Big Fat NFL Insight, Week 2, NFC

Today I will cover the NFL’s NFC, National Football Conference. The standings will be a bit off Week 2 because of Thursday night games.  So keep that in mind when at the OTB this weekend.

San Francisco 49ers — (1-0) I have to say I am rather comme çi – comme ça on the 49ers. I loved Joe Montana…hottay! SF is a great city. I have detested the ‘niners for a long time because my ex-fiancé is a fan but we have ironed all that out so I won’t hold that against the team. Do with the 49ers what you will. I can’t do everything for you.

Arizona Cardinals — (1-0) No. This team is supposed to be in St. Louis. Do they even have cardinals in Arizona?

St. Louis Rams— (0-1) No. This team is supposed to be in Los Angeles. Derwood is a Rams fan because he has deep man love for Curt Warner, who I think is their QB. Apparently Curt Warner has retired. Probably because his team was in the wrong city and he is 51. Nevermind, he’s 41.

Seattle Seahawks — (0-1) Wow, this just isn’t the NFC WEST’s season. I gotta go with No on the Seahawks because in Portland we always have their games broadcast when we might like to watch another game. And Portland and Seattle don’t really get along anyway.


Chicago Bears — (1-1) No. I think da Bears glory days are behind them. Poor ol’ Bears. Former coach Mike Ditka is on ESPN’s Sunday pregame show and he has a spot called “Stop It”. It’s good. You should watch it.

Detroit Lions — (1-0) I don’t have an opinion on Detroit. Barry Sanders was really good. But Detroit as a whole isn’t in very good shape so I’d go with No on the Lions.

Green Bay Packers — (1-1) Yes! Green Bay has a great football tradition. The Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers, went to school in Beaverton for a few years so hometown loyalty, sort of. And Bret Favre isn’t there so I want them to win just to bug him. I dislike him more than Tom Brady.

Minnesota Vikings – (1-0) No. I can’t give a nod to Minnesota, Favre was just there.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers — (1-0) Yes. I loved Jon Gruden although he’s gone. I have always liked Tampa as a Miami back up. Also, really pretty uniform colors. NOPE! Just ran the Google on the Bucs and I hate their new uniforms. They have been officially downgraded to a No, bad uniforms and no Jon Gruden means they are off the like list!

Atlanta Falcons – (1-0) Meh.

Carolina Panthers — (0-1) Flag on the play, made up team, 15 yard penalty and a No.

New Orleans Saints — (0-1) Sure. I’m not a fan of Drew Brees. I don’t know why. For some reason I am under the impression that he’s a baby. He seems like a good citizen and team player. The Big Easy needs good news. I loved when they won the Superbowl after Katrina. Let’s give them a Yes. Although I was for Washington for this past Sunday’s game.


Dallas Cowboys — (1-0) Historically my brother’s favorite team so Yes.

Philadelphia Eagles — (1-0) I really don’t care for Philthadelphia, my boyfriend’s car was once broken into there when we were visiting. Ahh, Philly can be your call.

New York Giants — (0-1) NEW YORK GIANTS!!! YEEESSSSS! The Giants are family favorites on my mother’s side. Remember when they lost to the Patriots in 2007 to give the Pats a perfect season and then came back and beat them in the Superbowl?! And then beat the Pats AGAIN this year in the Superbowl?! Remember that? That was awesome.

Washington Redskins — (1-0)I’m going with Washington this year because on the ESPN pregame show on Sunday they had a story about this season’s rookie quarterbacks and one of the rookies is Robert Griffin III. I watched the Redskins/Saints game on Sunday and RGIII, as he has been dubbed, rocked! I also like that the Redskins put III on his jersey. And one guy had Jr. on his and they spelled Pierre Garçon’s name correctly. I don’t know if other teams have that kind of detail because I have only watched one game so far but will let you know.

Just read this story on Comcast “20 Teams that Won’t be Going to the Superbowl.” And guess what?! Surprise surprise surprise. They agree with ME on all but three (3) teams. I know the Dolphins aren’t going to the Big Dance the Big Game but I’m loyal. The Jets, I said I wouldn’t puke if they did well so there’s not a big disagreement there. And they say the Redskins won’t go but I say, “Ballderdash!”

30 thoughts on “Big Fat NFL Insight, Week 2, NFC

          1. I would love if that were true Lame. I was watching a game on Sunday and it is so disturbing what happens to these guys. And I get it that no one is forcing them to play football in the first place but some of them, that’s all they have. There’s a new report out about how ex-NFL players suffer some ridiculous percentage more than average men of ALS and Alzheimer’s not that that’s a shock just a shame.

      1. I went to Baylor and suffered many a long season, but RG III brought us to our greatest heights. But beyond that, I just love to watch him play. He is so smooth and talented. Well, I live nowhere near Washington, but I am now Washington fan. Let’s go skins! I’m also now following the progress of Andrew Luck. He seems like a fine man and a good quarterback, too. Finally, I am pulling for Peyton and hoping he has a year to remember. All joy and thanks for the insights. HF

        1. I’m with you in Redskin support, he’s a class act and Andrew Luck was part of the ESPN story, too but I don’t think his Sunday went as well. I will watch for him. But I don’t remember what team he’s on. I’ll run the Google.

    1. Yeah! Take that Brett….loser. I would think that most of WI would detest him by now. What an idiot, he could have gone down as a football hero and now he just looks like an egocentric baby.

  1. I love that you have the same football hates as I do. I also hate Favre. It continues to tickle me that the Packers have done so well without him. The Weebles household will be pulling for Mr. Robert Griffin III and the Redskins.

  2. NFL season is a blood sport in our family. Hubby, his sisters and their husbands are all Patriots fans with their Rhode Island roots. Then picture this, me the New Yorker in the room, cheering for the Giants. One of our children is married to a die-hard Eagles fan. Boy, do we have fun at Thanksgiving! We’d rather talk politics and religion, then football!! 🙂

  3. Dick Vermeil

    It’s Kurt and not Curt Warner. Curt was a running back for the Seahawks back in the 80’s. And my love for the Rams goes back to the likes of John Hadel, James Harris and your favorite, Vince Ferragamo. Ooooo, Pat Haden, too. Don’t lump me in with those bandwagoners of the 90’s greatest show on turf. But you’re right, I do love Kurt 🙂

  4. runningonsober

    As your newest follower, figured I’d officially say hi! “HI!!!”

    I love me some football too, and have RG3 on my fantasy team, yay!, but gotta say I was not feeling the love for my Dirty Birds. That’s okay, we can still try to be friends. As long as you sing along with me….

    “Ice Ice Baby…. Mattie Ice Ice Baby…”

    ~ Christy

    (good luck with the weight loss! I packed on 30 lbs of fluff during a stressful couple years of care-giving and drinking… I’m down 35 this year. Stopped drinking and started running and tracking everything with My Fitness Pal.)

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