Here’s the Latest Penis Extender News!!!

Well, well, well look who I am FINALLY hearing from…that’s right Penis Advantagea! Where the hell have you been?

In this blogging community, I have made some great connections and I know how non-bloggers mock us for calling each other “friends” but I’m still going to do it. I have met some great people on WordPress and they matter to me. Sometimes people take breaks from blogging and I miss them or worry about them (I’m looking at you Dotty Headbanger). Sometimes I long for their message, no matter how hard it is to take. So this morning I was so happy to get a comment on my Sparky Sporty Spice post from old pal Penis Advantagea.

Here’s what PA had to say about that blog post of mine: “Actually no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other users that they will assist, so here it happens.” Right? I can’t believe not one other person had thought to add this to the comments. It IS up to other users that they WILL assist. Yes, PA you are so wise, “so here it happens.”

PA left me a link that thank fully took me to this blog:

Selecting Fast Systems For Penis Enlargement

There’s stiff competition out there for Penis Enlargement Systems and I know that it’s important for guys to get a fast system. No one wants to be too rigid about their Penis Enlargement System requirements but when you need a large penis and you need one fast, this is where to go! PA knows that cost is also an issue:  “I am sure it is not possible to buy something worth for a few bucks but you can buy a crap for a mint of money for sure.” I see his point I don’t want to spend one dime on a crap let alone a mint of money.

In order to aid you in your penis enlargement system selection, PA recommends : “Forums, blogs, friends, media, and customer reviews are all good ways to get a picture of how the product is performing.” That’s right! We have become a nation, a world that has forgotten how to talk to each other. Go! Ask your friends, “how IS your penis enlargement system working?” Let’s start that conversation, our country has gone soft on this topic for far too long.

PA cares about future Penis Extender users and begs, “If you are really keen on getting one (because it works), then please only get one that comes with a comfort strap.” PuhhLeezzze, for the love of erections everywhere get one with a comfort strap! It’s going to be a hell of ride so we all need to be comfortable.

PA also recommended an article about Everyday Things You Can Do to Increase Your Penis Size with a link to a Kanye West site, because Kanye has done shit tons of research on penis enlargement, necessity being the father of a Kardashian invention.

PA closes with “Search for a toll-free phone number and try to call them.” Just try. Try to call a toll free number. Any number, penises around the world depend on it.


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30 thoughts on “Here’s the Latest Penis Extender News!!!

  1. TAE says:

    The use of adjectives in this post is hilarious…thanks for the laugh.

  2. El Guapo says:

    You’re having waaaaaay to much fun with this…

  3. I’m sad, I have never received any communication from PA. And I doubt it’s because he thinks my penis is already big enough. Also, I miss Dotty too.

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Maybe he will find you from my blogroll? I hate for you to be missing out on all the latest penis news. I’m bummed Le Clown has checked out for the day, he would like this post.

  4. artyelf says:

    You used the word PENIS in your title!!!! 😳
    My delicate disposition was a little scared to read the post, but you had me in stitches.
    Derwood’s next birthday present? A comfort strap, of course!
    Some of this spam is a riot, isn’t it?

  5. twindaddy says:

    This is ever so helpful. Thank you. I’ve been wondering where to turn to enlarge my penis and now I know.

  6. Margarita says:

    Your spam is way funnier than my spam, Maggie! lol xoxoM

  7. Katelyn says:

    I’m personally glad you didn’t go soft on this subject. It is a serious issue that we cannot allow to go limp and unnoticed. Thrust it out there friend.

    Ok, I can’t go on. Good God, that was a funny one Ms. Maggie. I oversee the Classifieds at the newspaper I work at, some of the spam ads that are sent in by email are freaking hilarious. Did you know there is a “Steven King Incorporating” that sells “fashionable bull dogs?”

  8. Brigitte says:

    You are so funny Maggie. This was hard to swallow at times but I managed to anyway.

  9. LOLOL!!!!! Damn, look at Brigitte!
    Let’s get to the meat of the matter, shall we…. I’d like to make a motion that we never forget to examine the hard and fast rules of Penis Enlargement, and all that it entails. Hopefully, you’ll keep it brief, Maggie, but I think we’d all like to stay abreast of this important issue.

    (Okay, that was lame – I tried.)

    The comfort strap just about killed me!!

  10. SocietyRed says:

    I limply followed along this cocky post of yours wondering if PE was strictly addressing the potential enormity of one’s schwanzstucker or possibly including turgidity as well. It appears PE failed to consider functionality when trying to solve the world’s pecker problems.
    What a dick!

  11. Wow. A mint of money. That’s an awful lot. If I was going to buy a crap, I’d probably only spend a throat sweet of money.

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