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One of my most favorite places in NYC is now Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel. My mom loved the Madeline books “In an old house in Paris, that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines, the smallest one was Madeline.” Or something like that. Mom bought my daughter, Annie, all the books and the videos and a doll and a tea set. The walls of Bemelmans Bar are murals painted by Ludwig Bemelmans, the author of the Madeline books. After Lisa and I visited the Frick Collection, we walked down Park Avenue to Bemelmans. The bar was not crowded Friday afternoon at 4:30 and we found a couple of bar stools smack dab in front of this:

Miss Clavel and the twelve little girls in two straight lines!

My mom would have loved this place. All the walls are covered in Bemelmans fanciful drawings, lampshades are all Bemelmans. Ellis, our darling waiter, took a shining to me. I’m not really clear why but I’m pretty sure that’s what was going on. He told me when his shift was over. Not sure what to do with that information.

Me and Ellis
Me and Ellis. If you click on it, you can see it better.
Ellis reminded me of Alfred in Miracle on 34th St.
Ellis reminded me of Alfred in Miracle on 34th St.

At Bemelmans I got a Kir Royale for $26! That’s a flute of champagne with a splash of creme de cassis for $26. Worth EVERY penny just to sit in the glow of this lovely Upper East Side boite. Manhattan’s Upper East Side has the best dressed, most handsome old people I have ever seen.

Some photos of our walks around the city:

Bryant Park ice rink and Christmas tree. Don't forget, the NICEST public restrooms EVER are in Bryant Park.
Bryant Park ice rink and Christmas tree. Don’t forget, the NICEST public restrooms EVER are in Bryant Park.
Sparkling belt around the Fendi store
Room service dinner in our hipster room, Lisa is playing "Fire and Rain" on our room's acoustic guitar.
Room service dinner in our hipster room. Lisa is off camera playing “Fire and Rain” on our room’s acoustic guitar.
Lisa in front of her favorite jeweler, Cartier
Blurry photo of me in front of News Corporation building. My FoxNews home!
Lisa and her darling sister-in-law, Amy at the Plaza.

I’m mad that I don’t have my camera at work with me today because I don’t have the photo of me and my cousin Tricia and her husband Matt at O’Flaherty’s on Saturday night. What a great surprise to get her text that she was in town. Not surprisingly, O’Flaherty’s is my kinda place!

I believe in Macy’s although my mother detested Macy’s and Cleveland.
Merry Christmas!!!

13 thoughts on “People and Places NYC

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! Yay! You look cute as anything in these pics – happiness in spades.
    I love Madeline. Lily and I were saying just this morning, that’s right, THIS MORNING, that the Madeline books and videos are our favorites. How fun that you went to Bemelman’s Bar… I lived in New York for much of my life and never knew about it? What the heck?
    Glad you had a fantastic time.

    Are you home now?

  2. artyelf

    I am sooo jealous! And the way you just drop into the conversations, casual remarks like,’after we visited the Frick Collection’, or ‘we walked down Park Avenue’!!! I’ll just have to suffice with living vicariously through these amazing, wonderful posts of yours.
    Thankyou for sharing ♡

    1. New York is such a great city. I didn’t fit in on Park Avenue but I did walk on it. I wish your town had a general delivery address and I would send you a book on the Frick, it’s so beautiful. xoxox

  3. First and foremost, I’ve been meaning to hell you – your highlights are great. That hairdresser who gabbed your ear off at least knew what she was doing.

    Glad you stopped by Fox News and not the awful Today Show! Yeah!

    And even New Yorkers, as A Gripping Life said, can’t get to all they want to, or even know all that is in town. You did a fabulous job sightseeing….and reporting to us. I take NYC for granted sometimes as I am there all the time – my sister is there, two of my kids, my nieces….lots of friends…..but Bemelman’s hasn’t occurred to me in years.

    PS:NEXT time you come, stay longer and I’ll meet up with you for a drink. To recognize me, I’ll be the well dressed old person on the Upper East Side! 🙂

  4. A Dog With Fleas

    Loved the pics!! It sure looked like you had a great time. Whenever I go to NY, I always to to have my picture taken infront of Fox News. One of my faves. And Bryant Park is just beautiful in the winter and summer. Glad you had fun! 🙂

  5. Nic

    After reading through your series of NYC posts, I realize what a horrible New Yorker I was when I lived there for 2 years. And also what a horrible NYC-commuter I currently am. I haven’t done most of those things!!!

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