I’m having that day again so here’s a post from a while back.

Misc. Maggie

to write anything today.

I’m fat.

I have a zit right on the tip of my nose surrounded by zits on either side. Don’t say you can’t see anything. Of course, you can! There is a beacon on the end of my nose! Don’t patronize me, you can see them.

Ohmahgawd, I’m so fucking hot. Just open the door. I’m sweating. Fine, I’ll go home at lunch and change my sweater. I would hate to have anyone fucking freeze on my account.

Yes, I will drive you to the mall. Oh jeeeze, could you shut up for 5 seconds?! I don’t know who you’re talking about. I know you love him but you’re not getting married at 15. Fine, have fun.

Honda! Do you hear me? Fucking drive! Don’t make me get out of my car and wrap your steering wheel around your head you asshat, just GO!

My hair…

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8 thoughts on “

  1. El Guapo says:

    Sharing the misery of the day with you.
    Hope it gets better soon.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Tomorrow is Friday so you’ve got that going for you. Take a breather and have a glass of wine or two. You’re not fat.

  3. It is a woman’s prerogative to feel fat and bitchy. I blame estrogen. Now that I am seriously estrogen depleted I can say with authority that menopause is another form of torture. I suffered a hot flash last night while dining with Milton at our favorite watering hole. He asked, “How much longer is this going to last?” I said, “Possibly ten years.” He stopped the barmaid and announced, “We’ll have another round.”

    Hey, a few days ago I sent you an email to continue our film discussion. Did you get it? Maybe it swan-dived into your spam folder.

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