What Words Do You Hate?

I really don’t like the word, MOIST.

My pal Trish and I had a list of words we hated when we were kids. The list included but was not limited to: creamery, moist, frock, tablet and I can’t remember other ones.
Please tell me what words you hate in the comments section.

76 replies to “What Words Do You Hate?

  1. I love all English words (among my favorites are peach, to ruffle, to dabble, advantage, banter, squeeze bag ( :D) and allegoric[al] – I like them because of their pronunciation. They sound so cool! I have many more but as I don’t keep a list… 😉
    The only English word I hate and can think of right now is “buffoonish” though. That word is so weird!
    I’m sorry but it would have broken my heart to leave out some of the words I love xoxo

  2. I don’t have any words I hate. One word I’m very fond of is imbecile…it rolls off the tongue so luxuriously when I’m pissed off! Maybe unctuous is not so nice?

  3. Nice, I have always hated that word. It tells you nothing! To me when you say a person is nice you might as well call them boring because there is nothing exciting in that word. Do you remember this about me? It has been a hated word since long before college.

  4. OMG! I love this post idea!! How about the words, “Supple,” “Tincture,” and “Fissure.” hahaha!
    My family actually sits around and comes up with new hated words all the time. “Moist” is probably right up there at the top of our list.

  5. I don’t hate any words per se, but I do hate what certain things are such as lint. A phrase that makes me very suspicious is whenever someone says, “I’m going to be honest with you” for then I automatically know, “Here comes a lie.” A guy I used to work with that was the poster boy for dishonest easily used that phrase ten times a day. Great topic for discussion Maggie!

  6. So many people hate the word “Moist” — what’s that about??? Mr. Weebles hates it too. So I use it all the time, of course.

    I hate the word “puke.” It’s just icky. And what it means is icky too.

  7. Friend of Molly here. Fun blog! Greasy, but only when pronounced ‘greazy’. Ointment. Pustule. Rouge (when used to mean make-up, not when used in real French phrases). Shingle. Forlorn. Hanky (as in handkerchief, not with panky).

  8. Uh oh…something wrong here. I can’t think of any words I hate, but lots I love…ooooo especially naughty words..like the long version of mofo..said in the heat of battle or sh#t(use that alot)..or delicious, luscious…pejorative…surreptitious(makes me want pancakes)…hooligans..I like ‘yummy’ words!

  9. My first thought was “yogurt”. It just sounds like you’re pushing some of it up your esophagus when you say it. Agree with belly and I’ll add jelly to that. Both disgust me. I was seven when I heard someone use the term “lungbutter” and I was sick for days. Phlem isn’t much better, of course. Being an awful speller, I have a whole list of words that just piss me off because of their cruel spelling. The worst offender is “forty”. So, we have “four” and it becomes “forty”, eh? Screw you, forty.

  10. There are some words that I so despise that I refuse to say them and I cant even bring myself to type them here. Most refer to bodily functions, either technical or slang.

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