One Tough Broad

I like the word “Broad” and its connotations. One Tough Broad, to me, is one of the highest compliments a woman can receive. Joan Rivers, Suzanne Pleshette and one of my all time faves, Elizabeth Taylor… all Broads. I remember when Joan Rivers’ husband killed himself and she hit the road working. My mother always admired her for that; her husband bailed and left her with a little girl and an assload of debt and she shook it off and went to work.

I don’t know that I have attained “Broad” status but I will always work toward it. Broads are tough mothers, passionate partners. Broads live out loud in living color. Work hard, play hard. Drink, smoke, swear. No apologies. And if you are ever in trouble, you want a Broad on your side. Broads get things done. Broads have huge hearts, big brains, beautiful shoulders to cry on. But they aren’t going to let you cry for long. Get it out and get on with it.

Broads are hot.

I know a Blogger Broad and you all should meet her. She goes by The White Trash Gourmet. Have you read her? Do you follow her? You should!

Why The White Trash Gourmet? In Kim’s own words:

I can survive outdoors, catch clean and cook a fish, and I specifically sought out a Waffle House when I traveled to Ohio. Oh, and I was raised a Baptist. I’m a little edgy, I curse like a sailor and on occasion I have a wee too much to drink. As a kid one of my favorite snacks was left over rice with sour cream and Lawry’s salt. I’m terribly messy.

She is wickedly and unabashedly funny and foul-mouthed, self-deprecating, self-aware, and one tough Broad. She’s a writer and a cook, go look at the Gallery on her page. Doesn’t it make you want to gnaw on your computer screen? I did and my boss walked by, but he knows enough to leave me alone when I’m gnawing.

TWTG is a single gal, working, supporting her three kids. She has a good relationship with her ex. She’s good people. And she will stop at nothing to entertain us, her readers. She is enterprising, go see her stuff on Zazzle!

And you can buy TWTG mugs and aprons, go look!

I’m lucky enough to be her friend on Facebook and a couple of months ago, I read this update and liked it, loved it, told her I loved…..wanna party with this Broad!

“You know you had too much fun when you flirt with the Carlsbad PD while flagging down a cab to drive you thru Carl’s Jr.”

Sure I’m twisted in various ways but that really cracks me up and I’m just pissed I haven’t done it myself.

The White Trash Gourmet is a Broad you can count on. Go check her out and learn to do things with bacon you never thought possible.

TWTG at 14.

As Kim the Broad would say, “That’s why I’m so awesome: because I’m awesome.”

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44 thoughts on “One Tough Broad

  1. Le Clown says:

    What a great blogger to profile. I agree with you, Kim’s tough, witty, funny, and I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. This is a great post!
    Le Clown

  2. Maggie you are a doll. Thank you.

  3. La La says:

    She seems like a wicked awesome broad. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

  4. A gripping life says:

    I like your definition of what it is to be a Broad. I always loved Suzanne Pleshette’s deep voice. I’ll check out TWTG. She sounds like fun. Thanks!

  5. shesjewcy says:

    This is awesome, the term broad needs to be used more often!

  6. Reblogged this on The White Trash Gourmet and commented:
    Seems support comes in more than just 36DD. Thanks Maggie. Love you long time!

  7. Fish Out of Water says:

    Very funny broads, both of you.

  8. sharechair says:

    Looking forward to “meeting” her!

  9. Reblogged this on Life…in Just a Moment and commented:
    True, human grit can be really neat sometimes. I find these Broads engaging and entertaining to read.

  10. rich says:

    “ladies” are boring. broads are fun. i like a woman who could – if motivated – kick my ass.

  11. Wonderful!! Thank you for this! For your words on Broads and for WTG link!! Will share all over the damn place!! Thanks ladi….I mean BROADS!!

  12. Am I a broad? Can I be one? Me! Me! Pick me!

  13. New life goal: to be one tough broad. Or at least a broad in some degree of resilience… 🙂

  14. Love reading blogs you recommend. This one is no exception. Broads Rule!!

  15. BurtR says:

    Love tough broads!They’re the best. Especially mine!

  16. took your advice and am now a follower – you would not steer me wrong – good post–I am a broad at heart but no one would know it to look at me

  17. El Guapo says:

    With a write-up like that, how can I not check her out?

  18. harperfaulkner says:

    Nice, Maggie, nice. Good writing while making a good recommendation. Skillful. HF

  19. […] have decided to have a weekly (I hope) One Tough Broad post. And sometimes the broads will be guys but you’ll know what I […]

  20. Brigitte says:

    Mags, what’s that expression? Polite women don’t make history. I agree with the broad thing and I’ve heard of White Trash Gourmet on other blogs. I must visit and thanks for the new blogger for us to visit and explore. You a great broad and I mean that with the ultimate respect. ;).

  21. Joe says:

    Hey WTK …

    how are ya? Just saying hi Joe in Newport : )

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