What Can I Doooo???

I couldn’t think of anything to write yesterday.

In a few months, I will turn 48 which is two years away from 50. I went to a good university so I can do math just like that, in my head…Bam! 48 + 2 = 50.  Yeah, I did that.

I looked on-line for lists of things you or I should do before we turn 50 but they didn’t appeal to me.  I decided to look at lists of what people should do before they are 20 or 21. I would think that I would have better luck with those sorts of lists because I turned 20 and 21 successfully and successively….whoahahahoh! See what I did there?! Once again, Colgate University, thank you very much!

Here’s a list of things to do before you turn 20 which I found on the Huffingtonpost.com

  • Epic kiss – Check, but kissing me is Epic so that’s an easy one.
  • Road trip – I have a really disturbing funny road trip story from college which I will tell when my kids are out of college and cannot be influenced by my youthful behavior.
  • Try a food you can’t pronounce – I doubt I did that by 20 or 21 but I regularly eat Bippity Boppity Boop, which Koreans call Bim Bum Bap and I can’t pronounce that correctly. Just noticing…what is it with me and the Koreans?
  • Record a cover of your favorite song and post it on YouTube – There was no YouTube then. I work with a girl who when I told her my first job out of college was before there was internet, responded, “Oh you mean like AOL, like dial-up?” No, no interwebs at all of any kind. So I couldn’t record my favorite song and post it on YouTube. You’re welcome.
  • Go skinny dipping – Yep, I believe it was in a pond on the Babson College campus. Laurie, help me out here.
  • Participate in a flash mob – wha? No. No Interwebs. No Flash mobs.
  • Fall in love and get your heart broken – uh, yeah. I was an absolute pro at that. I was the Liz Taylor of falling in love but not getting married and not getting rich while doing it.
  • Sleep under the stars for one night – Check. But Elvis died that weekend so I never did it again.
  • Pull a fun all-nighter – Does DKE till Dawn count?
  • Go electronics free for 24 hours – 24 hours?! Pshaw! I went for years! Decades!!
  • Vote — I miss going to vote. Oregon is entirely vote by mail which isn’t as much fun. I’d like a hanging chad or two. And seriously, vote. We are free to vote. Don’t insult those in countries who aren’t allowed to vote by not taking part in this privilege.
  • Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger – I try but they start crying and run back to their parents.
  • Get a passport and take it somewhere — I need a new passport.
  • Learn to play a song on an instrument — I’ll just sing and Kitty will play back up on the recorder.
  • Get a job. Any job.  Be prepared!!! This is what the article wrote after this To Do before you are 21. I didn’t write this.   “Even if you can’t stand your summer job at the mall, the experience of having responsibility to an employer and making your own money is an essential part of the passage to adulthood. For better or for worse, your first job is something you’ll never forget — so don’t wait until you’re out of college to get one.”  Are you shitting me??? This is what is wrong with our society today. Even if you don’t like your summer job at the mall. If you don’t like it tough shit, work! Learn to work! Where are your parents?! Get a job! And I know this economy isn’t made for that but babysit, mow lawns, caddy, paint fences, I’ll give you something to do for $10/hour.
  • Write a love letter to yourself and open it 10 years later. — I don’t know about the love letter part but maybe just a letter. This is part of the need to give yourself self-esteem. Go earn your self-esteem. Get a job and get off my lawn!
  • Learn to have a basic conversation in a foreign language –or at least how to order beer.
  • Dance in the rain.  – uh, ok.
  • Go to movie or dinner by yourself. — I love going to the movies alone. That dining part is just crazy talk and I won’t have it. Please read here and here for more information on my one-woman crusade against dining alone.
  • Learn to cook your favorite meal — This is solid advice.

The following list came up from a Google search and it was written years ago by a 13-year-old girl, I can’t find her name or a website or anything but I love it.

  • Go sky-diving off of an airplane with my best friend
  • Become a star in at least one Broadway musical or play (I love musicals…ahh…)
  • Go on a safari in the African plains
  • Fall in (true) love at least once
  • Be in a garage band…heheh
  • Have one of my horror novels published
  • Try calamari and sushi
  • See the sun set in California
  • Visit Tokyo, in Japan (How cute is that? As opposed to Tokyo, Oklahoma!)
  • Sleep under the stars on a beach
  • Go white water rafting
  • and…this one is complete; accept myself for who I am. I’ve finally done that, since my ED recovery, and I’m very happy about it. During my ED I was not intersted in anything but food, but now I’m interested in writing potery and my novels, movies, film-making, and most importantly – enjoying life and living to the fullest. I want to make the most of my life, and I think now I’ll finally be able to start.

