31 thoughts on “I Am So Tired

  1. artyelf

    THANKYOU Maggie, thanks.
    This is f***ing brilliant!! 😀 😀 😀
    ‘Come on Maggie, let’s do the twist!’
    Isn’t it incredibly a few dance steps can take you way back? I’m going to bookmark this clip, turn it up loud and DANCE – not as good at as this guy, but I’ll have some fun 😉
    Perfect, thanks for sharing it. ♡

  2. HA! As someone who just wrote a political post, I appreciate this. I’m at the same point you are. I think we’ve all been inundated, especially in the last few weeks.

    One of my favorite videos ever.

    1. I had never seen it before. And I just wrote on your post. I went for a walk (did you see me? I have on a green sweatshirt? That was me.) and was thinking about what you wrote which was really good and thought provoking.

      1. Saw your question (but not you!) and responded. Thanks for the question. I think it’s legitimate, and I’m interested to see how the government handles it when they push for public healthcare. I can see both sides.

  3. A gripping life

    Oh my gosh!! I LOVE this!!! I could watch him dance forever, so entertaining. When he did the Brady Bunch dance I Lol’d! You’re not kidding about needing a break from politics- I wish it was Wednesday, already.
    Hope you had a great weekend, Mags!

  4. N and I have taken to watching DVDs and Netflix instead of tv and hulu, since the latter seems to know were are in a Battleground State. It’s so irritating to get told to go vote every seven minutes, particularly when we both already did so.

    1. I’m going to watch The Puffy Chair starring my love from The Season. My vote doesn’t count in Oregon but I thank my lucky stars I’m not in a swing state. My sister is in Colorado and it is making her insane.

  5. Same! I’m sooo tired of this. I saw a video of a little girl crying about how she’s tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney. Hahh
    This video is perfect.

  6. Love the Evolution of Dance video! I am sick or the election things, too. It makes it worse because I live in Ohio and it is all about ads, calls and more. Ugh. Ready for Wednesday to come!

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