Riverview Cemetery: the Who’s Who of Dead Portlanders

I spent the 4th of July with Derwood at Riverview Cemetery taking photos for FindAGrave.com. It’s a website that I found when writing about Private Fader. I volunteered to take photos when requests came in for cemeteries near my house.

Jocelyn, our tour guide, showed us to the different sites for the photo taking. Riverview was founded in 1882 although the first burials took place in the 1860s. It’s 130+ acres not far from my house and I had no idea how expansive and beautiful it is.  There are 60,000 people buried at Riverview and the cemetery has 120 years left in property!! Riverview’s population is larger than all but SIX Oregon cities!! (Source Oregon.com).

Presenting some of the famous Portlanders buried at Riverview.

The Strohecker family opened a market in Portland’s West Hills over 100 years ago. Sadly, I couldn’t find any photos of the original market. Portland is chock full of gourmet grocery stores today but Strohecker’s was the first according to me and once again, I do or do not do my own research. Strohecker’s is now owned by a chain and I couldn’t find any history on it on the interwebs. I know it was a family-run, neighborhood grocery but now progress has ruined it. Stupid progress.

Next on our tour is….

That’s right! Henry Weinhard of Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve. Back in the day before there were microbrews everywhere, there was Henry’s. In my family, you either drank Brown or Green. And that was back when I was in college and lived in Boston and you couldn’t get Henry’s on the East Coast. Times were tough then kids. I had to drink beer in the snow.

I was a brown drinker.
I don’t know who in my family drank Green but somebody did because we always had it around.

I lived on Dolph Court with my sister, Katie.

I live off Terwilliger Blvd.

How’s that for a memorial?!

Although the greater tribute to the Terwilliger family probably came from Matt Groening, Portland native and creator of the Simpsons:

Robert Underdunk Terwilliger

Bob Terwilliger reminds me of a great story about my sister Molly attempting an underduck. You know what an underduck is? When you push someone on a swing and run underneath them before they swing back? Molly told me this story in the past month or so and I don’t know how I have never heard the story. I was weeping, WEEPing I tell you! I was laughing so hard. Molly is a very bright woman, very smart, incredibly witty however she was a little spacy as a kid. My dad called her the High Plains Drifter because she was in her own head a lot. So one day when Molly was a little person she was out in the yard playing by herself. We had an old metal swing set, with the double seat swing? See photo below.

Not our swing set but you get the idea, and the double swing is on the right.

Molly is out playing all by herself and decides to try out an underduck on her own. She had probably had me or John give her an underduck push when she was swinging but because she was so little had never done it herself. She positioned herself behind one of the little bench seats, gripped the back and pushed! She pushed all the way through and ran under! A successful underduck!! Sadly no one told Molly she should move out of the way because that swing is going to come back at you and hit you in the back of the head and knock you down. Hahahaha. Ohhh, poor Molly.

Queen of the Underduck and also a very snazzy dresser.

Wow, I got very off track there but I love that story.

Now that I’ve ruined my narrative, here are a few more famous Portlanders,

I once lived in the Rasmussen Village Apartments also with sister, Katie.

It looks like an insane asylum, doesn’t it? Well, not too far off base.
Where the Rasmussens live now.
Mitch has his car serviced at Rasmussen BMW.

The Jubitz Family is a Portland benefactor:

The Jubitz stop here.
Jubitz Truck Stop here.

The Hoyt’s are a pioneer family with deep roots in Oregon.

23Hoyt is a really good restaurant but not very pioneerish.

This was going to be my 100th post but then I did the Yeah Write weekly contest entry and that was my 100th post so this is, as I’m sure you have calculated, my 101st post.

That’s it. 101st post. No Fireworks. You may get on with your day.

17 replies to “Riverview Cemetery: the Who’s Who of Dead Portlanders

  1. It seems like just yesterday you were a fledgling emu starting out in the blogging world, writing of weight loss and smartpeople. Sparkpeople, sorry. And here you are now 100 some odd posts later (flaps, if you will) and you have certainly found your wings! Congratulations!!
    I drank green and brown 🙂

  2. How I love cemeteries. I never had a tour guide for one so that really made me jealous. How wonderful you do volunteer work for Find A Grave!!!

  3. You are super cool. I love the photos and reading about the people that helped shape the place you live. Congrats on the big 101 and feel free to insert a random story any time. I dig em.

  4. I love Davy Crocket, so I would probably love 23Hoyt. And brown is always better than green in any case of beverage.

  5. Congrats on your 101st post!!! I also really loved the Molly story. I feel like that was me as a kid. At my elementary school we were strictly not allowed to go behind the bungalows. One day after school I was hanging out waiting for my mom to pick up me and my sister and for no good reason decided to take a walk behind the bungalows by myself. I was so lost in thought, probably day-dreaming about a book I’d read, that I slammed headlong into a low window air-conditioning unit. The corner of it got my forehead, and, seeing stars and blood running down my face, I had to run and find the afterschool monitors and admit that I’d been behind the bungalows. They patched me up and I think I got in trouble but I don’t remember.

  6. Maggie, this is late but congratulations on your 101st post. Haven’t made it that far myself, but I keep plugging along. Your pics are great as is your descriptions.

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