An Extra is Born!

This morning I took Annie to her first ever job on a movie set. I don’t know who was more excited Annie or me! She is an extra in a movie called The A-List which is filming at her high school. She plays a “High Schooler”. She had to bring her High Schooler clothes, electronics and other High Schooler equipment.

I’ve never been on a movie set before, I probably still haven’t but I have now been in an Extras Holding Area, must have something to do with Cattle Calls. There were about 20 kids +/- in a classroom at the high school. It’s the same high school that I went to. Well it’s on the same property, the high school I went to was razed and the current magnificent high school was built. Other than that, I don’t know much, since as her mother, she requested that I leave tout de suite. More details tomorrow.

In honor of Annie’s new found movie extradom, I was going to post a list of my favorite movies. But I’m not going to. I thought about it and while many people on WordPress have done Top 10 movie lists, not one of them has done a list of my favorite movies, which is bullshit. I’m not doing their work for them.

This is my Top 10 List of movies everyone thought were great and I didn’t or that are considered to be great and I haven’t seen them.

1. Atonement. I saw this in the theater with my friend, Danni. When it was over, she asked me if I liked it and I said absolutely not and she said, “Good because if you did, we couldn’t be friends anymore.” This movie was considered one of the Top 10 Movies of 2007. It was stupid. It was so self-consciously aware of how artistic and haunting it was. Kiera Knightley is beautiful and is capable of expressing the full range of emotions from A to B, as my father would say. Atonement angered me. I have no idea what film critics and award committees were thinking.  Yes, the little girl was creepy, but other than that? Nuttin’ honey. Go see this movie if you want to lose two hours and three minutes of your life for no good reason at all.

Oh Miss Knightley, you are so thin and brooding.

2. No Country For Old Men. This movie won the 2007 Best Picture Oscar. I haven’t seen it. I’ve heard it’s good (really Maggie, where?) but I think the violence would be too much for me. Also, I try to read Cormac McCarthy novels but I can’t get into them.

3. Forrest Gump. What? I never understood what the hell was the big deal about this movie? I think by the time Mitch and I saw it on video we had heard too much about how amazing it is and it really wasn’t. Sure amazing if it were a true story but really kind of silly as fiction. But the movie was taken so seriously, that they couldn’t have been going for silly.

4. Shakespeare in Love. To begin with Gwyneth Paltrow just flat out bugs, irritates and annoys me like a persistent rash.  And I think it is complete ass-hattery that this movie won the Best Picture Oscar and Saving Private Ryan didn’t. What??!! The Weinstein Brothers bought that award. Oh, and no I have never seen Shakespeare in Love and I’m not going to. I will judge this movie by its cover and not see it.

Oh wow Gwyn, I thought you were a man. And you know what else? I don’t like Coldplay either.

5. The English Patient. More than one person in my life has likened me to Elaine on Seinfeld. Just like Elaine, I have not seen this movie and I’m not going to. I don’t even know why I’m not going to because I love Kristin Scott Thomas. I’m just not gonna do it.

No! We are not going to see the English Patient!

6. Apocalypse Now. My dad took my brother to see this movie. He said it wasn’t for girls so I didn’t get to go. And now I’ve gone so long without seeing it, I’m a little freaked out to see it. It’s in my Netflix queue just waiting for me. I gotta man up and just push play.

7. The Wizard of Oz. You can see I’m getting a little controversial here; that’s what I do. I upend the status quo. You never know what pot I’ll stir. The movie was fine. It scared me as a kid but I always watched it because back in those days, it was on TV once a year and if you wanted to see it, that was your chance. But really not my fave and those freakin’ flying monkeys.

I don’t care how old I get, Flying Monkeys are scary.

8. Titanic. This list is in no particular order so if you want to mix it around and put this movie on the top, you should feel free. I knew going in that this was an overblown, over-hyped movie. What pisses me off the most, okay second most after what an ass James Cameron was at the Oscars, is there were plenty of amazing true stories in the sinking of the Titanic, there was no need to create a completely implausible romance. I hated this movie. Hated it.

