OH Good Lord!

I forgot Love, Actually. For the opening scene alone.

Carry on.


23 thoughts on “OH Good Lord!

  1. I love that one, too. Actually. Ha ha.

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    haven’t seen this one either. I am not much of a movie person I guess. Hate that mushy romancy stuff haaaa or anything sappy and emotional. Laughing at myself now.

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Hahahaha. I also love Saving Private Ryan, Patton, and the Great Escape. Dirty Harry?

      • unfetteredbs says:

        oooh me loves Clint 🙂 Saving Private Ryan no.. Tom Hanks Blahhhh
        Dirty Dozen–
        Indian Jones–
        Lethal Weapon
        Jurassic Park– only cause that was the last time I was actually in a movie theater. 1992 haa
        Back to the Future
        Big Chevy Chase fan– like you
        Ground Hog Day
        Money Pit — I do like Hanks in this one
        The Fighter..
        ok I’ll Stop
        I do like corny movies though like Doris Day stuff

  3. Brigitte says:

    Good grief…that’s one of my all-time FAVORITE movies. And the soundtrack — got it and it’s great.

  4. OMGOSH…that is one of the only ‘girl’ movies I absolutely LOVE. Good call!! ‘Sliding Doors’ is another one…My all time fave tho, when life is falling apart…I put in Fight Club. ‘ On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.’ (And Brad PItt is effing RIPPED.)

  5. Now you’re talking… Love Actually and while I’m here I’ll confess that I saw Gone With the Wind eleven times – at the cinema…And a few months ago I saw a French film ‘The Well-Diggers Daughter’ four times…
    You can read all about it as newsboys used to say – in my blog Passion in Provence!

  6. El Guapo says:

    Great flick!
    And because someone reminded me of it, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

  7. I normally don’t like romance-y movies, but this one I LOVE.

  8. love love love the opening scene and the rest of the movie for that matter

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