It’s the Most Wonderful Night of the Year!

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is my favorite night of the year. No, it wasn’t when I was a kid but since I have been in college, living in Boston, working, etc… This is my favorite night of the year. It is the eve of the holiday season. I can happily start listening to Christmas music on Friday.

My sister, Katie, arrives this morning from Denver. She is spending the night at my house tonight and we will dance and drink and chop things. Katie is a really good cook but by the time the cooking is over, it looks like the kitchen exploded, just threw up all over itself. Cue Derwood, the kitchen cleaning fairy. I mean he’s not a fairy but he magically cleans the kitchen nightly, maybe like a kitchen elf. Lucky for Derwood, he has been sober for more than two years so he can be fully aware of how entertaining Katie and I are when drinking and cooking, throw in Billy Squier’s Christmas Is a Time to Say I Love You and you have got yerself a party. (I just watched that video, that is happy making to any 80s kid who remembers when MTV was actually Music Television.)

A couple of years ago, Katie got herself all super duper excited about hosting Thanksgiving which means she starts menu planning in August. I get emails that say, ” What do you think of this for Thanksgiving?” And I either delete the email or write back that I haven’t thought about what is for dinner that day let alone in three months.

Anyway, Kate got a 22 lb free range turkey named Stan for dinner. And she was all fired up about hosting and cooking and everyone eating her food and she decided the turkey would take something like 6 hours to cook. I wanted to tell her that that seemed a tad long to me but not wanting to step on her cooking toes, I kept my mouth shut. The turkey was ready 2-3 hours before dinner was scheduled to be served.

Ruh roh.

Here comes the greatest Thanksgiving turkey tip ever so get out your pen and paper. Kate called the Butterball hotline (seriously nothing surprises these women and they are lifesavers) and you know what you do if the turkey is ready to early? Tightly wrap the bird in several layers of foil, wrap it in a couple of bath towels and put it in a cooler and leave it there.

This keeps the bird warm but stops the cooking. It was one of the best turkeys ever and Katie and I are planning on doing it this year just to keep the turkey moist. (MOIST, bad word).

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a drunk night!

29 replies to “It’s the Most Wonderful Night of the Year!

  1. Sorry, I haven’t been around much, but I just wanted to say Happy Turkey Day and, of course, Turkey Day Eve, Maggie. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m spending my TDE with my appropriately named bud, Martini Max. I do appreciate your lovely way with words, “… by the time the cooking is over, it looks like the kitchen exploded, just threw up all over itself.”

  2. I’m coming over. Seriously, why does your Thanksgiving sound SOOO amazing?!
    I love the turkey tip and will keep it in mind. Also, how lucky are you to have Derwood to do the worst part?
    Have the best time, Mags!! I know you will 🙂

  3. What fun!!!! I totally drank wine and sent sexy pictures of myself in the kitchen to my Canadian friend who is in China right now…wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving. This said pic involved a spatula. It was much appreciated…hahahahahahahaha. I am oddly excited by the holidays this year as well…you are right about how this night kickjs off the whole season. CHEERS!!!! AND CHEERS TO SISTER KATIE TOO!!!! AND DERWOOD FOR CLEANING!!!!

  4. Last night, N and I drank a bottle of scotch, plotted with my brother and sister how best to irritate my cousin, and made a maple syrup bourbon turkey that we threw on the smoker sometime around 2 a.m. It was glorious.

  5. Our first Thanksgiving as as blended family (kinda like those umbrella drinks with all kinds of different layers) – my “new stepkids” in their 20’s, my brother and sister in law, my daughter and niece (in their 40’s) – a few significant others – and Ms. Lola Bean – my born-on-thanksgiving-last-year Grandniece (or is it great? no, she’s GRAND!)

    My ‘stepdaughter” got me two bottles of chianti for my birthday so I could use the straw-wrapped bottles to melt drippy candles on … so I did! Drank a bottle (ermm..) and then lit the drippy candles my “stepson” brought me yesterday!

    It seems this year the holidays have more joy in them than recent years … how good is that?

    Glad you enjoyed yours with Derwood & Katie!

    Big turkey hugs … Itty Bitty

  6. in my circles, we call this day “amateur night.” one of several nights on which the drinking amateurs go out, get loaded, and are puking by 9:30 because they don’t know how to pace themselves. other amateur nights are st. patty’s day, new years eve, the sundays before memorial day and labor day, and probably one or two more i’m missing.

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