Truth or Dare

Hello Friends and Countrymen,

It is the last day of the Magnificent Clown blog roll contest. I’m in 4th place so I need to finish strong.

Today’s challenge is a Truth or Dare. You get point for your truth or dare…only 2 entries and points for every like you get on your comment. So LIKE me, really LIKE me!!

My comment is here.

I dared M. Le Clown to wear a Romney/Ryan t-shirt for an entire day. Not a day spent inside at home but one where he takes his son to school, goes to the grocery store, and other sundry clown activities. This is a good dare because Le Clown is a socialist clown who lives in Montreal and there is no way in hell Socialist Clowns want to be caught wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt.


5 thoughts on “Truth or Dare

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  2. I went and liked you – although I am not sure I did it right

  3. The Waiting says:

    That is just devious!

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