The Highlight of My Highlights

This past Saturday I took Annie to Rite Aid drugstore and spent $14 on a hair color highlights kit. I colored her hair myself. It was the first time I ever did hair color on my own and it looked great! It took a long time to pull her hair through the cap and sometimes I stabbed her in the ear with the little crochet hook/hair grabber thing but all in all, a very successful first time hair highlighting effort.

Today I spent $120 on a foil to have my hair highlighted before I leave for the Big Apple on Thursday. I only get my hair colored two or three times a year so the cost isn’t so bad. You know what was bad? Sitting for two hours listening to my hair stylist prattle on like a moron.

I have a stack of US Weeklys in my lap. SHE should not be talking.

I am looking down and reading a very important article about Taylor Swift and why she is such a bunny boiling loser with men. SHE (the hairdresser, not Taylor Swift, although I don’t want to deal with Taylor either) should not be talking.

I tell her we have a new kitten. SHE tells me she wants a kitten that costs $1000. SHE is an idiot.

I tell her about my trip to NYC. We have both stayed at The Hudson before. I tell her I thought the rooms were extraordinarily small.  SHE tells me her boyfriend was arrested for buying drugs in Washington Square Park.

SHE asks me what I’m doing during my visit to NYC. I tell her I would like to see the 9/11 Memorial and SHE says….
SHE SAYS (she is 43 years old).

SHE SAYS:  “I remember when that happened.”

She remembers when September 11, 2001 happened! Although she wasn’t totally sure on the 2001 part. She also told me that what is really hard for New Yorkers about the two World Trade Center towers imploding and tumbling to the ground after being hit by two 747s full of innocent people and taking 1000s of people down with them is that now people don’t know which direction to look to see the Hudson River.

I know what the look on my face was as she was speaking and now I need Botox.

I told her she needed to hurry up and dry my hair because I needed to get back to work to write a post about how inane her conversation skills are.

A box of $14 hair color is looking really good right now.


25 thoughts on “The Highlight of My Highlights

    • Right?! This isn’t my first time with her and I know she talks a lot but today she was nuts! Almost as soon as I published this post a friend who also goes to her texted me to make sure that’s who I was talking about. My friend has had those days with her, too. Sheesh!

  1. Great post Maggie Pressed my buttons more than somewhat..
    .How to talk to a hairdresser was a skill which baffled me for years… I’d look at other people and they’d all be chatting and giggling away, except the poor soul who drew the short straw and got me… think I’ve got it now… with men I ask them about their veggie garden, with women their children… girls – what they’re doing tonight.
    If only I could actually read those magazines, which I’d never buy for myself anyway!!!

  2. Ugh…..sounds painful!! 🙂 Sometimes you get those yappers, and the unintelligent ones are the worst!! At least I hope after all that you liked how your hair came out!

    • I know!!! I was stunned. I didn’t even point out to her what an incredibly horrific painful memory that day is for New Yorkers. I can’t continue a conversation that starts with someone proudly proclaiming they remember September 11. Who the hell doesn’t???? And um, I am too stupid to even read your post today, or whenever you published that science one 🙂

      • That’s ok. I reread my post, and it definitely isn’t one of my most coherent ones.
        I saw the io9 article linked at the end of it yesterday, and it just kept bouncing off my brain since then.
        So I figured I’d inflict it on everyone else.


  3. Good grief …. really? lol! I started coloring my own hairs about a year and a half ago …. and finally found a nail technician that I actually enjoy spending that hour with! lol! I would much RATHER sit quietly reading that to listen to sheer babble …..

    Babble on! …

  4. I adore my hairdresser and have gone to her for over 25 years. She and I share the same political sensibilities too and she never interrupts when I am in the middle of a GREAT People Magazine article. Lord, when she retires, I am buying a gross of paper bags and will decorate and wear a new one every day!!

    BTW, be thankful you didn’t wait to get your hair streaked in NYC….that $120 would easily be tripled; some salons, it would be quadrupled.

    You missed the snow here today and the forecast for your trip East is clear an sunny. Cold, but that’s ok. Remember to bring and wear a cross-body pocketbook and leave at home any part of your wallet you don’t need. Like the library card and the Target card. Basics only.

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And post a photo of you somewhere in NYC, like the Xmas tree, so we can see you, and of course, the new hair streaks!

    • Will do! My sister used to live in NY and she would come home to have her hair done b/c she couldn’t afford $300 (not including tip) to have her hair done on the UWS.

      I will pack warm clothes and my camera. Get ready!

  5. That was painful to read (even though I had to chuckle at how well you described it). When you pay that much money to relax and have your hair done, listening to the babble of a hairdresser can be exhausting. Have you ever had one make you work when you get a perm? I hate having to hold the papers and hand them up one at a time.

  6. Botox ha ha ha 🙂
    great post
    I stopped going to mine, and starting dying it myself, a while back cos it was taking THREE hours. I can’t read without glasses so I was trapped..
    Hey I hope you manage to find the Hudson 😉

  7. Ahhhh. 9/11. I also remember when that happened. And you know what I found most difficult? Now when I look at photos of New York skyline, I can’t tell where the Twin Towers used to be. So I can totally sympathise.

  8. I stopped seeing a hairdresser because of that inane talking. Asinine more like it. I switched to another hairdresser in the same salon… awkward, until I smartened up and scheduled after hour appointments.
    You probably should have gone home and watched ‘While You Were Sleeping’ that would have made everything right again.

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