Best part of the movie

9. Avatar. Never going to see it because of how much I loathe James Cameron and it’s not my kind of movie anyway. I loved that Cameron’s ex-wife won Best Director that year for The Hurt Locker, which is a great movie. Haha king of the world.

James is such a joker, he doesn’t really want to choke his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow for winning the Oscar. He’s happy for her.

10. Dirty Dancing. Who doesn’t flinch when they hear, “No one puts Baby in the corner.” Gah!!! RIP Patrick Swayze but really “she’s like the wind through my tree”? Wha? I honestly would have walked out of this movie but my roommate, Laurie, wouldn’t let me.

And as a postscript and knowing this will upset my sister…. 40 Year Old Virgin…meh, not so much.

23 thoughts on “An Extra is Born!

  1. Way to go Annie…let us know how it goes, Maggie!!! How exciting. I was an extra once in that movie 21 Grams but the scene I was in got cut. So my chance at stardom was fleeting. Sigh. But I did get to see/meet Naomi Watts and Sean Penn. yawn.

    Didn’t care much for Atonement; No Country is VERY violent and creepy and depressing; I loved Forrest Gump — I’m a sucker for fuzzy feel good like that; never saw Shakespeare in Love; HATED, HATED — THE ENGLISH PATIENT — it SUCKED and was angry I could never get those almost three hours back; Apocalypse Now is creepy but I like war movies; Wizard of Oz –liked it but I agree with you on the flying monkeys; Titanic — please, hated it too; Avatar — it sucked and don’t know why I watched it and Dirty Dancing, when I saw it at the time, I did like it.

    Sorry didn’t mean to ramble on so, but can’t wait to hear more about Annie and her road to stardom!!!!

    1. So far she’s having a great time and may go back on Thursday. Is Sean Penn really short? I’m going to watch Apocalypse Now, I gotta just go for it and enjoy me some napalm in the morning.

      Titanic angered me it sucked so bad.

      1. Yes he is short. And enjoy AN, but get ready for some weirdness and feeling very sorry for those young guys who had to endure that kind of shite. I’m with you on Titanic. Yuck.

  2. kmfullerton

    I think you have to be high to really appreciate apocalypse now. Haven ‘t seen it in a long time, and it might be an age diff thing, but i love it. But then again i have a relationship with violence…..
    Having said that i’d see it again to find out if it has the same effect…and it is interesting that martin sheen had a heart attack during the filming.
    As us oldsters like to say…the sound track to our war was way better.

    1. Well I’m going to have to see it without getting really high. The Vietnam War is my least favorite war. I remember it was always on the news when I was little and I had a recurring nightmare that included jungle warfare.

  3. Nice list. I too hated the English Patient, Forest Gump, Dirty Dancing, and Titanic. I didn’t hate Avatar but I didn’t like it either. The flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz scared the hell out of me as a kid. Didn’t see Atonement, No Country for Old Men, or Shakespeare in Love (because I have a no-Gwyneth policy when it comes to movies). I liked Apocalypse Now, though.

  4. Hated the English Patient. Shakespeare In Love was okay – but liked the Full Monty a LOT more! Loathed No country for Old Men and Atonement. I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheekiness of Forrest Gump. The Wizard of Oz has its moments, as does Dirty Dancing. Titanic was waaaayyyyy too long! Haven’t seen Avatar or Apocalypse Now.

    The all time worst movie, in my opinion, is Dr. Zhivago. I’ve seen that sucker 3 times, with lots of time in between each viewing to grow and mature on my part, AND read the book, and I still think it’s the stupidest story ever told! And they did a remake, too! Once was not bad enough, apparently!

    So glad Annie’s having this experience…and you, too! 🙂 xoM

  5. I have to disagree with you on Dirty Dancing, I love that movie. And Shakespeare in Love is pretty awesome, especially if you’re a Shakespeare nerd like me (and aren’t expecting it to be life-changing cinema). But I think you’re pretty spot-on for the rest.

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