Dear President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I will not be voting for you this November, just as I didn’t in 2008. While in 2008, I merely had hunches about why I didn’t want you to be the president of the U.S. mostly due to your lack of past leadership experience and voting record; now I have been witness to your presidency and know why I do not want you leading this country for another four years.

Back in 2008, you promised to unite Americans across cultural, ethnic and ideological divides. Our country is more divided than ever as you have pitted the haves and the have-nots against one another. Your theory of taking more from the top to give to the bottom simply doesn’t work. Lowering the top rung on the ladder of success will not remedy the job crisis in this country, raising the lowest rung will.  You promised us shovel ready jobs that turned out to be in your words: “not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected”. Also, printing money in another “stimulus” will not turn this economy around but it will bury generations to come in even more debt. You have avoided making the hard decisions regarding the federal budget, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. You continue to kick the can down the road, while trying to convince a nation, that overwhelmingly does NOT want Obamacare, that another massive social program will solve this nation’s ills.

For the entirety of your presidency, you have blamed others for your inability to move the U.S. forward toward recovery. I’m only 47 but I do not recall another president in my lifetime spending so much time meting out blame to past presidents, the public’s lack of understanding your plans, a tsunami, the Euro, the list is very long. The Democrat party had control of both the House and Senate during your first two years in office, but you still didn’t pass a budget. You barely introduced one before the leaders of your own party dismissed it.

You have told us we “didn’t build that”. Denigrating success is not the American way. What’s that you say? That’s not what you meant? Well, Mr. Romney didn’t mean that he loathes 47% of Americans but he has to own that so don’t you need to own this remark? At any rate, I look to a president who celebrates America’s ingenuity and our success stories; not one that apologizes for them.

Mr. President you told us you would restore America’s image across the world. You have scorned our allies and led our enemies to believe we will give them a pass. You pulled all American personnel out of Iraq, leaving no one behind. Your stubbornness in sticking to the symbolism of the U.S. leaving Iraq, will lead to us losing the peace, such as it was and once again abandoning Iraq in turmoil. You have given a date of withdrawal from Afghanistan. Why not just pack up and get everyone out tomorrow? The Taliban is simply waiting for us to leave. And wasn’t Afghanistan the “good war” according to you? Aren’t you the Commander-in-Chief who sent in more troops in a “surge” and then decided to tell the enemy when we will surge back out? The Middle East is burning with anti-American rage which has nothing to do with a silly video. They hate us and now they don’t fear us and that has resulted in the death of four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya who was “protected” by guards without live ammunition and your state department was warned of an imminent attack days before it occurred and nothing was changed to protect the people inside the embassy.

Your courage in standing up for religious freedoms ends with the Catholic Church and other organizations who morally disagree with funding abortion or birth control. While I don’t agree with the stances of these organizations, I fully support their right to spend their money as they see fit. It is easier to refuse the religious freedoms of the Catholic Church than it is to speak up against Muslim extremists, isn’t it? You are pretty safe in the knowledge that a bunch of Catholics will not storm government buildings, vandalizing property and attacking people within.

I cannot support your allegiance to teachers unions. As a parent of children who attend public schools, I have seen firsthand for years how these unions have subjugated the requirements of excellent education in this country to their interest in guaranteed jobs, benefits and retirements. Please note, I am not saying that teachers are over-compensated. I simply wish that the best teachers were rewarded and the worst were let go. The stance that you and the unions embrace is untenable in reality; as the nation and your former chief of staff and current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, are finding out. Our local, state and federal economies cannot afford to keep up with union demands. And who is losing that battle? The children of public school systems around the nation.

For these reasons and many more but I have droned on (get it drones!? haha) long enough.  I will write to Mr. Romney to explain to him why he is getting my vote.


