From one of my favorite bloggers who has been off the radar for way too long. Welcome back Andrew! Everyone else…. enjoy.

Shut Up Dad

How many times have you tripped over that giant pile of illegal moonshine sitting in your living room?  Like a million?  I know, but you can stop worrying.  I did some research, and I found that moonshine actually has quite a few househould uses.  I thought I might share them with you, so you can free up the space.  Here they are –

1.  Heat Source – Gas bills can add up, and firewood is heavy and often covered in black widow spiders.  Why go through all that trouble when you can simply start a small fire in your dining room?  Pour jars of moonshine on that antique coffee table you’ve recently lit aflame, and watch the magic happen.  It may result in a small explosion (or big explosion depending on how much you use).  But boy howdy, will you feel the warmth!  Just think, in the movie Rocketeer his…

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