I Like That You Liked My Comment….So Hilarious!!! :)

GREAT to hear from you. You always make me smile with your posts!!!

laughed so hard I have to stay at my desk, peed my pants a little

It must have been cold there in my shadow

Downtown Abbey is back!

that’s hilarious, OMG, right? great story
Hey, Aaron, your guys wear green jerseys. Try throwing the ball to one of them.

just happy that you and Bob weren’t both trapped in there! hahahahaha

No thanks, buddy, but I’m not even going to feed that to my dog for lunch!!! 😦

good ol’ Cyndi, always putting a smile on my day πŸ™‚ LOL
LOL! OMG!!! Those green shoes! That’s hysterical!!!
Yet another beautiful sunset, don’t hate me for my view!
The 70s were a wacky time…
Live and let live, that’s what I say.
Groundhog Day, wonder if Bill Murray saw his shadow? LOL
I found all that weight I lost. Sigh.
Remember Shakey’s pizza?! Good times.
I hear you bro, just hang in there
I know, we should totally go there!
Awwww… Daddy/Daughter Date Night!
Do over…
Oh noooo, it’s birthday cake day.
I swear my cat, Timple, just said, “meow”.
Seriously, it sounded like she “said” it.
Love, love, love, love Looney Tunes.
Who doesn’t love the Onion?
Hawaii here we come, can’t wait!!!!
My favorite flash mob, right?
If you weren’t this old, you’d be dead. That’s what my dad always said.
Awkward child hood photo much???
Awkward child hood photo much???
First snow (see picture) of the year. Makes me think of Christmas.

My front yard during the big storm of '08

I can’t believe that’s a word! You are killing me this game!
you look so good since you started your diet!
I feel like if I eat a grape I gain ten pounds
maybe if I looked a little more like Tom Brady I might of scored a touchdown. LOL
I swear my boss just stares at me all day. OMG, doesn’t he have anything better to do? Buy a life, weirdo!
Sara didn’t even have to talk her Dad into it, she just said,
YOLO and he cracked up and bought it. What a good dad.
I was like, yeah, Mudd, I’m sure the bed is comfy now but wait til I get in it. Crazy pooch
It’s crazy because it seems like it was just Easter and here it comes again. I can’t catch a break. An Easter break hahahaha
Happy 50th and hope you have a great party, that you remember πŸ™‚ LOL
Best sandwich EVER!
Best sandwich EVER!
Β I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since 1987!
Owww, just hit my elbow on my desk, NOT funny bone
hahaha I can’t believe how funny you are, you should do stand up
ermergerd! You got the job?!?! (Please Lord)
A Facebook Tribute by Derwood and Maggie

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