This Post Has it All!

I’m telling you folks, this post has it all! Crafts! Home repairs! Shopping! Travel! Innocent children! Food! All you want out of a blog! And it includes my tribute to Le Clown’s weekend blog challenge that I didn’t get to during the weekend.

I went shopping at my favorite antique mall STARS.

I thought of Le Clown

While at STARS, I saw many rustic painted signs for home and garden. They cost money and I’m trying to save my pennies or at the very least spend them on things I actually NEED. So I didn’t buy one of those cute rustic signs, I did this!

I found this on the beach years ago and dragged it home and kept it.

I went to Michael’s (craft store) and bought two little bottles of Martha Stewart spring green craft paint and a set of stencils. I went home and dragged the wood sign or fence or whatever it was up onto my deck and prepped it for being crafted.

In the garage, I found the white paint that had been used for the trim in my bathroom and that’s wood so I figured it would work.

Wood with paint and stencils on it.

Presto! For much less than the $45 I would have spent at STARS for a garden sign, I made my own!

My sign says it all for about $7.

First project done. I move onto the next. I have been waiting to do this project until I had a power screwdriver but screw forget that, I decided to borrow one from my neighbor. My neighbor told me that I could just tap the screws in with a hammer and use a regular screwdriver. I think his garage is really messy and he wanted me to go away.

I went back and tapped those screws and screwed them all by myself! And this is what resulted:

My towel hook, screwed with my own two hands.

Oh and then,

and then a brief thought of Le Clown.

On Sunday, Derwood and I went for a drive to look at covered bridges in Cottage Grove, Oregon….because we are precious like that.

We saw two boys fishing at one of the bridges and it was so Tom and Huck sweet!

Can you see them? How cute is that?!

and here is a covered bridge:

Just call us Meryl and Clint

Just think

about Le Clown

We drove on through the countryside and found a park for a picnic.

Here is the food portion of the blog.

Look at our picnic, with a tablecloth!

And we brought Mudd with us!

A big ol’ dog for traveling and picnicking!

So it is clear that this post has everything that WordPress looks for in a post to Freshly Press: arts and crafts project with how-tos, do it yourself home improvement, Le Clown, travelogue, food, photos, children, animals.

They should fucking Freshly Press the shit out of this.

30 thoughts on “This Post Has it All!

  1. Le Clown

    Now that was some funny crap. I have washed my mouth just before showing here to make sure everything that comes out is Javelled-clean and proper for the WP folks, in case they show up… And bringing Le Clown up in a post is like electing a Republican for president: it’s worse than a John Tesh Greatest Hits CD. So let’s pretend I am Le Mime. It might fool them.
    Le Mime

  2. You know I’ve been shopping for houses, and I kid you not that in every single basement I found clown paraphernalia. Clowns are everywhere, and I’ve been afraid of them ever since that Little House on the Prairie episode where the girl was accosted by the clown in the woods.

  3. A gripping life

    Maggie, this was so funny! I love that you went on a picnic, did the covered bridges thing and ended the post with a picture of Mudd(I assume that’s your dog?) You’d be such a wholesome gal if not for your thinly veiled agenda to get freshly pressed! Haha!
    Can I love you any more? If I move to Portland we’ll be BFFs.

      1. a gripping life

        Ya know, I’m not sure because my realtor couldn’t read the situation. She said they brought an architect and friends but that the husband seemed bored? I don’t know? Maybe I’ll find out more by tomorrow. We have an open house tomorrow from 1-4 so hopefully that goes well. Ugh! Get me outta here!

  4. That clown scared the crap out of me! Go away scary clown face. Go you on being all crafty and shit. I need to do that too. I’m crocheting a beret for my sister, that counts right?

    I love how this blog is all cute and quaint, with the crafty and Tom and Huck children, and it’s all nice and stuff, and you end it with “they should fucking freshly press the shit out of this”. You made my night!

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