I hope she still accepts herself for who she is and has checked a few of these off her to do list.

44 thoughts on “What Can I Doooo???

  1. Maggie, wow — you’ve got some new followers! Congrats! That “not featured on freshly-pressed seems to be working quite well for you! I’ve done many of those things on those lists and seriously 50 is not that bad. Quite wonderful, in fact so 48 should be a walk in the park. Especially for you. ;). xxoo

    1. Thanks B! Are you still digging out from your 2nd FPing!!?? You deserve it, you are a writer and a really good one. I was talking to that coworker yesterday about her turning 30 and I promised her the best is yet to come! I find that to be true every single day.

          1. O! Erm. I just…. O… There goes my phone… “What’s that, Mum? … I’ve got to come home now right away, there’s been an emergency with Auntie Jean?…. o, ok.” Sorry. I have to go…..

  2. Aww… I love this post. I feel like I was 48 for 4 years. Seriously. I’m one of those people who forgets how old they are and has to ask family members. I must have said I was 48 starting at like, 44? Each year I’d tell people I was 48 and so when I actually turned 48 I was like, what the heck kind of twilight zone am I stuck in? (I think I must have a touch of Alzheimer’s.)
    I was going to say, if you didn’t, what’s up with you and Korea? hah! Glad you caught that.
    This is actually a great list to give your daughters. It’s full of good advice like, get a job and go vote. I didn’t realize Oregon has a mail in system. What’s up with that? Seems a little shady, if you ask me.

    1. It’s actually one thing in Oregon that works really well. We are the first state in the country to do it and many have modeled systems after ours. Better turnout, better accuracy, blah blah blah. But I miss going to church halls or school gyms to vote.

      1. Okay. As long as it works well and you like it, then I’ll get behind it. Yeah, I vote in an elementary school. The traffic is always insane. It’s a bit of a hassle, now that I think about it.
        Hanging chads made me laugh!

  3. Kim

    DKE til Dawn totally counts. I’m pretty sure there is at least one Saturday night of Spring Party that went until dawn. You’re covered on this one!

  4. Anonymous

    Does the road trip story involve a certain “Mamma Leone”? Cuz that was certainly a fun trip – especially for you and Laurie 🙂

  5. I renewed my driver’s license when I turned 50. If you renew yours, take my advice, don’t point out to the sour person taking your picture, “If 50’s the new 40, and 40’s the new 30, can we shave 20 years off my birth date?” For five more years I have to look like a carp with a fungal infection crossbred with an antelope. Maggie, don’t go there — and savor these last two years in your forties.

    1. Stop it! hahahaha I am savoring but I am going to have to get a new license b/c of my name change (divorce and I’m never changing it again). And the current photo makes me look like I’m all forehead.

  6. artyelf

    Wow! You’re only one year older than me!!
    I can so relate to all your responses to the things to do before you turn 20 – it really shows how life has changed in these years. I never EVER thought I’d become one of those OLD people who said ‘When I was young . . . ‘, but I guess things do change 😉
    So long as it’s better for our kids, then all is OK 🙂
    Love to you ♡♥♡

    1. I’ll try that again. I didn’t know that and we live in two very different worlds! I love blogging b/c I am learning so much and I never thought that would be a side effect of writing 🙂

  7. Between the two lists, I’ve done 24 of them. Of the ones left, there are only two I would actually like to do.

    Throw away the lists others suggest. Look for the stuff that speaks to you and do that.
    And if you’re in NY and want to try surfing, yeah, I can help you set that up.

  8. I love making lists, but these sorts of life lists I always have problems with. When I make these sorts of lists I get anxious that I won’t be able to do all these things and become a boring person or something like that. Still, it’s nice to have goals so sometimes I go ahead and make them and then never look at them again.

  9. I remember going through that phase (the age not the lists) and panicking. I particularly remember how the empty nest syndrome made me feel. If I wasn’t raising children what use was I? That’s when I discovered that life outside the nest was pretty good. Forget the list. Just get on with your life.
    Well done on being freshly pressed.

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