It Was All for Nothing

As the whole world has heard, here in the U.S. we are mourning the end of Hostess and their Twinkies and Ding Dongs. Back in 1968, my brother and I risked life and limb and were caught in the act of a daring Ding Dong heist. I’m sure we paid the price back then. It all seems so senseless now. But we were young and foolish and we knew we couldn’t wait until after dinner for the Ding Dongs.

The Ding Dongs are on the shelf below the Budweiser.

42 thoughts on “It Was All for Nothing

      1. Dear Maggie,
        I wonder who will try to take over and copy? This could be a great blog post. Instead of Twinkys…they could be WINKYS…and have fake little Winky eyes on the packaging. Ho hos could be Hee Hees! …..ok. I’ll stop.

  1. artyelf

    That’s a fantastically sweet cute photo! You were very brave right from the start, and it looks like whoever took the photo could see the funny side of the moment too.

    But hey? I’m the yokel from Oz, what’s a Ding Dong??? The mind boggles 😯 Some type of ice-cream I presume? ♡

  2. Okay, I’m a stupid Brit and didn’t know what Ding Dongs were until I clicked on the link and I would totally risk life, limb and everything in between for one of those. That picture is priceless. I love that your mom had the presence of mind to take it before making you pay the price 🙂 Oh and I love what you’re wearing in the pic – it’s cutielicious

  3. There was a tacky party in the back yard once. That morning saw me at the Hostess thrift store, buying twenty four dollars worth of twinkies, ding dongs, and other stuff. As many chemicals as those critters had in them, they are probably still edible today. As were the ding dongs in this picture. Why would anyone keep that stuff in the fridge? Maybe if you wanted to get the beer and the snacks in one trip to the kitchen.

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