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I have officially returned to I do highly recommend this website. It has a calorie counter, fitness tracker, tons of tips and tricks and recipes. I think the best thing about using Sparkpeople is the website makes you think of things that you won’t always think of on your own. How much water are you drinking? Move everyday at least 10 minutes. The website has all sorts of free exercise videos for strength training, stretching, cardio. It’s a good cheap option for dieters who need support.

Tell me, what are your favorite diet foods? I’m always looking for new ideas and I’m going grocery shopping tonight. Help a chubby girl out?


I don’t know if I have mentioned it, but I golf. I’m a goffer. I said “goffer” not “gopher”!

I grew up playing junior golf and always won that “Most Improved” trophy because what else do you give the kid who sucks every year? I hated playing in jr. high and high school because my brother would coach me. John being younger than I am made that completely intolerable. Up until last month, I hadn’t played golf in 20 years. While at the beach I played golf with Lisa and Derwood, not at the same time although we are going to do a threesome this weekend. Lisa and I played yesterday and I continue to LOVE golf! I have always loved walking golf courses but now I’m playing and not just watching others. We are having an absotutely gorgeous autumn, I’m hitting the ball pretty well but that is to be expected what with my being a goffer and all.

Roz and Madge, Gearhart Golf Links, August 2012

Little NFL recap:

Even though the Ravens lost; keep cheering for them and QB Joe Flacco  because he is a charming, self- deprecating guy according to the interview I saw on ESPN yesterday. The Ravens lost to Philadelphia yesterday which I would have been slightly ho-hum about until I learned that Michael “My pit bull can eat your pit bull” Vick is the Eagles quarterback. The Eagles can suck it. The Philadelphia Eagles are firmly on the NO list.

The Giants won, Go Eli!

The Patriots lost bwaaaahahahahaha

The Rams beat the Redskins which makes me very bitter. Even more bitter because Derwood called it and now I owe him $1.

Ta Daaaaaa…… Miami beat Oakland!!!

I totally know what I’m doing and those of you who don’t follow my lead, will be sorry by the time we get to February.

My brother told me this weekend that he and his BFF are going to the Ole Miss/Auburn game in Oxford, Mississippi this weekend. I told him I would look into the SEC to help him pick a winner. And the winner is Ole Miss. I love the name. When running the Google on Ole Miss much prettier, charming photos came up than did for Auburn U. It’s Ole Miss’ Homecoming and the movie “The Blind Side” featured Ole Miss so I gotta give the win to Ole Miss.
Other news

Annie’s high school was on lockdown this morning after a break in/murder in the neighborhood. Her high school is in one of the, if not the, wealthiest cities in Oregon. That is not me saying that the Ex or I are wealthy at all, all I am saying is she is in what is thought of as a safe and sunny place and still life intrudes.

Kiss your kids.

44 thoughts on “Sparky Sporty Spice

  1. Le Clown

    One: Good for you.
    Two: I must know. Do you also watch hockey? We could make a Hockey VS Football post… You know, you VS me?
    Le Clown

      1. Le Clown

        Hockey has come a long way when it comes to handsome fellows… I come from the Bob Gainey, Larry Robinson generation…As you remember, I’m sure.
        Le Clown

        1. Okay, I just refreshed my visual on Bob Gainey and Larry Robinson. Now that I think back, and have swallow the little bit of throw-up that came up, yes, I’d agree. Bob Gainey in particular was not exactly a Ladies man. (Unless that lady was a Cro-Magnon woman.)

  2. Cheryl Hansen

    Diet food. Hummus. All flavors. Use it as a dip for raw veggies. All flavors. As one goffer to another, I proclaim hummus with add spark to your diet……and if you eat enough, clean you out too.

  3. Addie

    I tried golf once, at a driving range. They actually asked me to leave after I started hitting the little clumps of grass farther than I was hitting the ball.

      1. Addie

        My friend and I were laughing so hard, I think the other players were tired of listening to us. I was actually able to reach out with my club and pull a few of the balls back, they were so close to me. Maybe I broke a rule?

  4. I grew up in the most violent city in the United States and left when I was 17. All I can say is that violence will find a way. Nowhere is 100% safe, but I am glad they had a good response system in place at the school. Also you forgot to mention that my beloved Detroit Lions lost to the 49ers. Again. Hope you are well.

    1. Sorry about the Lions!
      They still haven’t found this guy so Annie will be with my sister till ex or I can get her. Awful truth is this is all the news today and in North Portland there are shootings everyday and no schools are locked down. That breaks my heart.

  5. I am a complete spaz at all forms of golf, including miniature golf. Also, I agree with the hummus suggestion as a good “diet” food. I am also in favor of putting hot wings sauce on any raw vegetable you can get your hands on.

    Meanwhile, I’m with you on Flacco. He seems like a fairly normal guy. And he just gets it done, not flashy, not all ME ME ME. Michael Vick can indeed suck it, and hopefully he will meet a grisly end at the hands of some pit bulls. And we’re not thrilled in the Weebles house about the outcome of the Skins game, but we’re kind of used to it.

  6. I excel in miniature golf but real golf… please refer back to Addie’s comment.
    I’m still trying to think of a good diet food… Help a chubby girl out. LOL! Indeed, I’m heading over to Sparkpeople after I type this.
    My new plan consists of a low calorie day, say 1200 calories and then a 30 to 45 minute workout. I’m lazy so for one of my meals I’ll have a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine and a salad. It sounds good on paper but by the time 7:00 pm rolls around I start ravaging the kitchen looking for something sweet to eat. I’m like a total junkie.

    Weird and scary about your daughter’s high school. Ugh : ( Glad she’s safe and sound. Stuff like that happens here, too. So much for living in an affluent neighborhood!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever played mini golf.

      This guy is still on the loose and cops were all over my ex’s street. I don’t want him going into the house alone tonight if they haven’t caught the guy. Happily this is the biggest thing to happen in Lake Oswego since Bruce Springsteen got married so there will be plenty of cops around and one can go in to Mitch’s house first. Gah. And so sad. The victim had just retired and the street where he lived was a very rural/suburban street so he probably had his gentleman’s farm for his retirement and out of nowhere this happens.
      Also, great post today!

      1. That’s just icky and sad. No, I wouldn’t be alone in that house tonight until the search is called off. The biggest news in Lake Oswego since Bruce Springsteen! haha! That’s how we are here. Vince Vaughn moved into our boring town somewhere and the whole village was SOOOO excited! LOL! Whenever there’s a crime here people are secretly excited because nothing ever happens in our dull little town.

        1. if you move to LO you will have to get the Review b/c the police blotter is hysterical. I told my sisters today that the ducks better behave themselves b/c the cops are too busy to deal with their shenanigans. There’s a lot of duck news in LO.

  7. Nic

    I was JUST about to “Like” this post, until I saw the anti-Pats sentiment!!! But, I was there. And we did suck. I know it’s only week 2, but I’m yet to see any of the consistency I’ve come to expect from these “top” offenses, Ravens included! But Flacco does seem to be a sweetheart, so I must agree there.

  8. Hope everything went well at the HS & Annie’s home safely! For diet foods, anything that you have to chew a lot – crunchy veggies, for example – is great. Good luck! xoxoM

  9. southernfriedinvegas

    My husband loves SparkPeople. He lost 100 lbs using it. The SparkRecipes are AWESOME…specifically the crock pot salsa chicken. So yummy. And easy.

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