Someone Fat Happened, Year Two

It’s been a year, probably, almost…in the vicinity of a year since my first post here. I haven’t lost a pound but I am a better writer than I was a year ago.

This list isn’t of New Year’s Resolutions because I never keep Resolutions unless it is the classic “do more crosswords” Resolution that has worked for me for years. This is more a list of Goals or Plans for 2013.

I plan to go to Weight Watchers meetings starting Thursday, January 10. I plan to lose weight but also realize these meetings will be excellent blog fodder, what about your blog modder? hahaha

I plan to not use exclamation points so much this year. Not so many :). Perhaps less of the “hahahah” (but I doubt that one). Perhaps not so many “xoxox” or I could change to “xxxx” or just “xo” or “xx” some people just give hugs (those are the x’s right?) Oh well, I don’t know!!! hahahaha πŸ™‚ xoxoxox This will be one of the larger failures of the year.

I plan on getting married this year. The wedding continues to shrink as Derwood and I are mostly interested in our life together and the honeymoon. The honeymoon is not going to have any shrinkage.

My biggest plan or goal this year is a stunner. I thought I had lost my ambition once I was accepted to Colgate University but as it turns out, ambition has returned, somewhat late perhaps or more likely right on time. I’m a big believer in it happens when it happens not sooner not later, things happen when you are ready to deal with them; ready to appreciate what life has in store. It’s not true all the time but most of the time.

During 2013, I want to make a living doing work I love. I love fundraising for non-profits. I love the technical work of budgeting or entering info in databases, planning events, preparing for auctions. That is what I love to do. My reasonable goal is to have five new clients this year. I had two last year, as well as blogging and writing for my favorite auctioneer Kelly Russell (My Aunt Shanere).

In 2012, I realized that I have marketable skills and I need to capitalize on them and not waste anymore time than is necessary at a dead end, mind-numbing job, simply because it is a paycheck and benefits. I am grateful for both those things but I also think I can figure out those things on my own and this is the year I’m going to do it.

So I can blog in peace.
So I can blog in peace.

32 thoughts on “Someone Fat Happened, Year Two

  1. Addie

    What amazing goals, especially the wedding and non shrinkage honeymoon (wink. wink. nudge. nudge.)!! Notice I used two exclamation points there–I’d thought of using three, but, I’m honoring your commitment to use less of them this year.

    So, xoxoxoxo!!!!

  2. I always love what you write. Weight Watchers should probably be at the top of my list, too. If Jessica Simpson, who confuses tuna and chicken, can do it, then so can I!

    I think I like event planner for you. You’d be amazing with that. Just don’t plan any Thanksgiving dinners. Take that off the list of events. LOL! Seriously, I’ve always wanted to do parties/events – if you get something going I might have to move to Portland. We could set up our desks so they face each other and then neither of us will know when the other is blogging. Brilliant!

    You always make me laugh!
    Mags, you’re gonna rock this year like none other!


  3. These are excellent goals. And right on for deciding on new career ambitions! (As you can see, I have not resolved to use fewer exclamation marks.) It’s funny how ambition sort of goes up and down, there are years when I really couldn’t care less about stuff and then other years where I have all sorts of ideas and plans and stuff. May 2013 be an excellent one for you and Derwood!

  4. I like the idea of weight watchers. It seems motivational! Good luck with your goals! This sounds like it will be a good year for you!
    Also, I thought the ‘x”s were the kisses! Like if something is sealed with a kiss, it has an X on it, right?

  5. unfetteredbs

    Rock on Maggie. I know you can do it–
    Smiley face jail?? I guess I’ll be in the cell next to you for the dastardly dash overuse–

  6. Great list of goals for the new year! I am on the weight loss train myself – we can make it happen! WW meetings are great blog fodder – looking forward to reading it from you! πŸ™‚ Sorry about all of the !!!! and the :). Old habits… lol

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