Things That Make Me Happy

I have a book called “14,000 Things to be Happy About”. These days we need to remind ourselves of what makes us happy. Here is a list of happy making things:

  • Laughing till you are crying. This should do it.
  • Kittens
  • The Sound of Music (the movie although the sound of music is happy making, too if it’s good sounding music.)
  • The smell of old books
  • Snow
  • A clean car (I don’t experience this often but once in a while this happens to me.)
  • Bargain shopping
  • Dancing
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Antique stores
  • Bring Me The Head of David Dixon (Do you hear me WordPress?! Freshly Press him!!! Now!)
  • Driving on a road you’ve never been on before.
  • Old friends
  • Salt and pepper tofu from the Green Wok
  • Building a fire
  • Reading
  • Beach houses
  • Favorite songs
  • Writing
  • Not arithmetic
  • Lists
  • Surveys
  • Attics
  • Room service
  • Sleeping with the window open
  • Breezes
  • Gardening
  • Gearhart
  • Napping
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Cary Grant
  • Pink and orange
  • Squirrels
  • Personalized stationery
  • Going out to breakfast
  • 4-year-olds
  • Finding the perfect gift
  • Real mail, in an actual mailbox
  • Family history
  • Diet Coke (not Pepsi, not Diet Rite, Diet COKE)
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Lighting a summer party with candles
  • A good workout (I mean, I have heard this is a happy making thing)
  • Going to the movies
  • Going for a walk at night
  • Eavesdropping at restaurants (right? it’s not just me? it is just me?)
  • My girls


  • Colgate University
  • Old houses
  • The Dick van Dyke show
  • Looney Tunes cartoons
  • Getting a facial/pedicure/massage
  • Helping
  • The Partridge Family and The Brady Bunch
  • Golf
  • Grinning
  • New York City
  • Museums
  • Post Cards
  • Seeing a play
  • Framing a favorite photo
  • 1963
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Cheese
  • “A Christmas Story”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Scrooged”, “Christmas Vacation”, “Home Alone”
  • “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

What makes you happy? Please let me know and we will make a huge list of happy things!


48 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Beautiful list, you covered a lot of mine. I’ll add fresh fruit, wine in the evening on the back porch, my dad’s hugs, holding hands with someone I love and new shoes.

  2. Hearing a baby laugh, a new pen, feeling the pages of a hand-made journal, feeling the textures of fabric and being amazed by their colours and design, feeling a storm building and the temperature drop after one of our oppressive summer days, walking into an art shop/bookshop without any time limits, driving in the country and watching our beautiful landscapes go by, reading your wonderful words.

    And here’s the surprising one Maggie, you know that delightful guy in the video above singing to his iPod – don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I go walking, very early in the morning before sunrise, and I do a very good impression of that guy, but I dance and sing down the middle of the empty streets 😯 (Bet you didn’t expect that 😆 )

    Thanks Mags, a good distraction today. Hope your day is happy ♡

  3. Eavesdropping at restaurants (right? it’s not just me? it is just me?) I’m so glad I’m not alone.

    Don’t forget the movies ‘The Sandlot’ and ‘Jane Eyre’. Oh, and the sound of your children laughing together over something in the other room. Usually, mine are laughing about me, but, that sound makes my heart happy.

  4. Great post. This iPod Dancing Guy certainly made me happy. I’ll add to that of drinking an ice cold beer on a hot summer night, beautiful sunsets, first kisses, holding hands, layng around in sweat all day on a cold and snowy Sunday afternoon, finding money in your pockets of jeans when you go to wash them.

    Love your list!

  5. this made me smile all the way through maggie. Thanks for that! I love David Dixon– he tickles my funny bone everytime. he is brilliant!– not arithmetic( I had to copy and paste this as I cannot spell to save my life) YES NO MATH ever!
    thanks for lifting the funk a dunk..

  6. My list of happy:
    Knowing that you just laughed 🙂
    The beach
    My daughters
    My friends
    My family sometimes even my mother 🙂
    Having a good story to tell
    A really good kiss

    That will do for today! Great post!!!

  7. Awesome list. NOT arithmetic is my fave. hahahahaha.
    1. cotton candy
    2. star trek – old school episodes only
    3. roller blades
    4. smiles
    5. when a stranger and you share a moment
    6. coffee
    7. sarcasam
    8. dilly dallying
    9. reses peanut butter cups
    10. fat puppies
    11. my blankie
    12. giant glasses of cold cold milk
    13. I have a lot of food on my list…
    14. i’ll stop now I could do this all day…I will …in my head….THANK YOU!!!!!

  8. Music, old movies, vintage clothes, family photos, travel, making fancy cocktails, laughing with friends, art museums, makeup, cute animals, warm beverages, cuddling, kissing in the rain, adventures, reading.

  9. And here I thought is was based upon the song “Life in a Northern Town” by the Dream Academy! Hanging in there. How you be, my dear friend? Have you set a date? Wishing you, your girls, Daren and the rest of your family a very happy and healthy 2013. Talk to you soon, Boxcar!

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