This is a post from back in January because I think some people call Thursday “Reblog Thursday” and that is what I am calling Thursday today.

Misc. Maggie

I have had abdominal surgery three times in my life.  The first two times were to have babies surgically removed.

In January 2009, I had my the third abdominal surgery, which was to correct the damage done from the first two. I had a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck was by far the worst of the three surgeries. I’m very glad I had the “procedure” but the recovery was a bitch. The problems began almost immediately in post-op. I began throwing up due to a bad reaction (a good reaction most likely would not have included vomit) to the anesthesia. Throwing up just after being sawed in half like a magician’s assistant is the only time I have felt justified in my concern about whether or not I was going to lose my guts in a personal explosion. The nurses or medical assistants or whatever they are called now, acted…

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