End of Week Wrap Up — the Non-Political Edition

Welcome to Friday. I’m done being all heavy and thoughtful and sincere.

It’s hard to take things too seriously when I have to promote a piece called, “A Metamucil Masterpiece”Jen and Tonic, a fellow Portlander, wrote it. This is what happens if you live in Portland for too long. It is the last day of Le Clown’s blog duel, so go read that and like it. Of course, he totally won anyway, but let’s make it a landslide.

Oops, not done with the super-heavy yet. The police have identified the killer in the Lake Oswego home invasion and he was one scary looking, straight from central casting bad guy. He has probably hauled ass out of Oregon but readers in California, Washington, British Columbia, Mexico, Arizona….be on the lookout because this one is a violent psycho. I don’t understand why a man like this is not in prison although he has been incarcerated in 13 different states starting in 1989 at the age of 14.

Erik John Meiser, 37, is 6’5″ 170-190 lbs, neo-Nazi tattoo on his knuckles. Aside: reading comments on the KGW website today, a woman wrote “Oh why is he the guy just because he looks like the drawing and he has Anti-Semantic tattoos?” Hahaha, oh man that’s this guy’s problem, he hates words!!! Especially Jewish words Oy Vey don’t be thinking your chutzpah is going to scare off this meshugener.

Photo courtesy KGW.com

I’m posting the photos just in case people don’t want to click on the story. The LO police and Clackamas County sheriff need all the help they can get with this psycho.

Mug shots courtesy KGW.com

If you see him, don’t go near him there are contact numbers with the links. Let’s be careful out there.

Have you seen the new Matthew Perry show “Go On”? It is really funny and touching and who doesn’t adore Matthew Perry? Watch it!

On the other hand, “The New Normal”, not so good. I think “Modern Family” and “Arrested Development” are way better shows. I think this one is trying too hard and results in being way over the top in stereotypes of all kinds. Ellen Barkin is good but the writing is foul, I guess it’s for shock value. Jessica Walter does it way WAY better on Arrested Development.

What else?

I’m playing golf with Derwood and Lisa this weekend. Because I golf. I’m a golfer.

AND my blog just passed the 20,000 hit mark!!!

Have a great weekend!

29 replies to “End of Week Wrap Up — the Non-Political Edition

  1. Congrats on the hits, and have fun on the links!
    Nice roundup. Looking forward to checking out the links.
    Except the first one.

    And as far as the ecard, yeah, but we don’t have to burn a weekend morning thanking anyone either.

    1. Yeah, sorry about that Guap 🙂 I still haven’t read your entry in the duel, sick kid yesterday.

      Who says I remember to go to Church… hahaha. yeah God is laughing so hard right now.

  2. Yes, this IS what happens when you live in Portland too long. I think it’s all the bridges and voodoo donuts that makes us go nuts.

    Also, congrats on the 20k hit mark! That’s great 🙂

  3. I’m scared all the way over here in Illinois! Yipes. You and I wrote on a similar topic today – at least the bit about criminals out on the streets.

    Well, congrats on that huge # of hits! It doesn’t surprise me, Mags. You’re way smart and funny to boot, and you’ve got more chutzpah than most. You know I think the world of you! xoxox

    hahah! The someecard is a crack up!

  4. OH SHIT!  I made the tee time for 2 not 3!  am assuming it won’t be a problem but will call out there later today!

  5. Mazel tov! And I’m kvelling at your use of Yiddish. I’m glad that crazy bastard has been identified, at least, but I hope they catch him soon. Have a good weekend and happy golfing, Mags!

  6. I’m with Weebs, very glad that the police are on the hunt for this suspect and they have him identified. Hopefully they’ll apprehend him soon. Wow, those are nice stats. My first year year of blogging I barely saw 15,000. You’re doing great! Have a terrific weekend and steer clear of the sand traps!

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