Seriously, I Have GOT to Get Another Job

As posted yesterday, I need to get a new job.

On my way to work yesterday, I went to Office Depot and bought packing tape and CD mailers. Then I stopped and got an Asiago bagel and cream cheese. So I was in before 9. I don’t know what more they want from me. Well, maybe to be in at 8:00 but I’m not sure that that has ever happened.

I carefully edited the memos so they didn’t all open with “Dear Ray”, folded them in thirds and placed them in a mailer with a CD and sealed the envelope. I didn’t reprint the address labels because that seemed like a lot of effort and I had already done it once. Writing the addresses is fine, I had proven I could print them if I wanted to.

I went out to lunch with my friend, Danni and then went to the post office with my pile of packages. I went to my extra-double-secret Mail ‘n Mart post office because no one knows it’s there so there are never any lines. I drove the extra couple of miles, carried in my nine CD packages plus two of my own.  As I approached the counter, I saw a sign reading “Cash or checks only for post office”. That means cash or checks only. No credit cards. I look at the woman at the counter, “Do you have an ATM machine?” Yes, moron, you are standing right next to it. But an ATM machine does me no good because I have to use my company credit card and I don’t know how to get cash from that card.


Drive back to downtown Beaverton (real name of Portland suburb) to the post office. Get lost. Oh wait, first I drove around some neighborhoods because I really like those houses. I love looking at houses.

Where was I? I got lost looking for the post office, not severely lost but a bit. I found it, parked and went inside to face a really long line, really long. This post office is like the freaking United Nations. Beaverton is a very diverse community, a lot of immigrants; not that there’s anything wrong with that unless you are waiting in a very long line in an overheated post office and people need translators or to be professional charades players to take care of their postal business. This universal rule applies in post offices as well, saying anything loudly will not help a person understand if they don’t speak that particular language.

While waiting, I noticed an old woman in a cranberry-colored velour sweat suit and a pink hat. I don’t know why I noticed this except that she was very um, vibrant. She marched away from the counter and made a call on her cell phone so everyone could listen to her talk to “someone in India but I want to talk to someone in America.” She has never made a $20 payment on her card and she is not paying $107 because it is not her error. She hates to think of what they will say to the credit bureau. In reality, I felt bad for her. She is probably in her 70s and obviously never lived with debt and was a little freaked out. Still, do us all a favor and take it outside next time you are taking to “Kevin” in Calcutta.

I inched forward in the line. I removed my jacket because I was sweating. I noticed the passport window close and move into the neighboring cubicle where a post office person could have been working mailing things for ALL the postal customers who were standing in the long line. There are five stations, windows, whatever they are called and only two had people taking mail from the public and sending it on its way.

A postal man worker, joined the fray and opened another window! He called “next” and I was Next!  Sure I was sweating and holding a parka, purse and 11 packages but I was NEXT. I put everything on the counter but didn’t want to drop my coat on the floor because, well it’s an old hot post office floor, with filth and muck on it. We ascertained that the nine CD packages all weighed the same and he busily counted out sheets of stamps and placed them on the pile and set that aside. I paid with my company credit card. He then weighed my personal parcels and printed out the postage for those. I asked, “why do you have those stamps for the other ones instead of printing the postage?” He answered quite amiably, “there are so many of them, it is easier to use stamps then print out nine different postage sticker thingies”. It’s not a direct quote but you know what I mean. I smiled and nodded.

I finished paying for my stuff and he said, “You can take these over there and put the stamps on them and just bring them back to me.”

Oh, okay, super.



Yep. I waited in the superduper long line, paid for all the postage and then because he didn’t feel like printing the labels which I thought was kind of his job, I got to spend more time putting three stamps each on the CD packages while holding my coat and purse and leaning up against the counter to ensure that nothing touched the floor.

Not only do I have to do my stupid job, yesterday I got to do the postal guy’s job. And it all took over an hour so with lunch, I didn’t get back till almost 2:30.

Seriously, I have got to get another job.

33 thoughts on “Seriously, I Have GOT to Get Another Job

  1. unfetteredbs

    oh dear — you went back to back jack. At least tomorrow is Saturday? Or are you shmuck like me and work every Saturday?
    I would like to prescribe a mental health day Maggie. I am using 2 this week.. it is glorious

    1. I just met with the woman who I want to start working with doing non-profit fundraising. I’m working my way outta here 🙂 Being a housewife wasn’t so bad in retrospect!

  2. Um…at least you got out of the office?
    I just spent 45 minutes waiting for a co-workers sim card. And now 30 on the phone because she couldn’t activate it.

  3. Can I have your job when you get your new one? It seems to pay a lot more than mine and you seem to have a lot of free time. Wait, some of us actually REMEMBER reading your blogs, and I know I read one that said you will never leave your job because of the benefits. At least I think it was me who read it. It might have been someone else. Regardless, you’re not fooling anyone.

      1. ha ha (that’s me laughing for real, and thanks for that)

        Oh Maggie I wish we were…I think I’m here for the duration actually. There’s much that annoys me but while things are as they are at home I’ll probably just go with the flow…and complain 🙂

  4. Maggie,
    I’ve set only one goal for 2013…to liquidate all of the energy I put into my “job”, realizing it is only a means to money. Career? Ha!
    I am a writer and so are you. The rest is just bullshit.
    And I hate going to the post office…
    Happy days ahead!!!

  5. WPautocomment

    Oh, _Maggie_, you crack me up! I almost lost a mouthful of __sunflower seeds__ all over my keyboard. How true about the __post office__ and the way they __operate__! I’m sure you will __find a new job__ soon, but keep me __belly laughing__ until that time. XOD ‘)

  6. The infuriating banalities of daily slogging. I try so hard not to get impatient and grumpy at slow drivers/lines/meals/elderly folk/children/waiting rooms…I usually fail. Zen, I am not.

  7. I think that amount of time and effort deserves a raise. I think you should demand one. haha!

    You have successfully talked me out of moving to Beaverton. I’m crossing it off my list; the name, the sticky post office floor, and the lazy mail man… although the Asiago bagel and cream cheese sounds good…
    I love looking at houses, too. Maybe you should look into becoming a realtor? Bingo! The answer was right there in front of you the whole time!!
    Okay – sorry for the ramble.. I’m in a weird mood.

    1. I have thought of being a realtor but the market sucks out loud in Oregon. Beaverton was in the Preppy Handbook, which was always an affront to us preppies in Oregon. Once again, we are waiting for you in LO.

  8. I feel your pain – I absolutely hate going to the post office! I had to break down and stop there on the Friday before Christmas. Long line, cranky postal worker. I sometimes wonder what the screening process is for the postal worker that resides in the post office as opposed to running routes. The crankier/lazier, the better I guess! You deserve a tall latte!

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