I Can’t Even Think of a Title

That’s how bored I am. There’s going to be a whole mess of crap in here. Please read the Headings of each section and decide what you would like to read so you don’t wind up bored. to. death.

Wednesday’s Post by LeClown

Thank you to Le Clown for his OTB guest post on the Magnificent Ringmistress this past Wednesday. I appreciate the time he and the other bloggers took to do a post for me. When I was Freshly Pressed a couple of weeks ago, my daily stats went through this blog’s roof for three days and then receded to normal levels.  WordPress has a bar graph of the number of hits your blog receives per day and shows 30 days at a time. Since I was FPd there are three days that are really high bars and then a bunch of low bars so it kind of looks like my stats are flipping me off, mocking me. On Wednesday when LeClown posted, my stats went up again so now it looks more like a sort of hang ten bar chart than a flip off bar chart.

If I knew how to get a picture of my stats page in here, I could show you and then you would have a vague idea of what the hell I’m talking about.

Blog Ideas

I’m thinking that I would like to have other bloggers write One Tough Broad posts occasionally. And the OTB doesn’t have to be a blogger, my next one isn’t. The OTB could be a guy, it could be your mom or your sister or your neighbor. I’m also thinking that I would like to write about good things that people do everyday that no one takes note of. When I wrote about my brother’s friend, Brett’s efforts to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, many people wrote that is was too bad that it takes disasters to bring out the best in people. I don’t agree with that. I think it takes disasters for good deeds to be publicized so I’d like to recognize good deeds without a disaster framework.

Back to the Boredom

You know why I am bored? It’s my job. I come to my job everyday and make an acceptable salary and I have health coverage including dental and vision, so I can guarantee you I ain’t walking away from this gig. The big BUT is I don’t do much. I have days where I am editing reports on exceedance probability on river reaches. I do some expense reports. Answer the phone. Every quarter I write a newsletter (not on who had a baby last summer but project/industry news). I go to Target and buy coffee and sticky notes.

I have a B.A. from Colgate University not that that makes me a brain trust, it just means I am really bored. And the worst part is that I could be home getting shit done! Or out making an ass of myself so that I would have good stories to blog about but nope, five days a week I sit here and read the interwebs, read and write blogs, play Friends with Words, pin things on Pinterest (more on THAT later).  My lack of interaction with others is boring me and thus, boring you my legion of readers.

The Funny File

That New Yorker cartoon above is from my funny file; old New Yorker, Far Side cartoons stuff like that that I have saved and look at when I need a laugh. Since I have been working here, I have acquired an original for the funny file. Last Christmas, a woman I work with who is from Italy made some treats for the office. She left them on the front desk, which is also my desk, in a Tupperware container. I took them out and put them on a plate so that people would know the treats were available for consumption. D didn’t like this because the treats would dry out and I said that people wouldn’t know they should open up a Tupperware container and see what’s inside because they might like it.

Sooooo, D put them back in the Tupperware and put a note on it and I have saved that sticky note and I happen upon it occasionally and laugh out loud. The sticky note says,


HAHAHAHAHAHA I laugh out loud every damn time.

I’m Getting Married

I could plan my wedding which is now set for sometime in June. I discovered Pinterest and started pinning things on there. I have a file for wedding dress, invitations, decor, food, honeymoon. I couldn’t think of any other wedding things so I moved on to redoing the bedroom. Here’s the thing, apparently pinning things on Pinterest does not equate to them actually happening so I’m stymied there.


I made this sandwich for lunch. Doesn’t it look good?!

Arugula, swiss, prosciutto on multi-grain baguette.

Oh my gawd, what have I done to you my readers? I just posted a photo of my lunch. Something has to give. Derwood moves in this weekend so I will go through his stuff and decide what gets given to charity. It will give me the opportunity to discuss why the nightstand he found on Craigslist is not going to work.  I have to pick up Annie and her friends from the football game tonight. Oh yeah, Brigid has an eye doctor appointment today.

I’m sorry, I really am. I don’t know what has happened to me. Maybe I was never that entertaining. Perhaps I am not only fat but boring. I can’t think of a blog title and I can’t think of a conclusion either.

This is what happiness has done to me. I’m boring. Perfectly content and boring. Derwood, don’t get offended. That’s it. I have nothing else. I brought leftover salad for lunch, too. I love leftover tossed salads, that’swhatshesaid.

I know I need to stop this. I don’t know how. There must be a blogging cliff I can jump off that will make this post stop.

The End.

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56 thoughts on “I Can’t Even Think of a Title

  1. Cheryl Hansen says:

    I am so bored at work that I found your blog wildly entertaining…….

  2. aallegoric says:

    You are not boring!!! And I think your sandwich looks awesome. Hope that helps to know 😉 xoxo

  3. I will never be bored reading your posts. It makes me feel like I’m pulling up to the bar and drinking a beer with you…Great idea about OTB blogging! Congrats and all with the wedding and Derwood!!! YAY!!!! I opt for boring any day of the week sister…I hear ya. But I do have a hot date tonight – the joys of being jobless and homeless…I CAN DO WHAT I WANT I RUN WITH 12 GANGS BITCH!