Maggie at Someone Fat Happened

52 thoughts on “Dear President Obama

  1. Daedalus

    This post gave me cancer. I mean seriously, I think I need to visit a specialist. Why don’t you actually look at the changes that were made under GW, at how far we feel. You gotta give a little to get a little. And yes, Romney WAS insulting the 47%, he even admits it in the secretly taped video meeting. Just watch it for yourself. Personally I don’t give a shit who you vote for, I hate both their policies, but get your facts straight please, other thinking individuals read this stuff and the misinformation spreads. What the world needs now is for people to ACT rather than sit back and bitch. Don’t invest your hopes in someone who can’t even HEAR you, much less care. Research both sides of the argument and decide for yourself what you can DO rather than SAY to make things better.

    1. Which facts do I not have straight? Please defend Obama’s record. I didn’t write about Romney or George W. Tell me where I’m wrong. And you don’t have to give a shit who I vote for. This is my blog and I write what I want.

    2. brother John

      Maybe your problem is that you wish for the President to ‘hear’ you and ‘care’ for you. That isn’t their job, and if you think that Obama is listening to you, you’re crazy.

      Most of what Maggie is saying here are opinions, therefore..your admonition about “getting your facts straight” doesn’t really apply here.

      Nice little Biden-ism though…”this post gave me cancer. seriously” Seriously, no it didn’t.

      1. I meant to point out that this post did not give Daedalus (funny the writer wouldn’t identify him/herself) cancer. That’s a hideous thing to say and insulting to all the people who actually have cancer.

        1. cheese/butter/beer sister

          I think it’s great how Deaedalus intelligently argued, point by point, everything you wrote, instead of insults and name calling.

        1. brother John

          it is an absolutely fanciful notion that the President is “listening” to us. Hey, Barack, my mortgage is too expensive. My insurance rates are too high! What then? Is he supposed to act to solve your problem? What if solving your problem , in turn, causes another harm? Who gets priority in that case? This whole notion that we look to the government to solve our problems and provide for us is leading us down this road that we don;t seem to be able to get off of. I would prefer that our government concentrate on keeping us safe, making sure reasonable regulations are in place and enforced, look out for the truly indigent…and otherwise leave us alone to make our way. These people who show up at these town halls with their “grievances” are just too much for me. When did the Sandra Flukes of the world get this idea that society needs to cover the cost of her birth control?

  2. This is a thoughtful and intelligent argument. I don’t think the facts can be disputed here. Unemployment is up, the debt is a staggering 16 trillion, we’re printing money, gas prices are up, the Middle East is on fire, there are more people on welfare today than ever, and our President is fundraising with Jay Z and Beyonce. It’s all really sobering.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with you 100%. Thank you for writing this! I especially agree and loved your line “I look to a president who celebrates America’s ingenuity and our success stories; not one that apologizes for them.”
    I still cannot for the life of me understand people who think being successful is a bad thing. Who ever got a job from a poor person???
    We are a nation of idiots who want cradle to grave care and do not care to lose their freedom in the process. If you ask “people on the street” … most are clueless. So sad.

  4. Reblogged this on A Gripping Life and commented:
    I’ve never written a political post and likely never will. There’s been a lot of “discussion” out in the blogging community but it’s felt very one sided and as we all know, there are two sides to a coin. I just thought this might give balance to what’s been floating around out there. It’s intelligent and thoughtful. I ask if you’d please refrain from commenting if it’s just to rage. This should provide something to think about…

  5. You know I don’t discuss politics, Maggie, opting to keep those things to myself. But I admire those who choose to do so. You, Fish and Weebs have chosen to bring this up in the past few days and it’s interesting for me to just read and observe. It shows much of what’s going on now.

    I do like an intelligent discussion about the issues, as long as everyone is respectful and open to hearing others. It seems as if you’ve started such a format here. Good luck and again you guys that choose to bring your views out into the big blogging world, I admire your chutzpa.

    1. Thanks Brig. I did write this because MW and Fish had opened a conversation and I want to chime in. I do think the internet can act as a public square and can be effective if people stay civil.

