follow.

Thank you for caring about my friend and her family.

I spoke with Kitty earlier today. Her father has been brought out of the coma and is breathing on his own. He has had four operations to date and will hopefully have a major skin grafting operation on Friday. He is suffering from geriatric ICU psychosis which means he’s a bit delusional. He thinks Kitty would make a good pilot. Which, while I think she is brilliant, piloting is probably not making the best use of her skills  (My mother had end of life psychosis and it does make for some good stories.  She told us one day that she knew we were hiding “hombres” in the closet and she “wasn’t falling for THAT one again!”) In the best of all possible worlds, he will be out of the hospital in a couple of weeks, into a rehab facility and perhaps home by June 1. As always, there are no guarantees so please keep Kitty and her family in your prayers. Thank you all so very much.

My Careeah

I don’t remember if I wrote much about how much Occupy (insert city, street corner, park, bus name here) really annoyed me. I was in downtown Portland the other day and walked by the city park blocks that had been Occupied. They are lovely again.

Lownsdale Square is one of the Southern Park Blocks in downtown Portland.
Lownsdale Square is one of the Southern Park Blocks in downtown Portland.

Sadly in Portland it was hard to tell if we were being “Occupied” or if some of the usual anarchist/meth head/ runaway crowd had simply relocated.


This isn’t even as bad as it got. Eventually there were huge tarps up in the trees, you couldn’t even see into the park. You couldn’t see the ground. It was months and months before the park was revived.

Back during Occupy, I read a column by Steve Duin a columnist for the Oregonian. The column focused on the efforts of one woman to feed the Occupiers good healthy vegan food as opposed to the “Voodoo Donut crap” they were eating.

Cap'n Crunchberry and Pink Bubblegum doughnuts. What's not to like?
Cap’n Crunchberry and Pink Bubblegum Voodoo donuts. What’s not to like?

Here is the quote from the 27-year-old vegan food provider that has galled me for two years:

“I’m not interested in a job that doesn’t activate my full potential.”

Oh. I’m sorry princess, you’re not interested in that? Well tough toe nails. Two years ago I took a job as a receptionist in a branch office of a small engineering firm. I got that job because years before I had worked in marketing and corporate communications for a larger engineering firm. I was 46 years old with a degree from Colgate University. Did I think this job was “activating my full potential”? Uh, no. But I needed to pay bills and do my best to take care of my children so I took it. I didn’t decide to go live in a tent and scream at police officers and destroy a public square….sorry I digress.

Here’s the point.

Yesterday I found out that I will be taking on the corporate marketing/web site management/PR work for this company. And I will be making more money and not play Friends with Words on Facebook all day. I took a crappy job that started out as a part-time gig. Nine months later, I became a full-time employee. I had a 401k and health insurance. My potential wasn’t fully-activated but I was working on it. Now, I have worked my way into a real job, that will keep me busy. Sadly I will have less time to blog but my brain will be up and running again all because I took a crappy little job that didn’t activate my full potential. Sometimes you do what you have to do and you position yourself for the next great thing.

My Wedding

Is less than 60 days away! Gah! I have ordered a cake. The invites went to the printer today. I have a quote on renting stuff. Last night Deren actually got me to make a list of what we will need and what it will cost. I’m not big on budgeting although it is amazing what a relief it is to get it all down on paper. So there’s that.

March Madness

The Madness has begun. I will be posting my bracket tomorrow so you may want to hold off on calling Vegas until you see my picks. Read here to see the ingenuity of my system from last year’s tournament.

Again, thank you all for being so kind and supportive.

39 thoughts on “After the 2nd Fresh Pressing and Other Items of Note

  1. What do I think of you? I think that you have some amazing posts. You’re a wonderful writer. There is nothing I appreciate more than having someone who writes in a conversational manner. Thank you so much for this. Prayers for your friends family, and good luck with your wedding!

    1. Congrats all around Maggie – you surely make the day shine here with your words and you will be an asset in your new “post”. Really, best thoughts and wishes for upcoming nuptials, career and fun with friends. Good news too about Kitty’s dad. Please keep us posted.