  4. To do a screen shot of your stats, hit the print screen button on your keyboard…then open any graphics program like photoshop or microsoft paint. Go to edit and select “paste”. Then save. Ta da!

  5. badfads says:

    You are not boring, and your lunch looks delicious.

    I work in bridal so it must be asked–what does your gown look like??

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog and never find it boring. That kinda worries me now that you have explained how I should not feel that way! ha

  7. I actually love posts like this because I find the mundane things and ramblings reveal more about the blogger than any clever piece of writing could. You Maggie, are uber lovable, very funny and so relatable.

    Let’s talk Pinterest. Go to my blog and hit the word Pinterest on the left side, it will take you to my boards. Obviously I’d like to direct you to my Weddings and Party board. Please feel free to partake of all my gorgeous pins. I’d love to follow you, too. I think if you look at someone’s boards you can also tell a lot about them. Agree?

    You’re sandwich made me hungry. It doesn’t take much for me to get triggered. LOL!

  8. ericajolo says:

    I can totally relate to “Back to the Boredom”. I know EXACTLY how you feel…and I’m not just saying that. I think we may have had the same job.

  9. unfetteredbs says:

    ok so I love this post because you are normal just like the rest of us. You made me feel good that I trudge off to work every day just like you for that almighty paycheck. ( I do usually love my job but lately it has been quite stressful) And your lunch looked so much better than my pb&j. I generally make the same lunch I make my daughter– how lazy is that? the highlight of my day was breakfast out with my friend before work. So carry on… Ps I just started pinterest.. it is quite addictive although I am very boring(boy I am rambling)

  10. Burt says:

    No offense taken, I’m bored, too! I’ve been stripped of my nightstand shopping 🙂

  11. El Guapo says:

    Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and shoot the breeze in a blog instead of solving all the worlds’ problems.

    And I think you are the only person on earth using pinterest productively.

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Thanks Guap! And you are right, every blog doesn’t need to win the Blogitzer and I don’t have room for any more anyway. Seriously that is very good advice, sometimes blogging is just chatting. Your comment made me feel good about this post.

  12. if you went to Colgate – you are a brain – and brains are not boring

  13. [insert standard “For a post about being bored, this was interesting!” comment]

    I would enjoy writing an OTB post!

    And you have my sympathies about the job dislike. I suspect you have the sympathies of most people on that one. It’s disheartening and demoralizing when you have a job that doesn’t get your neurons firing. I totally hear this.

    I’m learning now that blogging life has peaks and valleys, and that both are okay. It’s okay! Honest!

    • Maggie O'C says:

      i will send you an invite for an OTB post. I’m really pushing to get going with something that requires my neurons firing or at least loading them. xo Again, so glad you are back!

  14. Margarita says:

    I agree with you, Maggie, that ordinary people are doing extraordinary things every day and we don’t take note of them. Good for you for noticing! Go notice some more – it’ll get rid of the boredom! 😉 xoxoM

  15. Le Clown says:

    I like bugs.
    Le Clown

  16. Personally I like boring. It means my life isn’t big stressful mess when it is boring. I used to be a drama queen (still a bit of one) now I enjoy the quiet periods in my life. I use them to catch up on my sleep because I know life is just waiting to throw me a curveball and then I’ll be begging for boring.

  17. Katelyn says:

    Desk jobs feed off souls. I work at a newspaper and have found that overtime my desk has warped my outlook on life.
    “There’s just been a major crash on the highway, it looks pretty crazy.”
    “Meh, I’ll look into it right after I finish perusing curly hair tips on Pinterest dude.”

  18. I can think up a blog title for this, if you like. ‘Stuff and things.’ It makes it sound cutesy and intriguing. “Oo, I love stuff and things, I think I’ll read this post.” You see? I can’t do anything about the crap you’ve filled your post with. But I can help with the title. (I joke, you are my blogging hero. Honest.)

  19. Sandwich looks great, I totally get the lack of inspiration for blogging sometimes! Quite often I’ll just sit there and leave it because I’ve done literally zilch all day. I’m trying to find myself a job that means I won’t have to sit behind a desk all day because I’ll end up just as bored as you are, and that’s not cool!

  20. Storkhunter says:

    Somehow you make boring interesting. That’s something to boast about right there. BTW I want your sandwich

  21. I completely understand you about the job situation. I couldn’t get excited about my job if strippers showed up, and a big band was playing in my office every day. Even worse, now I work from home so I just hear the humming of my fridge all day.

  22. The Hook says:

    Great post – “non-title” and all!

  23. sticklebrics says:

    He he he! You make me smile! And I could just eat that sandwich now. “Open Me and Eat Me” ha ha ha…i feel a tattoo coming on 😉

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