  6. Maggie, I agree with some of what you’ve said. Obama is a weak leader.

    I only disagree with your thinking we should stay in Iraq and Afghan. We shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. For one thing, these wars have costs us a fortune, and we’re hurting economically. We’re borrowing money to pay for the interest on the money we borrowed to pay for these wars.

    These wars haven’t accomplished anything. Iraq will end up with another radical leader. and as soon as we leave Afghanistan, the Taliban is coming right back into power. It was all for nothing.

    1. Hey CC, I didn’t say I think we should stay in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I think the way Obama has handled the withdrawal is deplorable and he is guaranteeing it was all for nothing. And we probably should have spoken to the Russians before we got into a war in Afghanistan.

  7. Not only in USA are the leaders sadly lacking in earning respect and admiration. Each successive one gives lots of promises and little delivery. Perhaps there is something wrong with the whole political process. Those of actual excellence and ability don’t even try for the jobs. Certainly, Obama joins the list of those who have, by and large, failed to make the right moves at the right times.

    1. I agree. Our politics have gotten so nasty that the stars don’t want to run. I am very pleased that Paul Ryan is on the Republican ticket. I think he is a smart and serious reformer.

  8. I don’t give my political opinion because what I want would never happen anyway. When I put it like that though does anyone ever get what they want?

    The problem with Obama is he promised to help us all. He was running into a burning building with two arms saying he would rescue the entire room in one trip. People are very unhappy and he promised something new and he was something new and different. I can’t even blame people for voting for him because it was a risk a lot of people thought was worth taking.

    Blah blah blah habeus corpus blah blah blah filibuster blah blah blah Bill Clinton.

    It’s nice to read the other side of the argument for once instead of people nitpicking at every little word Romney says and trying to turn him into an evil man. Of course he’s evil, he wants to be the president. You have to be willing to kill children for that job.

      1. Batman

        Keep your faith that a great one will come along. I fear the process will need reform at some point for that to happen again but know it will. We’ll have more stars!

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  10. Can someone explain to me why Americans don’t want Obamacare or any other version of affordable health care for everyone? I can’t understand it. We say that the measure of a civilised country is how it treats its weak, poor, sick etc, yet the US, the richest country in the world doesn’t provide healthcare for its poor. I can’t get my head round it. It’s a given in every country in Europe and in Australasia. Why are Americans so opposed to it?
    This is not a political question, it’s an honest inquiry.

    1. Valerie!!!
      I am so glad you chimed in. I have received so many comments today but none of them have joined in the discussion that I was hoping to promote.

      I think you are absolutely right in your definition of a civilized society and its responsibility to care for the frailest of its citizens. I know that our healthcare system needs to be fixed, it is greatly flawed but I do not think Obamacare is the answer. I think that there should be a more piecemeal approach. The U.S. needs to get rid of pre-existing condition clauses. We need to be able to transport coverage from state to state. We must negotiate better deals with the pharmaceutical companies. My issue is that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are already in jeopardy. Adding another massive government program is not a good idea, in my opinion.
      Yes, European countries provide healthcare, as does Canada, etc. Those countries are going bankrupt and we are headed there ourselves. There must be better answers that involve the public and private sector. To me, Obamacare creates a larger problem.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

      1. Thank you so much for giving me a clearer picture of the situation, I didn’t realise there were all the existing complications of different conditions in different states, and existing programmes.
        The countries that are going bankrupt in Europe, funnily enough, are the ones that don’t have the same health coverage as the others, Greece, Portugal and Spain for starters.The Scandinavian countries have amazing systems. Britain’s financial problems are not caused by the NHS. It’s been going since 1946 there, and Germany had amazing social systems in place even before the first world war. France has a marvellous health system, and even little NZ where I live now, has had universal healthcare since the mid thirties.
        But I can see now from your reply, that the US options are complicated by so many considerations, and presumably the drug companies have vested interests.So the issue in fact, is not that people don’t want it, but how its delivered? Is that it?

