Back to the Fat, with Musical Interludes

Welcome to a sunny early spring Friday morning in Portland, Oregon!

I got a little KC and the Sunshine Band on the radio this morning on the way into work, which goes perfectly with sunny Friday mornings. I know this is just a teaser and soon Oregon’s gray rainy spring will return and kick our collective ass with Seasonal Affective Disorder (except for me, I like rain); but for today, I will pretend it is spring come to stay.

I had weigh in last night at Weight Watchers and it was good. I was down 1.2 lbs. for the week. That makes a total of 7.6 pounds  in the last 5-6 weeks. Yay for me! Weight Watchers has been around so long because the system really works. I suppose millions of people know what I’m just learning. It is more effective than counting calories because it is more behavioral change than the drudgery (DRUDGERY I tell you!) of counting calories. Portion control. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want. Put down the brick of cheddar.

Musical interlude:

It also helps to exercise. I know, go figure! I have a tough time sticking with exercise programs so I need inspiration. More inspiration than just not being fat on my wedding day in a few months. And I found my inspiration in Michael Moore.  Almost a year ago Michael Moore went for a walk and has been walking everyday since then. You can tell by his Facebook photo that he has lost weight. Michael Moore inspires me because if that rat’s ass fat bastard can do it, so can I!!! For those of you who, like me, DESPISE Michael Moore….here is your inspiration for walking everyday. Just move. For those of you who like Michael Moore, maybe you can find out what Sarah Palin does for exercise. (Not that I like her either because I really don’t. I really don’t like her A LOT.)

So there’s all the latest in fat news.

I figured out how to add a photo of my own to my blog header, so I did it. The picture is of Gearhart, Oregon. My most favorite place on earth. Gearhart is village of less than 2,000 people on the northern Oregon coast. My family has been going there since I was a baby. I want to live there someday. I could live in the tiny village and solve crimes. I think that would just be easier than moving to an English village to be the quirky American lady detective. I can be quirky just 70 miles outside of Portland.

This is not the final version of my blog. I have plans for this blog. I’m going places with this blog, you’ll see!

The auction I have been working on is tomorrow night. I have been invited to attend the event so I’m interested to see how the audience reacts to all the work Danni and I have put into the event. And hopefully I have some good stories.

Have a great weekend.

And just because I really love Rod Stewart

29 thoughts on “Back to the Fat, with Musical Interludes

        1. I’m making fun of my self. I know Michael Moore doesn’t know that I’m using him to get me to walk. He wishes he knew me!
          And thank you for dissing him, Michael Moore bashing is always welcome here.

  1. You know I was gonna play Rod Stewart’s Maggie May or You Wear it Well, last music Monday, but I opted instead for Sonny and Cher. The point is, I LOVE Rod Stewart, TOO!
    This was a very motivating post . 7 lbs.!!! Good for you!! Weight Watchers is great because it doesn’t feel like you’re being deprived, right? I’m so proud of you!!!!
    Gearhart is a place I considered moving. It’s so beautiful. My fear was that it would be too small. Does it have a movie theater and book store? That kind of thing…

    LOL about Michael Moore. I strongly dislike him, too. 😀

    1. Have you been to Gearhart? No it doesn’t have a movie theater or bookstore but there are those things in Seaside, it’s trashy neighboring town. You have to go to Seaside to go grocery shopping, it’s not far at all.

      I love Rod Stewart but I’m over Maggie May 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    The case of the missing jolly rancher stick. That case has been vexing me for years…my family will pay you handsomely if you’re able to get to the bottom of this. My efforts took me to a small sand pile just east of the tennis courts…but that is where the trail went cold.

  3. Rock on, Maggie!
    I hope one day you put together a great fundraiser and Michael Moore attends and hits on you.
    Just have someone there with a camera so we can get pics of you laughing at him. 😉

    have fun at your event!

  4. I like that picture of Gearhart, Maggie: beautiful! Have fun at the auction – look forward to hearing all about it. And, most important, congratulations on the weight loss! xoxoM

  5. I seem to recall that Courtney Love lost a ton of weight when she quit eating cheese or maybe she lost it primarily from all the years she was a heroin addict. I’m glad that you’re cutting back on the cheese and that Michael Moore is more of your role model. I’m sure that you’ll look great in time for your wedding. Goals can be very motivating. Stick with your plan.

    P.S. I like the look of this template more than the previous one. The image of Gearhart is lovely.

  6. Yay, Maggie!! I’ve put off exercising, because, well, because I hate it with a passion I usually reserve for politicians. Walking I can do, though. Therefore, I shall add walking to my portion control self diet, and we’ll see what happens. And, it’s all thanks to you!

  7. Hey, sis. You know, it’s not going to be a village of less than 2000 people for LONG if you keep telling everybody about it.

    Congrats on the loss of tonage. I did the same thing in 2005. I thought, “Weight watchers has been around forever, they must be soing something right.” I lost 25 pounds. And then quit because I hate the meetings (they dont let me talk 😦 But I kept doing it because it IS a lifestyle change. And when it is a lifestyle change, you can keep if off becuase there is no “diet” to want to go off (of). GOOD LUCK! And remember what Zig Ziglar said. “”Motivation is like showering. The results dont last very long, so you have to do it everyday.”

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