  2. I hope his psychosis is a temporary thing! All the best wishes for all and anyone else who is suffering with something! In the hardest times I find humor to be a vacation from reality! I hope Kitty is able to take such a vacation!


    1. Doctors say that after a few months in familiar surroundings, the psychosis should clear up. Kitty and I have had some good laughs. In horrible situations like this, you have to laugh or you would cry all the time.

  3. JackieP

    hmm I wonder if the 27 year old princess is living off her parents till she finds that job that ‘activates her full potential’? Like you I have taken crappy jobs that led to great jobs. I didn’t live off my parents, I did it myself as you have. Sometimes crappy jobs turn out to be great learning tools and stepping stones to bigger and better.

    1. Her parents are both US Army attorneys and she had an undergraduate degree from Wisconsin, I think. She lived in the jungles and knew she could change the world if she could find the right job. Well get a job and then change the world, sweetheart.

  4. “…but my brain will be up and running again all because I took a crappy little job that didn’t activate my full potential. Sometimes you do what you have to do and you position yourself for the next great thing.” THANK YOU. While I don’t think people should stick in dead end careers their entire lives, I do think there’s this notion that we must be earning 60k in a job we love or we shouldn’t work. You need to earn your stars and stripes.

    Congrats on the wedding! YAY! Are you having it locally? This area is beautiful in May 🙂

    1. hey jen! I don’t think people should waste away in crap jobs either. I do think that sometimes you have to do what you have to do and you adjust your sails as you go.
      I’m praying for good weather because the partay is going to be in my backyard!

      Hope all is well with you, mag

  5. Anonymous

    Like you, Maggie, Occupy Portland made me want to commit mass violence against hippies. And I am not an old person. Punching a police horse is really a quick way to see normally tolerant people whip out the nunchucks. But at least now we know that we have more per capita losers here in Portland that the rest of the country has to deal with. By losers, I do NOT mean the poor. I mean entitled bratty humans who have no idea what it takes to make it in the world and not just to make it, but to give to others and to be a good person. People who think living life is one big ‘Friends’ episode. It really, really should be dawning on them by now, that it is time to take a fresh look at how they are living. I am so proud of you Maggie. You did the poop job that was way beneath your talents, bc you needed a damn job. Not sure who dreams of auditing financial books, writing RFPs for group health insurance or cleaning apartments…. but everyone dreams of having enough to ensure the security of their family. Well done.

    1. Thank you Anonymous so very much! Do I know you? I saw that story on OregonLive about Portlanders not wanting to work too hard. As they say in Portlandia, we are the city where 20-somethings come to retire.

      Thank you so much for reading!

  6. First and foremost, thank you for sharing the good news about Kitty’s father. I will certainly continue praying for him and his family.

    Secondly, though, A-freaking-MEN to your comments about the ridiculous Occupy movement. I absolutely agree that there are reforms that need to be made – within our government, within the banking sector, and within Wall Street. But to “camp out”, to display signs and hold rallies about HOW UNFAIR the world is, demanding millions of dollars of resources in terms of city property, police manpower, and the like, and offering NOTHING productive to society in return – not even specific ideas about WHAT the problems are or HOW we could fix them – is absurd, selfish, and entirely counterproductive.

    Every time someone representing the Movement spoke to the media, all I could think was “that’s such a slap in the face to real working class Americans”. What about those of us who can’t afford to wait for a job that “activate[s] our full potential”? What about those of us who can’t afford to leave our day jobs, live off of Daddy’s money, and go protest? Their entire platform was so blatantly hypocritical, it made me blind with rage.

    Sorry, this comment kind of got away from me. Moral of the story: I am so glad the days of Occupy ______ are behind us!

    1. Honestly, I had to hold back my reignited rage about the damn Occupiers so I’m glad you had a rant. It was total waste and achieved nothing except wasting precious local government dollars dealing with their BS.

      Thank you for your prayers.

  7. Reminds me of a quote I read somewhere. It said, “Your grandparents had a different word for flipping burgers. They called it opportunity.” And also, if I’m really clever, I can share this picture with you (if I’m not, all you’ll get is a bunch of code, so feel free to erase that if you like). Here goes:

  8. Congrats, Maggie on all the wonderful things that are happening in your life. Embrace and enjoy — you deserve (and have earned them all – even though you didn’t explore your full potential at first, that quote pisses me off btw too) them all and more. You’re good people. Nuff said.

