Dinner Plans

I have been emailing with Annie, who turns 15 on Monday, to see where she would like to go for her birthday dinner.

I asked her where she would like to go:

Annie: WanFu!

Me: Wanfu is closed for good 😦


Me: Apparently they closed in May.

Annie: That kills me

Me: I’m sorry sweetie. Do you want me to look for another Chinese Restaurant?

Annie: NOBLE HOUSE!!!!!:)))

Me: um, it closed too. not kidding.

Annie: Are.you.shitting.me.   I’m sorry but WHAAAATTT!?!?!??!?!

Me: Nope. I knew that was what you were going to say. hahahah

Annie: Wow ok. Goodbye childhood.

I will keep you posted as events warrant, not that they even warranted this blog post but it’s Friday and summer and I’ll do something better next week.



29 thoughts on “Dinner Plans

  1. When my daughter turned 15, we started a tradition of going to a really lovely restaurant to celebrate. I wanted her to know she is appreciated now, and that she’s worth taking to a great place. We still do that…Have a wonderful birthday celebration! xoM

    • We tried that when she was 2 and I was pregnant with her sister and the constant in and out of the booster seat killed that idea for awhile. We thought we were so cool.
      I will work on getting her out of the Chinese restaurants, or at least find a really authentic one and have monkey brains.

  2. Perhaps an order of Peking duck will cure her desire for a Chinese restaurant on her birthday. It worked for me and I’m practically half Chinese. Have a great weekend and keep up the great writing!

  3. ahh the dramatics of a soon to be 15 year old girl… experiencing the pain and wonders myself… good luck!

  4. I hate it when amazing restaurants close!!! Story of my life in LA. A fantastic, and surprisingly unpretentious, vegan restaurant that my boyfriend and I frequented closed and was replaced by an expensive hipster wine bar. End of my faith.

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