Civil Discourse

Thank you all for reading my blog yesterday and giving me the biggest day of views I have had since I started this project in January.

Here’s a little something about me (because who could ever get tired of knowing more about me), I was raised in a family where we were trained debaters, discussion was an art that we had to study. “Your day was good? why?” We were taught discourse, back up your arguments, give examples, mean what you say, etc. It wasn’t always easy or enjoyable but all four of us were schooled in debate and rhetoric.

Most of my closest friends are democrats. Not just democrats, liberals, progressive liberals, socialists and I will always respect their points of view and know that while they may deeply disagree with me, they respect mine, too. I love the debate. I love the conversation. You will not find me name calling. I truly believe that the internet has the potential to be a global public square for us all to discuss and debate and agree and agree to disagree on the issues of the day.

As many of you have, I have found great friendship and support and laughter here on WordPress. I have been exposed to different lives and cultures and joys and pains and I relish all of it.

I have become friends with people I wouldn’t meet in my life in this corner of Oregon and I am grateful for that everyday. Ask Le Clown. What a gifted and bizarre socialist, sock monkey breast feeding Canuck he is. I adore him. Le Clown and I couldn’t disagree more on matters of public policy but we make each other laugh and appreciate one anothers dedication to our loves, our children, our hopes to make this world a better place.

Trust me, my post yesterday was not anything more than reasons why I will not vote for the re-election of this president. I do not sit in judgement of those who think differently than I do. Tell me more! I will listen to you and I hope you will listen to me.
Love to all of you.

22 thoughts on “Civil Discourse

  1. Very nice, Maggie. I think it’s important we all talk about our differences and respect them. I think you did a great job of being diplomatic while staying true to your beliefs. I love a good debate as long as everyone is civil and respectful, which you most certainly are and were. We’re all in this together and our country is a great one with many different, wonderful people in it.

      1. sticks n stones. but i don’t care i still like you lots. I don’t like being ignored and left out — as you can clearly surmise. Although I was the first one to comment so I got that going for me.

  2. Aww… What a great wrap up, Mags! My family was much the same way. It was live or die by your argument. My dad would only listen if the things coming out of your mouth were valuable pearls of wisdom, everything had to be clever and you had to be quick. Because I was dyslexic, I’d turn into an anxious wreck. He probably worsened my condition! I’m surprised I don’t stutter.
    I understand what it is to be passionate about what you believe and how easy it is to get emotional, but like they say in Texas, People who throw dirt, lose ground. (Something like that.) I loved what you wrote and hope those who were looking for the flip side of the coin, found it in your argument.
    So glad we found each other! And to think it was all facilitated by Le Clown…!

  3. Mike B

    I have Coulrophobia-
    which is why i cant watch CNN or CNBC.. love your pointed arguements Maggie… i think, simply, which seems absent is the Bill of Right issues that are non existant if things aren’t as you see them… im an anti pc person. living in a pc world.

    1. I was going to do a post on why being PC is so wrong! haha! My daughter, who lives in the land of PC up in Canada, noticed that the same people who get crazy if you don’t refer to the native Indians as “First Nations,” treat that group of people like trash! Isn’t that rich? They’re into the proper name but apparently that’s where it begins and ends. I think PC people are a bunch of phonies who hide behind these facades of polite/educated society when in reality, their charity doesn’t extend past the nose on their face. I think we should expose them! haha!

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