Some Like It Hot

and they probably have air conditioning.

Some sweat when the heat is on. That’s me because I don’t have air conditioning.

It’s hotter than balls.

Hot fuckers.

Face of the sun hot.

It has been in the 90s here for a couple of days. I know that to everyone outside the Pacific Northwest that doesn’t sound that extreme but it is. Pacific Northwesterners are not accustomed to extreme weather. It rains often but not hard, I don’t own an umbrella. No hurricanes. No tornadoes. Oh sure, the big one is coming but I can’t live in fear of that. I live in fear of 100 degrees. And yes, you’re right. We don’t often have any humidity. It’s 54% humidity right now, I don’t know what that means.

Nooooo, I’m not going to spend an entire blog post bitching about the weather. It is summer and it is beautiful. So with a tip of the hat to summer, here are songs that get my summer memories flowing. Ta Daaaahhhhh!!!

Summer Nights – I have to have at least one song from Grease. And this song makes me very happy.

Pinch Me – Barenaked Ladies. Derwood LOVES the Barenaked Ladies… any and all…haha just joking, not really. This song makes me think of summer because it has the line “put the sprinkler on the lawn and run through with my gym shorts on.” I don’t have any gym shorts but I love lawn sprinklers.

I have a couple of Cars songs. Just What I Needed came out in 1978 when I was 13. I loved this song, I didn’t really get it because I think the lyrics say “You’re just what I needed. I needed someone to bleed. ?  I needed someone to feed? I needed someone to please? plead?” Tommy Kuhn liked the song and I liked Tommy. I think Tommy’s gay now, not that there’s anything wrong with that which there isn’t, it’s just a shame for the ladies.

And Magic by the Cars. 1984. I bought the album (the record album, kids) Heartbeat City. I was 20. It was the 80s. The 80s was a great time to be in your 20s.

Holiday RoadVacation— Lindsey Buckingham–all good stuff. If you haven’t seen Vacation and I’m looking at you 20-somethings. Go watch it! Right now, this blog can wait. Go! get it on your I whatever and watch it. You’re welcome. And then for good measure, go watch Fletch and Caddyshack.

Heartache Tonight — The Eagles. This song makes me think of summer because of those parties we’ve all been to in high school and college, drinking beer, and you know somebody has a crush on somebody who has a crush on somebody else and they’re going to hook up and there is going to be drama. I can remember back in the 80s, somebody’s backyard or a park; the muted laughter and buzz of gossip fueled by Rainier beer. This is one of those memories I can almost touch, it’s right there just out of reach. The memory is almost physical.

After the Love is Gone – Earth Wind and Fire. The time is 1979, yours truly is 14 and in LOVE with this song. I played it at least 10 times in a row on a juke box in a pizza place at the beach for my friend Kris Wittmer and her mom. I know her mom loved that. The memory cracks me up because, what in the holy hell does a 14 year old know of love and angst, okay I was big on angst.

Here are the Miser Brothers, I can’t stop thinking about them today:

Click on it, you know you want hear some Misers

That’s it, I’m going swimming! Happy Weekend!


20 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot

  1. My, my this took me back. Love all these and they are great summer tunes. Hope the heat breaks for you soon, Mags. It’s beginning to here, finally. Low 80s next week. Have yourself a cold one and run through some sprinklers. Happy weekend!

    • Right?!!! I loved them and saw the Heartbeat City tour but they aren’t so good in concert, they just stood there. So I could have listened to my album and looked at a Cars poster and it would have been pretty much the same thing.

      • I, too, saw the Cars, in one of my first concerts. It was for the first album, though, and it was exciting as hell! But they may have just stood there then, also; not having seen more than about one other concert, I probably thought that was how it was supposed to be when you are cool and sing, “Just What I Needed.”

  2. My summer songs – summer of 1969, American Pie, Vacation, Brown Eyed Girl and anything by Bob Marley. :). Stay cool!

  3. Vacation is one the best movies… who doesn’t love the misers? Now I have that damn song stuck in my bleeping head.. Crap what are you doing to me.. first the nagging taste of irish spring in my throat and now this??

  4. I live in NYC in a garret with wiring dating back to shortly after Edison invented the light bulb. Although I don’t usually sit in the dark, I did bake steadily the entirety of July as my 5 fans blew the hot air within, including the steam emanating from my frequent soliloquys about “This [insert slang term for coitus-ing here] heat!” I expect to return to a normal body temperature sometime in October or as I lie trying to cool in my grave — whichever comes first.

  5. I feel for you Maggie, even though here in Melbourne we are celebrating the first sunny day in ages! It’s still winter here and summer feels like a distant dream. Enjoy your swim. 😀

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