Big F Little f, What Begins with F?

Fat Fun Friday….F  f  F!

Have you ever read Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s? I loved that book when I was a kid and now my kids have gone through it and I think I have given it to my nephew.

Four fuzzy feathers on a fiffer feffer fef. I think.

Pre Friday Fantasy

Last night I had such a great entry into Friday. A personal dream came true. A dream that many bloggers never dare to dream but I have now lived the dream. Le Clown called me on my personal cellular telephone.

No, sit down. Get a drink of water and relax. What I have just written is true. It’s all true!

Le Clown.

Telephoned Maggie.

And we spoke to each other.

I have heard the dulcet tones, the wisp of an accent, the way the words “fuck that” roll off his tongue like curse words from a French Canadian blogger or honey off a duck’s back.

Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. So happy Friday to me!

Funny story.

Last night my dog, Mudd (135 pounds of love) wanted to get up on the bed and sleep with me which he does on a fairly regular basis. When Mudd wants to get up, he will stand at the foot of the bed wagging his tail until I slap the mattress and say, “C’mon!” And he jumps up and settles in and we’re done. Sadly Mudd couldn’t get up on the bed last night because his place was being taken up by Sugar, the cat (8 pounds of “you can’t scratch this”). I had turned my light out but I could hear him walking around the bed whining but not daring to disturb Sugar. I didn’t say “c’mon!”. I decided to let the two of them work it out. I could work at the U.N.

Mudd and Sugar

Mudd continues pacing but the cat won’t move. So then he pulls his move to really show us. He sighs loudly and walks out of the room as if to say, “oh fine, I will go alone out to the living room and sleep on my dog bed ALONE.” But, he doesn’t actually go down the hall. He goes through all the motions but just stands in the hall outside my door for a minute or so waiting for me to plead for him to come back, which doesn’t happen.  Finally, he comes back in the room, sighs heavily again and flops down on the floor. He showed us!

Funny File

I have funny files. I have stacks of old page-a-day calendar pages that I keep at work to amuse myself. Example:

Far Side, forever funny.

I have cards and comic strips and photos at home that make me laugh. I have files in my email of funny things.  “Sometimes I just think funny things!” (what movie?)

I JUST figured out how to put video on my blog!!! I’m funny but slow. Watch this! It is hilarious and reminds me of LaLa.

Have a fabulous and funny Friday and a wonderful weekend!

28 replies to “Big F Little f, What Begins with F?

  1. ARTHUR!!! Love that movie!

    Mudd reminds me of my Truman who’s been gone (he died, he didn’t runaway) for 3 years now. I miss him terribly and would do anything to have him up on the bed with me again. I had the same scenario going with our cat Cozy. They would compete for the best spot which obviously was as close to me as they could get. Cozy always won. I miss my guys : (

    Nothing is better than Dr. Seuss, not even a phone call from Le Clown. That’s right. I just said that.

  2. Happy Friday Maggie! This was a funny post and that video — hilarious. Congrats on your phone call — it sounds as if you are thrilled you spoke with Mr. Le Clown! Funny, I never pictured him with an accent…more of a guttural, rich baritone with honk, honk in the background. Have a great weekend!

  3. Holy cow, a call from Le Clown??? How much did he insist that you pay him to call you? It’s good that you gave him the opportunity to talk to a good Amurican. Those Canadian accents must get monotonous after a while.

    I love Mudd and Sugar. I would enjoy hanging out with them.

    Also, FAR SIDE!!!! Why oh why did Gary Larson ever stop doing those???

    1. It’s a bit of a French accent and I’m sending him a Romney t-shirt. Everyone loves Mudd. He’s like a pony that wants you to pet him. I gotta go watch the video again.
      I miss the Far Side and Calvin.

  4. I love Mudd. Mudd’s my type of people. I was watching that video and thinking how that’s what my makeup looks like in the morning and I’m not even drunk. I must be doing something wrong. Please tell me Le Clown sounds like Julia Child!

  5. Wow, re Le Clown! I’ve read a few of his posts here & there, & comments. A personal dream come true is an AWESOME way to start the weekend, so good for you 🙂

    Love the drunk makeup tute. Excellent!

  6. I’ve come to confess. I’m a Le Clown virgin. So I went to see what all the excitement is about and wow, you aren’t kidding. He’s magically insanely delicious. No wonder, no wonder, no wonder you are breathing heavily knowing he ca-ca-called.

    BTW, your Mudd story had me at C’mon! 🙂

  7. Maggie,
    My wife tells me: Have you read Maggie’s post? She bragged about talking to you on the phone… And I’m like: Goddamn fucking shit, from all the post I miss of hers, it must be one about me… My ego will never forgive me…

    I talk to Le Clown each day. I even sleep with him. He snores and he steals all of the blankets…
    It was great talking to you, Maggie. You don’t even have an American accent; you didn’t sound stupid at all.
    Le Clown

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