Vote For Maggie!

Many of my readers may be familiar with promotions that people put on Facebook asking for you to click on a link and then vote for something or someone so that person or organization will win, what is usually, a monetary prize. $10,000 for a school’s art department or $100,000 for an animal shelter.

I am coming to you today, my readers, to ask for your support. I need your help. Did you read that? I need YOUR help. This is for something far more precious than gold. This is far more important than the liver I will be asking one of you for in 10-15 years because mine can no longer do the job alone and I will need a back up.

Today, my friends and countrymen, I need your vote. I need your vote to place me on the Magnificent Le Clown‘s blog roll.

It’s not too much to ask that you click on this link (click it, it’s right there for the love of Pete) and you will be on the Le Clown blogroll contest page. CLICK it! Why? Because I said so!

Ok, would you please click on the link?

In order to get a spot on LeClown’s highly selective blogroll, I wrote this pitch in LeClown’s comments yesterday:

“M. Le Clown,
I mean Eric,
I should most definitely be on your blog roll. I’m stunned that I’m not already on it. I see a real lack of Republican leadership on your blog roll. If I were on your blog roll, I would take back your blog. I would save your blog from certain demise in the black hole of overblogging and underwriting. I would turn your blog around and create more blogs for all of those in our great countries who don’t have blogs. Blogs are not just for the wealthy. If I were on your blog roll I would make sure that any one no matter their socio-economic status, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or shoe size is given the opportunity to blog and blog freely. And what about the children? If I were on your blog roll I would guarantee that all children have a blog if they want one but I would not force blog them. I would also take a tough stance on radical fundamentalist blogging. There will swift retribution to those who are developing weapons of mass blogging. I will support a strong blog presence in the middle east but am not guaranteeing a two blog solution.

Vote for Someone Fat Happened–the RIGHT blog for the blogroll.

God Bless Blogging,

All I need you to do is click on the LINK and go to the comments and write “Like Maggie” and that’s it. That’s all. Then with my undying gratitude, you may get on with your busy, productive and meaningful lives and I will sit here waiting for blogroll news, playing Friends with Words and thinking about what I can eat next.

Everytime you vote for Maggie an angel gets their wings!

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39 thoughts on “Vote For Maggie!

  1. Le Clown says:

    AWESOME!!! Five extra points for you. All LIKE comments for you must be posted on your nomination comment on the post Blogroll Contest. Congrats! And I am happy to have you this involved.

  2. Le Clown says:

    You are the perfect example of someone who has her own stance and still respects others. I love our banters, as I know they are always respectful. I needed to say this. You’re magnificent.
    Le Clown

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Thank you L’Ericlown! I was brought up to debate but that doesn’t mean I have to change anyone’s mind. I enjoy the exercise. I find that internet debate is rude and devolves quickly into name-calling which is a shame since it is a true public square open to discuss the issues of the day.

      I’m going to love being on your blogroll!!

  3. Cheryl Hansen says:

    Interestingly your plea doesn’t sound very Republican to me….it’s very inclusive.

  4. Le Clown says:

    If it helps, here’s the direct link to your comment:

  5. a gripping life says:

    Hey Maggie! I dropped out of the contest and divided my point with you, The Waiting and Curmudgeon. So, 2 more precious points for you!!!
    I like your new plea, especially, “Every time you vote for Maggie an angel gets their wings.” So clever and cute!
    Lisa aka Grippy

  6. Brigitte says:

    Maggie, we go way back. I voted for you right away. I can vote again, but I don’t know if it counts if you vote twice. Your post was hilarious. You should be there. On Le Clown’s or on Eric’s. YOUR HAVE MY VOTE.

  7. Brigitte says:

    um, i meant YOU have my vote. And yer do too.

  8. okay I voted and then asked him not to put me on his blog roll because there were so many others who were deserving — I only did this because I know he doesn’t like me

  9. Fish Out of Water says:

    The phone gods ate my comment. Today is not my day.

  10. ethrbunny says:

    I dun voted fer ya.

  11. aallegoric says:

    I just love your statement for being on the blog roll. Gosh, you can’t believe how you made me crack up! 😀 – Also, I commented 😉 You’re welcome! xx

  12. Good luck Maggie (but I still think that job you’ve applied for this week might be a tad more rewarding).

  13. Mrs. P says:

    Off to vote!!!

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