Me? Oh, I’m Fine.

I am working as an independent contractor on an event that is being held February 16 and it is getting really hectic. I decided on Sunday to turn off my blog email notifications because all of you are so prolific, I can’t keep up! I’m also getting tons of auction emails and need to be able to focus. I’m not ignoring you, this is a temporary situation. I know how much my readership means to all of you and I don’t want you to stop writing just because I’m not around.

Yesterday I had to WORK all day at my actual job! No wonder I can’t get anything done. I had to go HOME to do all my auction work which is sorta tough because at home I don’t have an ergonomically correct keyboard and two monitors. So yeah, I suffer.

Last night I got home from work. Derwood was working late. Q, Derwood’s 9-year-old daughter, was with us for the evening, which is easy. She’s a sweet kid but still… just another body to keep track of. Got Annie and Q fed. Walked Mudd which is a little slow going right now because he’s got a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up from jumping around like, I don’t know, like something excitable that jumps and spins around a lot.  Then went to pick up Brigid at 6:15 from spring musical auditions. Got her fed. I was supposed to go to a meeting at Brigid’s school for 8th grade graduation but knew that wasn’t going to happen if I was going to get my auction work done.

Did auction work for a couple of hours till one of my arms was paralyzed and my neck was killing me. Worked on the Sunday Times crossword, read my book “Good Faith” by Jane Smiley (fun read, not “A Thousand Acres”ish) and went to bed. Couldn’t sleep, tossed and turned.

Mudd got up and I could sense that he wanted to go out. I have to use my Mudd ESP skills because he doesn’t bark when he wants to go out, he licks the door. Yep. Got up, held on to the kitten so she wouldn’t get out, let Mudd out, noted that it was 12:12 a.m. and I still hadn’t been to sleep. Wandered around the house for a few minutes till Mudd came back in.  Went to bed. Cats broke into our room and began destroying it. Got up, tried to find the dark gray kitten in the dark, threw her out and closed the door.

Derwood slept through it all.

Woke up around 4 or 5 a.m. because Derwood was snoring. I told him to turn on his side but he said he couldn’t sleep on his right side anymore. I respect that because he has broken his neck before so he can’t just be abusing his neck willy-nilly just for me. So I bitched that I hadn’t been sleeping well and the dog had to go out and he slept through it all.

It turns out that I did get some sleep because when the french doors blew open around 2 a.m. and the kitten got out and Derwood chased her around the driveway for a half hour and then dealt with Mudd barking from the basement because he didn’t want to walk up the stairs, I was asleep. Or in Derwood’s words “you seemed to be sleeping just fine then!”


I could use a drink, not right now but tonight but I’m not supposed to because tomorrow is weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I’m doing Weight Watchers. I thought it would be funnier but it’s not. It’s just nice people  working to lose weight. Some are chunky like me, some are maintaining weight loss and look fab and others clearly have a lot to lose but all in all it’s not that amusing. My friend and I just sit in the back and whisper and wait for the leader to separate us.

I have applied for a job at St. Mary’s Academy as the Director of Special Events. I should hear in the next day or so if I get an interview. Fingers crossed. This would be a real job with a real salary. I will figure out a way to tell them that I went to high school there for about 3 days in 1979. I’ll burn that bridge when I get there.

So me? I’m fine. Thank you for asking.

35 thoughts on “Me? Oh, I’m Fine.

  1. Living in student halls, with flatmates that think 12 midnight, 3am and 4am are sensible times to make LOTS of noise, I can sympathize with the bad night (Did I mention the flat-mate next-door has a high sex drive? And did I mention her bed is the other side of the wall from mine?) 😉

    Hope you get a good night’s sleep soon! And that work calms down. And that you get the new job! Fingers crossed on those counts 🙂


  2. Addie

    What a full plate! I’m watching ‘Oliver Twist’ while I read this, and I thought, “Poor thing!! She’s a modern day Oliver!”, with nicer clothes and stuff. Maybe not. But, you see where my mind was going.

  3. Glad to hear you’re doing well.
    Hope you can use teh reference from the IC job on your interview when it rolls around.
    And despite all the busyness, sounds like you’re having a good time!

  4. haha! Poor Derwood. I’ve had many sleepless nights chasing and quieting my own dogs and cats. You gotta love ’em – they really keep us on our game.

    I’m keeping all my fingers crossed for the St. Mary’s gig. I know you’ll get it. They’re gonna love you.

    Yeah, Weight Watchers… not exactly a laugh riot. 🙂

  5. So are you on linkedin? I’ll endorse your event planning skills … and if we lived in the same place, I’d buy you that drink! I feel your pain! Cats, insomnia, snoring husband, busy days …. busy minds ….

    Hang in there in WW! Maybe check out other meeting leaders? Some are freeking hilarious (and business at the same time) – I signed up and have been to one meeting. Also went back to the gym (out of excuses not to … doh!)

    Will keep you in my thoughts for the interview!

    Much hugs …

  6. Anonymous

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Was it bc I sent you 51 emails yesterday? I knew you were about to kill me right through the keyboard. I am taking the day off the project so you will be okay today. No wonder you couldn’t sleep. Yours….. Lily Bart

  7. omgosh. Take that DRANK girl. I did weight watchers once. I always imagined us weighing in and part of the program was to be openly ridiculed and laughed at and snickered at and demeaned in front of the whole group while you stand on the scale. hahahahahaha…I told someone thats what happens in there. But it does keep you accountable…specially since you PAY and chit. Keep it up Mags. You are amazing. And good luck and sending good vibes and biker angels!!!

  8. Maggie, sounds as if you’re on full-throttle. Busy, but a good busy, yes? Sending you good vibes, thoughts and prayers for that job — hope you get it because your talents are certainly deserving of it. Breathe, just breathe. 😉

    1. No, I can’t hear him licking the door! I just know he does that because I have seen him do it. I knew he had to go out b/c I didn’t hear the thud of him lying down on his dog bed. When Mudd hits the floor the house shakes.

  9. 3 points to note. 1 – of course we all notice when you’re not paying attention to us and wonder whether to continue our blogging careers or give it all and become hobos. 2 – I also lick the door when I want to go outside. Don’t judge me. 3 – Danda snores when he has a cold (which is now) and when hesl’s lying on his back. It sends me into fits of giggles as he sounds like a drunken monster of some sort. This then wakes him. He asks what’s wrong. I say, nothing, nothing, what are you talking about? He doesn’t usually snore second time round. Good luck for the job! xx

  10. My better half is a snorer too. I’m thinking maybe the married couples of the 1950s had the right idea – twin beds!

    As for lack of sleep dear, hate to burst your bubble, but as you age, sleep is but a memory. I am up before the roosters every day, but in some ways it’s the best time of the day. House is quiet. Dawg and hubby still sleeping. First pour of coffee all for me, myself and I. Check blogs. Answer email. Hey, not so bad when you stop and think about it.

    Good luck with the job. I don’t even know you and I’m sure you’d be great!

  11. Nic

    I just read this after waking up from a nearly 10-hour slumber — I AM SO SORRY!!! P.S. I’m legitimately contemplating WW myself… Jennifer Hudson keeps trying to convince me.

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