In honor of my children going to see The Biebs last night, I offer this repost.

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Girls have been having crushes on singers forever. Probably back in Elizabethan times, girls-in-waiting were swooning over those guys in tights who play the little round ukelele looking things, throwing their pantaloons on the stage.

I loved Frank Sinatra, I still love Frank Sinatra. I discovered Frank when I was around 15 and saw “Young at Heart” on the late movie, before there was cable.  Frank was 65 when I found him but I still thought he was the coolest thing ever.

Always keep in mind that I seldom research the facts of my assertions.

I believe Frank was one of the very first teen idols. I believe the word Bobbysoxers was coined to describe the mobs of teenage girls that followed him around back in the 1940s. As we all know and must accept, Frank was the greatest ever. He was also an accomplished actor (3 Oscars). It’s Sinatra’s…

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  1. I don’t wish to cause a local riot but Byron Beck, celebrity and gossiper extraordinaire, reports on his blog that Justin Bieber was seen shopping at Adidas in N. PDX this week………YIKE.

  2. Kathleen says:

    In 2011 Justin Bieber earned about 55 million dollars (give or take)

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