Friday Photo Finish

I’ve been a crappy blogger this week so I’m going to take it out with a bank (or a bang), with flourish, with some photos!

First of all, look what I got!!!!

Foil Cat by Kathy V. c. 2012

There it is! My Foil Cat award from Kathy V. at Don’t Forget to Feed the Baby. Kathy held a poetry contest to win the Foil Cat and a book. I wrote a poem and then had my name randomly picked out of a hat to win, which proves I’m the best poet on WordPress. I think it does. Don’t you? Yeah, it does. I just realized that I should include the poem so everyone who is too lazy to click on the link can read my achingly powerful poetry.

I have a kitty
Though not as pretty
As one made in foil

I have Goodnight Moon
But I am a loon
And want that yellow book

by Maggie

Kathy has a great blog and did a great current events piece (really a serial) on the storm and power outage in Baltimore a week or so ago. Since learning I had won the Foil Cat, I have been concerned about how to display my award. I thought it was going to be a life size Foil Cat but it is not, it is a petite foil cat thus fits very comfortable on my kitchen window sill where I can admire it everyday.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that my sister, Molly, lived with me for four months and recently moved out and into her beautiful new house. I told some funny stories about us living together, stories that usually had to do with my nephew who is a real character. I never wrote about the dark side. Sure we get along and laugh a lot and like many of the same things but that doesn’t mean that it was all rainbows and unicorns.

For one thing, this happened:

LOOK what she did to my hand lotion!

I’m not even going to show you what the toothpaste looked like.

Oregon is finally having summer which is more than I can say for the past two years here.

This is my yard which makes me very happy:

And the sunset from my deck:

I’m definitely not on my blogging game this week. I sometimes have anxiety issues and they’ve been worse for the past couple of weeks so I’ve upped the prozac and just have to wait for it to kick in so sorry for being a dud. This also reminds me that my anxiety is nothing compared to what others who suffer from clinical depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, etc. go through. Magically Mad who I wrote about not long ago and who is Madly Talented has been MIA and now I know she is in the hospital recovering from an overdose. So while I feel crappy, I am grateful that mine is a very manageable condition and I pray for those who are suffering.

Have a good weekend!

I will be back to my normal brilliant self soon!

48 thoughts on “Friday Photo Finish

  1. Love the foil kitty, obviously deserving of your talents, Maggie. Sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling your best lately. I do understand though, I really do. You’re just way more brave in expressing it. Thinking good thoughts for you and awaiting your brilliance. Happy Friday the 13th. :).

    1. Thanks Brig. I figure this is the perfect place to expose myself warts and all. OK, that just sounds gross…hahaha. I feel better having written.

      Happy Friday the 13th back!

    1. I will. I really feel so much better after hitting Publish. Isn’t that odd?

      I should have reprinted my poem in the post. I’m going to go do that so people realize why I was so richly deserving of the Foil Cat.

  2. Oh, man, a life-size foil kitty? That would’ve used SO. MUCH. FOIL. And it would also have been REALLY hard to ship. But now I feel like I need to start making bigger foil figures. Challenge accepted, Maggie. Challenge accepted.

          1. I wouldn’t advise that. She will get smooshed. Better to keep her on your windowsill and know that she’s loving on you even if you’re out and about.

  3. Molly

    I just want you to know, I felt bad every time I squeezed the lotion tube like that. I would shake my head at myself and sigh even.

  4. Bingo

    If I had any artistic ability I would sculpt you a foil kitty that was hanging from a branch. “Just hang in there” is all that read above it. 🙂 Your readership will wait patiently for your brilliant self to return.

  5. Wow, this is a great post for being low on Prozac! I love the foil cat, and love x 3 your yard! It’s so difficult to grow things where I live in the West… I long of green and a garden that doesn’t require a watering system.

  6. Foil kitty!!! That was well earned, Maggie. I’m envious and I wish I had one, but I bow to the superior competitor.

    My condolences on your hand lotion tube. That photo is hearbreaking. I’d probably be in tears if I saw your toothpaste.

    And I hope you feel better. True, anxiety isn’t the same as PTSD, BP, depression, and other disorders, but it’s no walk in the park either. They all have their own challenges so I hope you feel less anxious soon.

  7. unfetteredbs

    this is a great post and why are you apologizing? Just glad to have you check in and post fabulous pictures. Thanks for the update on yourself and magically mad.
    Lotion and tootpaste really sums up the two types of people in the world eh? From the middle and all messy or neatly and methodically squeezed.

  8. Cindy

    After living with a naive, horny, pot smoking teenager for the past four years, I think I will take the machete-wielding mass murderer. Just sayin.

  9. Denise Haenel

    love this post…..glad you won the foil cat….too bad about your hand cream…it would have been better if it was squeezed into an animal shape.

  10. Andrew

    The Foil Cat Award may be the coolest looking award I’ve seen since the bronzed cheeseburger award I won in middle school.

  11. Congrats on your new foil pet – while I did not submit a poetic piece, I was horribly jealous of your prize. I hope he likes Oregon – he has a lovely yard to look upon.

    As always thank you for the concern, thoughts & the mention. Hooray WordPress friends!!!!!

    love, j

  12. kmfullerton

    Ha,ha…you were brilliant tonight! I feel you sister; anxiety & ptsd that makes me feel like that tube looks. A dose of our gentlemen usually helps me snap out of it…or a fun night like tonight…
    hey! I get to be the watering system too…cool…;D

    1. They turned my night around. I love being there and I woke up this morning and the meds have kicked in and I’m back to me! Yay pharmaceuticals! We need to talk about other things I can do down there!

    1. Are you kidding me?! It was the BEST poem, that’s how I won the prize by getting my name picked randomly out of a hat. It’s too cutting edge, society isn’t ready for me yet.

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