        I feel that it’s running wars in remote places, and sending things into space that eat up money that could be better spent, but that’s a whole other debate!.

        1. I have limited knowledge of the workings of Europe but I think I am right when I say that France and Germany are tiring of supporting the southern European countries who are floundering under the EU. I think GB did the right thing in staying out of that mess.

          As I told you on your blog, everyone I know who has been to NZ, adores it.

          I think there is a broader discussion to be had regarding the prosperity of Scandinavian countries in regards to their homogenous citizenry.

          The U.S. is so vast and has so many different demographics that the issue isn’t easily captured in blog comments. We do have bigger commitments to the world and I applaud that but it does make domestic issues much more complicated.

      2. I’m sorry Maggie but I have to pull you up there – Australia has has the kind of healthcare you are deriding and we are anything but bankrupt! I don’t know the exact details of your Obamacare but here our universal healthcare is Federal not State so that crossing state boundaries is irrelevant.

        If a country of 20 odd million people can live with a healthcare levy so that no Australian has to suffer because they can’t afford to see a doctor then I really can’t see why a country of 200 million plus can’t do so.

        1. Australia is a very unique and happily successful example. Comparing Australia and the U.S. is comparing apples and oranges. We are not structured like Australia and we are heading the way of the EU. These programs are bankrupting this country. The U.S. budget includes enormous amounts of foreign aid to almost every country in the world except for Australia, Canada and Western European nations. I could go on and on but the American budget is far different from the Australian one.

          1. I know our two countries are very different in some ways but I guess I didn’t realise how deep some of those differences go. I wish you all the best.

        2. Molly

          The US actually has a population of 310+ million people – but regardless, it’s a LOT more than 20 million. I think it’s pretty easy to see how the (much) larger scale presents more/different logistical and practical issues. It isn’t as simple as Australia can do it, so can we.

          I am in agreement that our healthcare system needs a ton of work, and I think that different demographics here in the US face different problems in terms of their healthcare. My view is that a pretty intense focus should be placed on improving our safety net and increasing access to care for low/no-income people before we try to throw a big blanket solution on everyone. We have so many people in this country who are eligible and even enrolled in our govt-run (federal and state) systems….but it doesn’t mean they can actually see a dr or dentist or any provider for that matter.

          A close second would be looking at the middle class that mostly does ok as far as income and healthcare costs and access, but are one major medical issue away from disaster.

          Whatever the solution(s) end(s) up being here, I do not think it will look like Canada or the UK or Australia, etc. It actually puzzles me a bit that people would assume it should. Or that it has to in order to see vast improvement.

          This is an eye-opening article, while we’re on the topic of healthcare:

          1. I take your points Molly and I too found that link very interesting. It kind of reminds of the education issues we are having here and I agree that throwing more money at a problem is never the solution. However, having said that I can’t help wondering whether any future cuts to spending will actually take place where they are needed? The medical and pharmaceutical industries are huge and very powerful when it comes to lobbying government. I just can’t see any of them accepting cuts that would impact upon their profits. So if they influence the direction of cuts then where exactly will the cuts go? And who will end up being left out in the cold?

            Forgive me if I sound cynical but my respect for corporate entities is at an all time low.

  11. EOSr for Mitt. Hubby for Mitt. My mother for Mitt. Two of the children are for Mitt. Two children have been taken out of the will. Sister won’t vote for Obama but not a fan of Mitt but will vote for him anyway. Niece works for Clinton. We know where her vote goes. By my math in our family alone, Mitt wins by a landslide. 🙂

    Loved your letter and agree with one commenter who said dialogue is what it is all about. Entertaining points of view. Good post, Maggie.

  12. Dear Maggie,
    I am not into politics… AT ALL….but I read this post through twice. It was thoughtful, and stands on solid fact. I don’t know the answer, but I really appreciated your words.
    Love, Lis

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