  9. Hello Maggie: Just piping in to contribute a voice of big support. Through these months your site has been a delightful part of computer life. I burst out laughing, tear, get all serious, or goofy, and most often forward them to share the joy of your humor and perspective.
    Great luck in the months ahead, it sounds like you have some new AWESOME dynamics coming your way. I see your blog — and it touches me a certain way even before I open it. I look forward to it, always, thanks and big regards, Bevinn

  10. What a great update!! Lots of good news – even, and especially, the clearing away of the occupy people! LOL! What a ridiculous and fruitless thing that was.
    I’m glad to hear that Bill is on the mend, albeit a slow mend, but no matter. He will pull through. I just know it. 🙂
    The job sounds amazing! Could more good things be lining up for you? F-pressed, job, wedding, prayers answered, etc. You’re on a roll, Miss Maggie. I couldn’t be more happy for you. xoxoxo

  11. Your number one fan (me) says you have a book in you that that one day will be THE job of your full potential. Call me when you are ready because I know a real high powered literary agent to the stars who is always looking for new talent. Not kidding.

    Wedding in the back yard reminds me of one of the first posts of yours I read – when you had photos of last year’s clean up. Can’t think of a nicer place to tie the knot. And even if it does rain, they say that rain is good luck.

    NOW, about the Occupy movement. Here’s my rant:

    About the best thing to happen to America is that the Occupiers are going back to collecting monthly checks from their trust funds. They ruined cities. They destroyed neighborhood businesses (people afraid to cross the park to get to a deli or store), and worse, they had no real purpose other than to aggravate. But I have to say if it weren’t for the Occupy Movement, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of laughing my ass off at one Thistle Petterson, a protester the media dubbed Pippi Bongstocking. The video is a classic. A comedy classic.

    She came to personify the occupiers. Whackos willing to say anything, all the while, don’t forget, getting paid daily expenses and bail out money. The ultimate irony is that The Occupy Wall Street movement had hundreds of thousand of dollars in banks – the very banks they were railing against. You can’t make this stupid stuff up.

    Lastly, but certainly not the least, I am overjoyed to learn Bill is getting better.

  12. I wasn’t done. How fun!!!! Enjoy it and let Derwood be paper guy and give him a huge kiss. Congrats on the FP!!!!!! wow. I did find all the cool kids on my first day. AND congrats on the big girl job with mo money!!!!! yay!!! Was thinking of yours sister, as The Irish Snug was spilling out into the streets on St. Pat’s here in Denver…I went to our good ol neighborhood bar the night BEFORE and we were in bed by 10. HI OLD. Loved it, made sure my delinquent kids were being good and hid out the rest of the weekend. So nice to read this. I wish I could come to your wedding. HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE??

    1. What’s gonna happen is I will come to Denver and we will go to the Snug!!! And I have to do it in the next few months. Maybe June or you or my sister will hunt me down! xoxox

  13. Great post!

    The Occupy Mess was just that … a mess. We took a 5 day railroad trip following the Red SOX to New York and Baltimore while some of it was going on. Seeing the occupiers set up in the financial district in NYC was not only disgusting it was scary. It was actually my first trip to the city and it’s kind of sad that the memory of the camps is a major part of what I remember of what was an otherwise wonderful trip.

    I’m glad to hear your friend’s Dad is going better! Still sending lots of positive thoughts and energy your way.

    And finally, CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion!! Kudos to you! 🙂

  14. Andrew

    When you get Freshly Pressed for a third time, can I say I know you still? Oh and awesome news on the new job, and wedding!

  15. Maggie, congratulations on being FP’ed again, but much greater congrats on landing what sounds like a significant promotion at your current place of employ. That’s terrific. I’m high fiving you in my mind right now. Yikes, your wedding is now 59 days away! I’m confident that you will have it together and it will be a wonderful event. It’s looking like 2013 is turning into a pretty wonderful year for you overall.

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