The Latest OTB (One Tough Broad)

I have decided to have a weekly (I hope) One Tough Broad post. And sometimes the broads will be guys but you’ll know what I mean.

Being Freshly Pressed is terrific. It is so good of WordPress to acknowledge bloggers and through Freshly Pressing, send the FPd blogger more traffic. It is a lot of traffic and a lot of commenting and thanking people but well worth it. I got 100 new followers with my Fresh Pressing. It takes a long time to reply to all the comments and visit new blogs.

I received a comment from a blog called: Isawbobdylaninaspeedo. OK, well that gets clicked on IMMEDIATELY! What the hell can that be about?!

And there I discovered my latest OTB!

Judy from isawbobdylaninaspeedo is one tough broad. Not because she saw Mr. Dylan wearing only a shred of nylon, but because she is a mom fighting for her daughter’s recovery and to establish a life of her own at the ripe old age of 46.

Judy and I have commiserated about how tough parenting is, how tough caring for and watching teenage girls get through those years is. It was so much easier when they were little and the fights were over what color socks to wear and yes, you have to try some tomatoes. Now they are grown and beautiful and soaring and suffering.

Ms. Speedo has led a colorful life aside from seeing Bob in the Speedo, she spent a year or so on tour with Dire Straits….there’s a book right there. And according to today’s blog, she was also on a tour with the Pretenders. Just two of my most fave groups ever. She was the wild child and now is the grown-up helping her daughter battle an eating disorder, go through intensive therapy and hopefully emerge on the other side at 18, ready to take on life again. Judy’s daughter is being treated at Children’s Hospital Colorado Eating Disorder Program (shout out to people doing good work). To do this Judy, left her comfort zone with not much more than the shirt on her back and is relying on the kindness of friends and strangers in Denver to get her through till she is self-supporting.

One Tough Broad this one is and funnier than hell. Please visit her blog! She has been writing for less than a month but each post is one to read and re-read, first laugh, then cry, nod because you know what she’s going through or know that but for the grace of God, you would be her. Her blog is original and funny and sad but always real; and we, her readers, are the beneficiaries. She is putting it out there for everyone to read, she’s not hiding a thing. Go see her, say Hi, offer her your support. She can use it and you will be glad you read this fresh WordPress voice! She is stripped down to the essentials, in her life and in her writing, and she is really good.

No matter what life hands you, always remember how much fun it is to jump on a bed.

I am so happy to have been on this site for almost the past year. It is important to encourage other writers, point them out to your community. I remember getting support when I first started here, I’m looking at you Harper Faulkner and my beloved Simon.

That’s it. Nope, that’s all. Go read Isawbobdylaninaspeedo!!!

48 thoughts on “The Latest OTB (One Tough Broad)

  1. Le Clown

    I just discovered Speedo not too long ago… (yep, that is how Le Clown has baptized her). I’m a fan. She is wicked. Good choice.
    Le magnificent™ Clown

  2. omg Maggie!!! YOU rock. (I’m crying) Thanks so much, and hopefully, if all I do here is reach out so others can reach IN – I have done my job well. Thank you for the push and keep bloggin and promoting…as I will too!!! THANK YOU!!

  3. Thanks, Maggie for pointing out how marvelous Judy is. Talk about guts and glory!!! She is the queen of take this cold, cruel world and make it work! And yes, she is One Tough Broad. She is also my sweet niece and I love her to death. I’ve told her for years that she is one of the finest, funniest writers I’ve ever read and now you are validating that…Thank you so much-she needs that big pat on the back and yes, she has always been a survivor and she always will be. I love her but I guess I already said that:O)

  4. Am I completely out of the loop? When did you get F-pressed? Congratulations, Miss Maggie. That’s fantastic!
    I’ll check out Isawbobdylaninaspeedo asap. She sounds like a cool cat and with a recommend from you, I’d say it’s a done deal.
    Hope you’re well!!

  5. artyelf

    You’re a good woman Maggie. Maybe I should start a weekly review – A Good Woman – you would be one blogger at the top of the list.
    Love to you ♡

  6. Nic

    It is so hard to discover funny new bloggers worth reading, I’d pretty much resigned to reading just yours and a handful others… but now I’m so glad you’re sharing the wealth! Loving this OTB!

  7. Can’t think why I didn’t see you had been Freshly Pressed.. I thought I never missed you.
    Congratulations what an achievement !

    And yes, I hopped over to read Speedo of course – apart from the story, loved the writing…thank you for pointing us there!

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