I have started weigh in Wednesdays again. This is the first Weigh In Wednesday post from back in January.

Misc. Maggie Moves On

As I said, I’m moving posts over from another website. I’m editing as I go, adding a bit, deleting some here and there. After I posted my last post, I found out that WordPress congratulates the Blogger on their posting and it said, “only 3 more posts till 5 posts”. I don’t know what happens at 5 posts but my readers can be sure that I am going to post my ass off till I see if I win something.  Remember from the last blog…I love to fill in forms and I have resolved to win a sweepstakes in 2012.

Moving on…this post was originally written on January 3, 2012:

Last night I realized that today is Wednesday so Weigh-in day was coming! Yay! Weigh-in day! I could officially begin to chart my progress as I lose 20 lbs to become an incredibly hot 47-year-old! I want to weigh myself!…

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